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Presentation of the Vertebral Column of the Axial Skeleton.


  • 1.Axial Skeleton
    The Vertebral Column

2. The Vertebral Column
Extends from skull (supports the skull) to the pelvis (distributes weight to lower limbs)
Five sections: cervical, thoracic, lumbar, sacrum, coccyx
Born with 33 vertebrae, but nine fuse into two bones (sacrum and coccyx)
Vertebrae separated by intervertebral discs
3. The Vertebral Column VertebraeStructure
Body/Centrum disc-like part facing anteriorly
Vertebral arch formed by joining of all posterior extensions of vertebra
Vertebral foramen opening which spinal cord passes
Transverse processes two lateral projections from arch
Spinous process projection from posterior of arch
Articular processes superior and inferior projections lateral to foramen that articulate with above vertebra
4. The Vertebral Column Vertebrae Structure
5. The Vertebral Column Cervical Vertebrae
7 vertebrae (identified as C1 to C7)
First two vertebrae are Atlas (C1) and Axis (C2)
Allow for the movement/rotation of skull
Do not have a body
Atlas articulates with the occipital condyles of the skull
C3 through C7 are remaining cervical vertebrae
Smallest vertebrae
Contain transverse foramen
Spinous processes usually split in middle
6. The Vertebral Column Cervical Vertebrae
7. The Vertebral Column Thoracic Vertebrae
12 vertebrae (identified as T1 to T12)
Connected with ribs
Typical shape, slightly modified for ribs
Includes costal facets to articulate with ribs in posterior
Spinous process long, pointed down
8. The Vertebral Column Thoracic Vertebrae
9. The Vertebral Column Lumbar Vertebrae
5 vertebrae (identified as L1 to L5)
Bulkier shape
Hatchet-shaped spinous processes
Receives most of stress on vertebral column
10. The Vertebral Column Lumbar Vertebrae
11. The Vertebral Column Sacrum and Coccyx
Sacrum is inferior to the L5 vertebra and superior to the coccyx
Formed from the fusion of five vertebrae
Alae are winglike projections that articulate laterally with the hip bones
Forms posterior wall of pelvis
Includes median sacral crest and dorsal sacral foramina
Coccyx is inferior to sacrum
Formed from fusion of three to five tiny vertebrae
Commonly called the tailbone
12. The Vertebral Column Sacrum and Coccyx


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