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  • 7/27/2019 Ba Hons Painting Handbook


  • 7/27/2019 Ba Hons Painting Handbook



    Important note

    Degree inormation

    Degree aims and objectives

    Degree structure

    Unit summary: Level Four

    Unit summary: Level Five

    Unit summary: Level Six


    Teaching methods

    Painting tutor proles

    Reading list

  • 7/27/2019 Ba Hons Painting Handbook


  • 7/27/2019 Ba Hons Painting Handbook


    Degree Inormation

    Course Title: BA (Hons) Painting

    Course Code: OPAIPBAH

    Degree Aims and Objectives

    This degree is or those who wish to ocus on drawing and painting to become refective artists with the skills

    necessary to eectively develop a personal artistic vision or voice. A range o options at Level Four provides

    the opportunity to explore another visual art discipline to enrich and broaden the range.

    What is painting?

    That the nature o painting is subject o continual debate will be conronted throughout the BA painting

    programme. While the programme asserts the importance o the development o traditional technical skills

    in drawing and painting as the basis or your enquiry and practice, that development process may result in

    your work growing in either traditional or more conceptual terms and you will be encouraged to pursue the

    route you desire.

    Course Aims

    The main educational aims o the BA (Hons) Painting are to:

    1. To widen access to education in painting at undergraduate level through.2. Open and Flexible Learning.

    3. To ensure you gain the traditional skills associated with drawing and painting to orm a solid oundation

    or urther development.

    4. To provide an intellectually stimulating programme o study based on high quality study material and

    tutor support.

    5. To develop your creative capacities and their ability in the interpretation and application o imagery.

    6. To develop your critical understanding o the theoretical and conceptual issues central to the practice o

    painting and the social, historical and cultural context in which it is practiced.

    7. To provide an environment in which you have the possibility o changing your view o the world and your

    interaction with it both visually and intellectually.

    8. To oster high-level ethical and proessional standards and an awareness o the possibilities oered by

    existing and new developments in art and painting to expand their application areas.

    9. To develop autonomous learners capable o applying intellectual and practical skills in a chosen area o

    painting appropriate to employment, urther study or lie-long learning.

    Course outcomes

  • 7/27/2019 Ba Hons Painting Handbook


    Upon successul completion o the course you are able to:

    Knowledge and understanding

    1. Demonstrate prociency in a comprehensive range o painting practices and techniques.

    2. Manage the learning process resourceully and independently and make appropriate use primary sourcesand scholarly reviews.

    3. Demonstrate by means o written work and oral presentations a critical understanding o the principles

    o ne art and knowledge o emerging aspects o the discipline and those at the oreront o debate.

    4. Evaluate their own work and that o others critically and objectively.


    1. Demonstrate a breadth o inventiveness, ideas generation and techniques in the creation o paintings.

    2. Handle ambiguity and uncertainty eectively.

    3. Produce a body o work demonstrating a high level o visual and technical nish.

    4. Communicate inormation and justiy art work convincingly to specialist and non-specialist audiences.

    5. Demonstrate the development o a personal language as a painter.

    6. Engage in appropriate proessional practices such as marketing, sel presentation and negotiation skills.

  • 7/27/2019 Ba Hons Painting Handbook


    Level Six Both units listed below (current units):

    PT6ADV Painting 3: Advanced 60

    PT6YOP Painting 3: Your Own Portolio 60

    All three forthcoming units

    PT6MPR Painting 3: Major Project 40

    PT6CTS Painting 3: Contextual Studies 40

    PT6PRO Painting 3: Proessional Practice 40




    120 credits

    BA Honours Degree in Painting Total Credits 360

    Level Five Choose two units listed below:

    PT5EXC Painting 2: Exploring Concepts 60

    PT5MXM Painting 2: Mixed Media 60

    DR5DRA Drawing 2: Investigating Drawing 60

    Level Four Both units listed below:

    DR4DRS Drawing 1: Drawing Skills 40

    PT4POP Painting 1: The Practice o Painting 40

    Plus one o the ollowing:

    VC4KSI Illustration 1: Key Steps in Illustration 40

    PT4WCP Painting 1: Watercolour Practice 40

    PH4AOP Photography 1: The Art o Photography 40

    PM4PMI Printmaking 1: Introduction to Printmaking 40

    SC4SCL Sculpture 1: Starting out in 3D 40

    TX4ACA Textiles 1: A Creative Approach 40

    AH4WSA History o Art 1: Western Art 40

    AH4UVC Visual Studies 1: Understanding Visual Culture 40


    120 credits

    120 credits

  • 7/27/2019 Ba Hons Painting Handbook


    Programme summaryThe BA (Hons) Painting degree oers students the opportunity to gain knowledge and understanding o

    Painting as a creative, technical and intellectual activity.

    Painting Practice - The content o the course is based on the understanding that studio practice is an ongoinglearning process which requires engagement with, and knowledge o historic and contemporary approaches

    to painting. Each assignment provides the opportunity or students to engage with increasingly demanding

    material and technical approaches underpinned by the study o relevant artists, art orms, movements and


    Critical Studies - Practical projects or each assignment are set within relevant conceptual and contextual

    rameworks, and throughout their studies students engage in refection-on-practice and the development o

    a learning log or dedicated blog. The learning (b)log also contains the Critical Studies element; visual and

    textual research into the eld involving written critiques, essays, project commentaries and sel-assessment.

    Learning logs and sketchbooks are inter-related and support the practical work submitted or each assignment.

    This disciplined approach to the planning and documentation o a students own learning is seen as a crucial

    interplay between practice and theory and essential to ideas generation. As students progress through the

    degree, practice and writing become mutually dependent; the creative work underpinned by their developing

    knowledge and understanding, with new questions arising in and through painting, viewing, reading and

    writing. The journey rom beginning to end o the degree culminates in comprehensive knowledge o the

    mediums, techniques and contexts o Painting.

    On completion, you will have gained:

    A high level o skills and technical knowledge across a range o approaches to Painting

    A breadth o knowledge and understanding o historic and contemporary contexts and concepts within

    Fine Art/Painting practice

    A wide range o transerable skills, including communication o ideas through visual, verbal and written

    means, enabling them to operate successully in the complex and changing eld o Fine Art today.

    The aim o the Open College o the Arts is to oer an environment that gives distance learners the ability to

    ull their creative potential. This is achieved by providing a highly structured but fexible programme o study.

    The distinctive nature o the BA (Hons) Painting degree is its emphasis on learning traditional technical skills

    as well as arming you with the intellectual skills needed to urther your career in the arts, or to continue ontopost-graduate study.

  • 7/27/2019 Ba Hons Painting Handbook


    Level Four Units: Laying the foundationsLevel Four units introduce key concepts and the contextual ramework or the study o painting. The study

    ocuses on equipping you with the strategies, skills and condence to move onto the progressively independent

    work expected at Level Five. You will learn to study independently, set goals, manage your own workload

    eectively, and meet deadlines. You will develop an ability to identiy, present, interpret and research works

    o art, artists and art techniques, to problem solve in relation to the processes and execution o painting

    and communicate creative ideas eectively in a ormat appropriate to painting. It is an essential element o

    the course that you keep a continuous sel-refective record o your work to arm yoursel with the disciplines

    needed at Levels Five and Six. You will be encouraged to experiment, explore and take risks. You will be able

    to use the tools, materials and equipment associated with painting eectively, and be aware o their dangers.

    These units oster the habit o planning your personal development, and recording and logging inormation in

    a proessional manner. You will begin to accumulate the skills that are transerable to employment including

    working independently, decision making, the communication o ideas, and writing skills.

    Assessment at Level 4: Coursework (80%) and Learning Logs (20%).

    On successul completion o three units at this level, you will gain 120 credits. I you choose to exit at this

    point, you will be awarded a Certicate in Higher Education in Painting.

  • 7/27/2019 Ba Hons Painting Handbook


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