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How can I reduce infrastructure costs and focus more on my ideas?AWS Lambda in ActionBy Danilo PocciaNew from

We have some great ideas which we want to develop, but we dont want to spend tons of time and resources on infrastructure management.Weve heard that AWS Lambda is a neat service, but we dont know where to start.

AWS Lambda in Action has got you covered!

Learn the ins and outs of AWS lambda with tons of in-depth examples and exercises.Create and manage event-driven applications and external services.Deploy it all in the cloud, so you dont have to manage any servers, update operating systems, or manage pesky software stacks.

So, how does AWS Lambda fit in to cloud computing exactly?

AWS Lambda is an event-driven compute service/platform.Event-driven means that it will run your code when a specified event takes place.

You can use AWS Lambda to build awesome event-driven applications.

Its all in the cloud - AWS Lambda takescare of all of the resource management drudgery.

An example of event-driven media-sharing application built using multiple AWS Lambda functions.

Get your ideas off the ground today!AWS Lambda in Action is your manual for building powerful, scalable, event-driven applications.

You will be free to focus on designing your app and its features!

All you need are functions (groupings of code), which can subscribe to various events.

By subscribing to events, your code becomes reactive.When the specified conditions are met, AWS Lambda sends your code into action.The reactive architecture simplifies both the development and scaling of an application.By the end of AWS Lambda in Action you will have gained the skills to take advantage of this fantastic service.

Event-driven programming is the way of the future!AWS Lambda in Action is the primer for learning to quickly and easily build and run applications on the AWS cloud that automatically run code in response to events.

Making back-end tasks simple to implement, free from management and scalability overhead costs, and ready for major web traffic.

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