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Jos Luis Norris SchoolTHE WORLD OFDEPORTFOOTBALLBABYStudent: Subject: Sebastin Meza English Date:16 de junio de 21!FOOTBALL BABY, WHAT IS IT?" #ab$ %ootball is a s&ort deri'ed (ro) (ootball &la$ers e'er* si)ilar to soccer* +idel$ &racticed in ,rugua$* -hile* .rgentina and -olo)bia/" 0he +ord bab$ )a1e re(erence a little so)ething* +hich in this case has to do +ith the nu)ber o( &la$ers* the size o( the court and the ball/" 0his s&ort has a great boo) in -hile* and is highlighted b$ the ,N to be co)&etiti'e ga)e* +here s&eed to get the ball into the o&&onent2s goal is &ara)ount/" 3n ,rugua$* it is 'er$ &o&ular and the -hildren 4la$ o( !516 $ears/BABY FOOTBALL HISTORY" 0he (ootball bab$ born as a )odi(ication o( (ootball/ 0here(ore +e can sa$ that there is a &articular histor$ o( (ootball bab$ but si)ilar to (utsal because +ho dra(ted the rules o( these t+o s&orts +as 4ro(essor Juan -arlos -eriani/" 0he (ootball began in ,rugua$ in 176/" 4ro(essor -eriani +as +ho realized that children +ere &la$ing (ootball on bas1etball courts and soccer (ields that +ere not (ree/ #$ that 3 +anted to bring (ootball to s)aller courts intended (or other s&orts/" -eriani used the rules o( +ater &olo* handball* and bas1etball* to +rite the (irst rules that announced the creation o( a ne+ s&ort/" 0his is ho+ it ga'e rise to bab$ (ootball/MEASURES OF THE COURT" 0he )ini)u) regulator$ action is 1!) 8 2!)* and the )a8i)u) size is 2!) 8 92)/" %or o((icial or international %3%. co)&etition )atches sets a )ini)u) o( 1:) 8 6:) and 2!) 8 92) )a8/" ;o+e'er* )easures ha'e been ta1en to better tennis rent are: 2)8 6) and 2) 8 9)/" 0hese )easures corres&ond to the total &la$ing area including contracancha s&ace/ 0his s&ace is reco))ended to be 1)/