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  • B. Ruhe Blue Print for a Global Community: A Decade of Kite Retreats at Junction, Texas 1 (Fall 1998) pp. 1-5 Junction, Texas; kitemaking; workshop B. Ruhe Notes on Fighter-Kite Flying in India 1 (Fall 1998) pp. 6-7 fighter; India review of A Kite Journey Through India by T. Streeter reviewed by S. Skinner 1 (Fall 1998) p. 8 review; Tal Streeter S. Skinner Surprisingly Delightful Trip to India Reveals the Art of Fighter Kiting 1 (Fall 1998) pp. 9-10 fighter; India B. Ruhe Florida Skipper sees Kite Fishing as "The Better Way" 1 (Fall 1998) p. 12 fishing B. Ruhe An Ancient, Remarkable Fishing Method 1 (Fall 1998) p. 13 fishing; Henry Balfour; history B. Ruhe Kites Key to Early Weather Studies at Pioneering Blue Hill Observatory 1 (Fall 1998) pp. 14-15 Blue Hill; observatory; weather B. Ruhe Kite Flying at Blue Hill 1 (Fall 1998) p. 16 Blue Hill; observatory; weather B. Ruhe Scientific Instruments Used at Blue Hill Observatory 1 (Fall 1998) p. 17 Blue Hill; observatory; scientific instruments; weather B. Ruhe The Wright Experience: Rediscovering a Lost Aeronautical Heritage 2 (Spring 1999) pp. 3-7 history; reconstruction; Wrights B. Ruhe and S. Skinner 'Pictures for the Sky': One Man's Inspired Vision 2 (Spring 1999) pp. 8-11 interview; Paul Eubel B. Ruhe Stooping to Conquer: Kites Train Falcons to Fly High 2 (Spring 1999) pp. 12-14 falconry English, Australian Kite Patents Interpreted

  • 2 (Spring 1999) pp. 15-16 Ed Grauel H. Harrer Kite Flying in Old Tibet [from Seven Years in Tibet] 2 (Spring 1999) p. 16 Tibet How Kites Aided the Birth of Radio 2 (Spring 1999) p. 17 Guglielmo Marconi; history; radio A. Fujino Afghan-Style Sky Fighting 2 (Spring 1999) pp. 18-19 Afghanistan; Basir Beria; fighting Mystery Behind Franklin's Electrical Kite 2 (Spring 1999) pp. 20-21 Benjamin Franklin; history Flying from a Balloon 2 (Spring 1999) p. 21 balloon; Stafford Wallace The Drachen Building: 'Distinctive but Neighborly' 2 (Spring 1999) p. 22 Drachen A Researcher's Viewpoint 2 (Spring 1999) p. 23 Ed Milligan; research Documenting the Kites of Cambodia 2 (Spring 1999) pp. 24-25 Cambodia; Sim Sarak S. Skinner The George Peters Road Show 2 (Spring 1999) pp. 26-28 George Peters; interview letter from P. Lynn re: altitude 2 (Spring 1999) p. 29 letter from J. Swift re: Cody 2 (Spring 1999) p. 29 letter from E. Grauel re: patent 2 (Spring 1999) p. 30 letter from A. Prakash re: fighting; India 2 (Spring 1999) p. 30 B. Ruhe Alexander Graham Bell's Historic Tetras 3 (Fall 1999) pp. 3-5 Alexander Graham Bell; history; tetrahedral

  • Spreading the Word on Bell's Genius 3 (Fall 1999) pp. 6-7 Alexander Graham Bell Institute; archive; history; Ron MacNeil Guatemala Funeral Kites 3 (Fall 1999) p. 7 funeral; Guatemala; ritual S. Skinner Building a Tetrahedral Kite 3 (Fall 1999) pp. 8-9 Alexander Graham Bell; kitemaking; reconstruction; tetrahedral D. Wagner Showing the Way to Organize Kite Festivals (interview with Shakib Gunn) 3 (Fall 1999) pp. 10-11 interview; Shakib Gunn T. D. Crouch Wilbur and Orville Wright Fly a Kite: The Crucial Early Experiments of 1899 3 (Fall 1999) pp. 12-19 history; Wrights S. Skinner An Important New Resource for Collectors 3 (Fall 1999) pp. 21-22 collecting; eBay Fanø 1999 Alexander Graham Bell Symposium 3 (Fall 1999) p. 22 Alexander Graham Bell; history; Ralf Schroder; symposium S. Skinner The Discovery of the Holy Grail 3 (Fall 1999) p. 23 bibliography S. Skinner About Drachen's New Thai Collection 3 (Fall 1999) p. 24 collection; Drachen; Thai R. Spaulding The Royal Kites of Thailand 3 (Fall 1999) p. 27 collection; competition; Thai B. Ruhe Famed Blue Hill Observatory Reopens to the Public 3 (Fall 1999) pp. 28-29 Blue Hill; observatory; weather The All-Too-Convincing Condor 3 (Fall 1999) p. 29 bird; condor; raptor; Stan Swanson J. Stevenson Music in the Indonesian Sky: Report on a Kite Festival in Beautiful Bali 3 (Fall 1999) pp. 30-31 Bali; festival; Indonesia; report

  • E. Grauel Tails, Tilt and Bridles: 3 Research Papers 3 (Fall 1999) pp. 32-34 bridle; correction; performance; tail; tilt Dangerous Big Kite Flying 3 (Fall 1999) p. 34 accident; Peter Lynn letter from T. D. Crouch re: Cody; Smithsonian 3 (Fall 1999) p. 35 letter from E. Grauel re: patent; Wrights 3 (Fall 1999) p. 36 letter from P. Lynn re: patent; Peter Lynn 3 (Fall 1999) p. 37 T. Streeter Year 2000 Feted with 'Tangles' in the Sky: A Kite Heaven in the Desert of India 4 (Spring 2000) pp. 3-5 festival; India; report B. Ruhe Manjha Mania in India's Jaipur City 4 (Spring 2000) pp. 6-7 festival; India; report B. Ruhe Maharaja Talks About Kites 4 (Spring 2000) p. 8 festival; India; interview; Maharaja Gaj Singh Japanese Nagasaki Kites as Art 4 (Spring 2000) p. 9 art; Japan; Nagasaki hata B. White He Put Diamonds in the Sky: The Story of William Eddy's Ubiquitous Kite 4 (Spring 2000) pp. 10-12 diamond; history; William Eddy East Meets West in Montana Show 4 (Spring 2000) p. 13 Montana; report; show review of Colonel Cody and the Flying Cathedral: The Adventures of the Cowboy who Conquered Britain's Skies by G. Jenkins reviewed by B. Ruhe 4 (Spring 2000) pp. 14-17 Cody; review A. Fujino Drachen's Cody Collection 4 (Spring 2000) p. 17 Cody; collection; Drachen B. Ruhe Documenting the Earth from Kites (An Interview with Nicolas Chorier)

  • 4 (Spring 2000) pp. 18-20 aerial photography; interview; Nicolas Chorier P. Lynn Peter Lynn Muses Aloud 4 (Spring 2000) p. 21 development; research review of The Aeropleustic Art by G. Pocock reviewed by R. Glencross 4 (Spring 2000) pp. 22-26 George Pocock; review An Ingenious Civil War Kite-Flying Scheme 4 (Spring 2000) p. 27 history; war E. Grauel German Kite Patents a Treasure Trove 4 (Spring 2000) pp. 28-29 history; patent A Segment of American Cultural History 4 (Spring 2000) pp. 30-31 art; E.W. Kemble H. D. Wise Flying in the Beginning: A Low-Key Account of High Adventure in 1897 4 (Spring 2000) pp. 32-33 history; manlifting E. Grauel Two Kite Research Papers [measurement of tension and angle of elevation] 4 (Spring 2000) pp. 34-36 angle; elevation; line; measurement; tension S. Skinner Charles Schultz Remembered 4 (Spring 2000) p. 37 Charles Schultz; obituary letter from A. Hill re: Domina Jalbert 4 (Spring 2000) p. 38 letter from L. E. Podycke re: Alexander Graham Bell; tetrahedral 4 (Spring 2000) p. 38 J. LeCornu A Little-Heralded French Kite Pioneer 5 (Summer 2000) pp. 3-6 history; Joseph LeCornu T. Streeter Flying Leaf Kites in Sumatra 5 (Summer 2000) pp. 7-12 fishing; history; origin; Sumatra M. Frelicher Alexander Graham Bell's Kite Tutorial [an interview with Paul Garber]

  • 5 (Summer 2000) pp. 13-16 Alexander Graham Bell; interview; Paul Garber Kites at the Smithsonian 5 (Summer 2000) pp. 17-18 collection; Smithsonian S. Skinner The Power of Reverse Engineering: Building a 5-Foot Steiff Roloplan Kite 5 (Summer 2000) pp. 19-21 kitemaking; reconstruction; roloplan T. Devitt A 'Skyhook' for Studying the Atmosphere 5 (Summer 2000) pp. 22-23 measurement; weather B. Ruhe Kite Altitude Record is Targeted 5 (Summer 2000) pp. 24-25 altitude record Kite-Making as a Cottage Industry 5 (Summer 2000) p. 27 fighter; India; kitemaking P. Lynn Knotty Kite Patent Problems 5 (Summer 2000) pp. 28-30 patent review of Hidden Symmetry by I. Bodóczky reviewed by S. Skinner 5 (Summer 2000) p. 33 István Bodóczky; review E. Grauel Two Kite Research Papers [performance evaluation, lift-to-drag ratio] 5 (Summer 2000) pp. 34-36 lift-to-drag ratio; performance evaluation letter from D. Hughes re: Cody 5 (Summer 2000) p. 37 letter from E. Grauel re: patent 5 (Summer 2000) pp. 37-38 letter from T. Streeter re: tetrahedral 5 (Summer 2000) p. 38 E. Maxwell Traction Kiting 6 (Winter 2000-1) pp. 3-10 traction B. Ruhe Kites Send Businessman on Personal Odyssey [interview with Eden Maxwell] 6 (Winter 2000-1) pp. 11-12

  • Eden Maxwell; interview R. Donzella A Kite Innovation in the Year 1910: Bicycle Touring 6 (Winter 2000-1) pp. 14-15 bicycle; history; traction P. Lynn But Is It the Breakthrough Kite for Traction Flying? 6 (Winter 2000-1) pp. 16-18 Arc; traction T. Streeter The Child of Ten: Recalling Two magical moments 7 (Summer 2001) pp. 3-4 reminiscence B. Ruhe Bringing Kites Back to Life in Cambodia 7 (Summer 2001) pp. 5-7 Cambodia; report B. Ruhe What's Doing in the Philippines 7 (Summer 2001) pp. 8-10, 32 Orlando Ongkingco; Philippines; report B. Ruhe Discovered: A Living National Treasure 7 (Summer 2001) pp. 11-12 Eulogio Catahan; Philippines; report Asian Religious Rite as Viewed from a Kite 7 (Summer 2001) p. 13 photography; ritual S. Skinner Japanese Treasure: A Kato Painting Portfolio 7 (Summer 2001) pp. 14-15 art; Japan; Tatsusaburo Kato N. M. Tuladhar Kite Flying in Nepal 7 (Summer 2001) p. 16 Nepal S. Skinner An Unexpected Underwater Kite 7 (Summer 2001) p. 17 box kite; measurement; underwater E. Grauel Commentary on French Kite Patents 7 (Summer 2001) pp. 18-19 patent review of The Genesis of Flight: The Aeronautical History Collection of Colonel Richard Gimbel by T. D. Crouch and C. Hart reviewed by E. Maxwell 7 (Summer 2001) p. 20 Clive Hart; history; review; Richard Gimbel; Tom Crouch

  • Interesting Web Site on Samuel F. Cody 7 (Summer 2001) p. 21 Cody; website E. Grauel Studying C