ayurvedic hair colour - hide grey with safe hair dye

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Botanical Hair Colour

Do You Know?

Why I Ditch Chemical Hair Color?


Does Your Hair Color Take Care For Your Hair?


Are you suffering some allergic reaction from your hair color? What to do?

Stop Using Your Hair Colour If It Contains Harmful Chemicals.


Side Effects Of ChemicalsThere are many Side Effects of Harmful Chemicals.

Skin rashesItchingHair Loss & DandruffIrritationCancerAsthmaAllergic ReactionEye sight weak


Does Your Hair Color Contains These Harmful Chemicals?

PPD (Paraphenylenediamine)AmmoniaHydrogen PeroxideBarium

Read ingredients before buying any hair colour. Avoid these harmful chemicals.www.indus-valley.com

Are You Worried About Your Hair Colour?Dont Worry!!! Its time to taking action.

Now, Are you looking for 100% organic hair colour?

Do you know?

Which brand doesnt contains any harsh chemicals such as PPD, Hydrogen Peroxide, Ammonia, Barium, and harmful toxins.www.indus-valley.com


Now You Are Safe..Indus Valley is organic certified cosmetic brand which offers 100% organic hair colour. It doesnt contains any harsh chemicals.

Indus Valley contains only 100% organic herbs in hair colour like.Brahmi,Amla,Indigo,Fenugreek,Chemomile, Henna, Madder, Neutral Hennawww.indus-valley.com

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