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LinkedIn OptimisationNurture, engage & prospect


AgendaOrganisations using LinkedIn7 Employee LinkedIn tips4 Employee tasks to complete now & afterSummaryQ&A

Today we are going to talk about how you can strategically build the right connections to build the right relationships4

Tip 1 Say what you mean

7Language to useBe professionalAvoid business jargonAvoid negativityAvoid slang or swear wordsBe politeBe genuine

Tip 2 Be seen online

10Users with complete profiles are 40 times more likely to receive opportunities

Tip 3 Choose the right matches/connections

16Answer the WsSource : MarketoWhyWhoWhatWhenWhat next?

Make a list of the top 50 organisations that you would like to work with17A recent example

Do your homework first..

Tip 4 Suspect, prospect, lead approach

214 things to considerDo you have a mutual connection/group?What are they interested in?Engage, inform, inspire, actionBuild a relationship with shared interests/goals

Suspect approachMake a list of suspects by verticalFollow their companyWrite and share relevant content publicallyBuild customer recommendations by verticalInvite them to a webinar on the topicOver time, suggest a call/meetingProspect approachInvite to connectResearch the prospect role/objectivesSend relevant engaging informationRequest a follow up phone callInvite to follow the company pageLead approachInvite to connectSend relevant industry contentInvite to follow the company pageInvite to webinars & eventsView their profile

Tip 5 Cross-sell, upsell & build loyalty

274 ways to cross-sell on LinkedInBecome thought-leadersEducate your audience via contentInvite to attend webinars, groups & eventsWrite and distribute factsheets/white papers4 ways to build loyalty on LinkedInCreate exclusive membership groupsHave a clear social media plan & content calendar in placeDefine what success looks likeAgree frequency, content type, responsibilities and KPIs

Tip 6 Launch/communicate in groups

31Before you launch a groupPlan the content in advance with a content calendarLiaise with Marketing to drive and maintain momentumHave a clear set of KPIs engagement? Brand awareness? Delegate registration?

How to launch a group

Be search-friendly

Invite the right members to join

Gartner ITAM GroupYou could launch an ITAM Gartner GroupInvite prospects & customers attending to joinDistribute relevant agnostic informationInvite guest speakers to join and host a q&aDistribute content during & post eventHow to communicate in a group/forumBe genuineBe agnosticBe helpfulBe relevantBe informative

Tip 7 In-mail communication

40Why In-Mail often failsSubconsciously communicate me-me-me to the recipient.Dont compel the reader to talk with you after clicking accept.Accidentally help prospects decide toignorethe message

3 best practice recommendationsAvoid starting your message with the word ILets decide subject lineDe-emphasis you and focus on the prospectFor example..Hi _________ (first name), As a member of the _________ (LinkedIn group) group, I wanted to introduce myself. Im _______________(title or background) with _______________ (company) and wanted to connect with area professionals. If you are not open to connecting, please ignore this invite. Thanks!Better yet..Hi _________ (first name),We both participate in the ____________ group and should know each other because ____________ (insert specific, mutual benefit). How can my network of colleagues help advance your ambitions or bring you closer to goals? Thanks for considering the connection. I look forward to helping and hearing from youWhy it works?Emphasizing the other person by removing most of the Is.Giving the recipient a reason to act. Youre clearly stating the WHY.Bringing to life an appealing idea: making your LinkedIn network available to advance their agenda.Creating interest. By asking a question we compel the recipient to consider answering. By asking the question we encourage the thought, gee, how can this persons network serve me right now?Being polite without inviting deletion and increasing response

Define what success looks likeAction

For now..Update your profile to be optimisedFollow SoftwareOne company page & Sofarbeyond for digital updatesJoin 3 vertical groupsFollow 3 prospects

After todayConnect with 5 new prospects each weekReach 500 + connectionsJoin 3 vertical groups and strategically contributeShare weekly relevant content agreed with marketing in advanceSummary

51SummaryOptimise your profileAnswer the wsBe engaging and relevant to connectionsPlan a LinkedIn group launch in advanceBe relevant, agnostic and genuine in groupsWrite engaging in-mails to achieve meetingsDefine what social media success is and measure

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