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<p>Final Presentation on Project Undertaken at KAMTECH</p> <p> Amrendra Singh Pundir 07BS4999Company: Kamtech Associates Pvt Ltd.</p> <p>Task Assigned</p> <p> Project for Bhutan Government</p> <p> Project on Baby Diaper</p> <p>PROJECT ON BABY DIAPER</p> <p>`</p> <p>Scope of the Project</p> <p>`</p> <p>Limitation of the Project</p> <p>DIAPERS ARE PERSONAL HYGIENE PRODUCTS ENGINEERED TO ABSORB AND CONTAIN URINE AND FAECES OF A BABY.</p> <p>A TYPICAL BABY DIAPER</p> <p>`</p> <p>Polyethylene or cloth-like film Tissue</p> <p>` `</p> <p>Elastics Lateral Tapes Frontal Tapes Cellulose Acquisition and Distribution Layer</p> <p>`</p> <p>``</p> <p>Hot Melts`</p> <p>`</p> <p>Hydrophobic Non-woven`</p> <p>`</p> <p>Hydrophilic Non-woven</p> <p>`</p> <p>Indian Market Scenario Cloth is perceived as better for baby's skin Diapers come under premium brand Diaper market is growing at 15-20% annually</p> <p>World Market Scenario` ` ` ` ` `</p> <p>In the US, more diapers are used per baby in comparison to Europe or even Japan. In Latin America, diapers have strong growth, due to rise in the number of women in the workforce. In Mxico market share is already close to 60% with a poverty level of 40%. In many countries of Central and Eastern Europe, use of disposable baby diapers are as low as 30%. Indonesia and Brazil, are the 4th and the 8th largest population of babies in the world. Nigeria, Ethiopia and Congo are exceptions.</p> <p>`</p> <p>World Market ScenarioS.No. Country Market Share 2006 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Brazil China Egypt India Indonesia Mexico Pakistan Philippines United States Vietnam 29.5% 5.5% 22.2% 2.0% 9.0% 58.6% 4.0% 21.5% 95.5% 9.0%</p> <p>Baby Diaper Manufacturing Process</p> <p>Raw Pulp</p> <p>Crushing</p> <p>Forming of FiberTissue Layers (Cotton-Like Fluff)</p> <p>Wrapping with PE Films and Non-Woven Fabric</p> <p>Cutting into Sections</p> <p>Tissue on Two Sides</p> <p>Hot Sealing &amp; Embossing</p> <p>Cutting Sections of Diapers</p> <p>Forwarding by Conveyer</p> <p>Packaging and Storage</p> <p>Conveyor</p> <p>The Finished Products</p> <p>Market and Up to Baby</p> <p>Strength`</p> <p>As more and more women start working, so the market of Baby Diaper is huge. As the population increases will reflect the increase of sale in baby diaper. Growth in living standard.</p> <p>`</p> <p>`</p> <p>Weakness`</p> <p>It comes under premium brand. Product Awareness. Mindset regarding the usage.</p> <p>`</p> <p>`</p> <p>Opportunity`</p> <p>As the market is huge and very less players are in market. Growing living standard. Mindset regarding the usage.</p> <p>`</p> <p>`</p> <p>Threats`</p> <p>As more and more players are coming, quality standards should be maintained.</p> <p>`</p> <p>Disposable diaper advocates claims that disposable diapers are a threat to the environment.</p> <p>Project Plan &amp; Review Toll GatesWK 120th</p> <p>WK 2</p> <p>WK 3</p> <p>WK 4</p> <p>WK 5</p> <p>WK 6</p> <p>WK 7</p> <p>WK 8</p> <p>WK 9</p> <p>WK 10</p> <p>WK 11</p> <p>WK 12</p> <p>Feb 2008Data Analysis</p> <p>WK 13 WK 14 15th May 2008</p> <p>Best Practice Comparison &amp; Recommendation</p> <p>Collection of Required Data Process Overview Discussions with team members, Observation of the processing process</p> <p>Project Initiation &amp; Plan in Place</p> <p>Progress To DatePlant Description Layout of the plant Machines and Manpower Required Quality Control Standards and Packaging. Costing and Power Consumption</p> <p>=&gt; Completed</p> <p>` ` ` ` ` `</p> <p></p>