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    Tim Wagner, AWS Lambda General Manager

    April 30, 2015

    AWS Lambda: Event-driven

    Code for Devices and the Cloud

  • Event-Driven Compute in the Cloud

    Launched last November at re:Invent

    Lambda functions: Stateless, request-driven code execution

    Triggered by events in other services:

    PUT to an Amazon S3 bucket

    Write to an Amazon DynamoDB table

    Record in an Amazon Kinesis stream

    Makes it easy to

    Transform data as it reaches the cloud

    Perform data-driven auditing, analysis, and notification

    Kick off workflows

  • Data Triggers: Amazon S3

    Amazon S3

    Bucket Events

    AWS Lambda








  • Data Triggers: Amazon DynamoDB

    AWS LambdaAmazon DynamoDB

    Table and Stream

    Send SNS


    Update another table

  • Dynamic content generation based on

    incoming news text and images

    Real time log processing for

    prediction analytics

    Thumbnailing installation site

    photos for mobile use

    Real time processing and recording of

    inbound traffic from a range of social

    media platforms

    Large scale distributed search

    across blog content

    Operational analytics and

    real time troubleshooting

  • Building Backends with Lambda

    Mobile Compute Request/response

    AWS Mobile SDK

    Easy Personalization

    for devices

    for end usersAWS LambdaMobile App

  • Event-Driven Compute in the Cloud and for Devices

    Request / response

    Create instantly scalable backends for mobile apps

    Run stateless computations for web apps without servers

    Build cloud-based IoT ecosystems using C/C++ libraries

    Complements the existing asynchronous functionality

  • AWS Mobile SDK

    Build high quality mobile apps quickly and easily.

    AWS Lambda now available in:

    AWS mobile SDK for Android

    AWS iOS mobile SDK

  • Easy Personalization

    Which app/device is she using?

    Which end user is this?

    Name and version of app,

    Make and model of device,

    Platform and local,

    Cognito identity,

    Cognito identity pool?


  • Demo: Building a Mobile

    Backend with AWS Lambda

  • No Infrastructure to Manage

    Focus on business logic, not infrastructure

    Upload your code; AWS Lambda handles






    Web service front end

    Security patching

  • Automatic Scaling

    Lambda scales to match the event rate

    Dont worry about over or under provisioning

    Pay only for what you use

    New app or successful app, Lambda matches your scale

  • Bring Your Own Code

    Create threads and processes, run

    batch scripts or other executables,

    and read/write files in /tmp.

    Include any library with your

    Lambda function code, even

    native libraries.

  • Fine-Grained Pricing

    Buy compute time in 100ms increments

    Low request charge

    No hourly, daily, or monthly minimums

    No per-device fees

    Never pay for idle

    Free Tier

    1M requests and 400,000 GB-s of compute.

    Every month, every customer.

  • Using AWS Lambda

  • Calling Lambda Functions

    Call from mobile or web apps

    Wait for a response or just send an event and keep going


    Send events from Amazon S3 or SNS:

    One event per Lambda invocation, 3 attempts

    Process DynamoDB changes or Amazon Kinesis records as events:

    Ordered model with multiple records per event

    Unlimited retries (until data expires)

    Default limits

    100 concurrent executions and 1,000 invokes per second

    Increases available via AWS customer service!

  • Writing Lambda Functions

    The Basics

    Stock node.js

    AWS SDK comes built in and ready to use

    Lambda handles inbound traffic


    Use S3, DynamoDB, or other Internet storage for persistent data

    Dont expect affinity to the infrastructure (you cant log in to the box)


    Use processes, threads, /tmp, sockets,

    Bring your own libraries, even native ones

  • Configuring the Lambda Functions

    1. Pick a name.

    2. Pick a size.

    Set memory to any size from 128MB to 1GB, in 64MB steps

    Receive an equivalent portion of other resources (disk, network, compute power, etc.)

    Easy, single-dial solution to set price/performance preference.

    Lambda tells you how much memory you used, so you can tune this setting.

    3. Pick an event source (or several).

  • AWS Lambda or EC2 / ECS?

    AWS Lambda


    Prioritizes ease of use one OS, default hardware choice

    AWS owns and manages the infrastructure

    Implicit scaling; just make requests

    Amazon EC2 and ECS

    Infrastructure rental

    Flexible choose instance type, OS, language,

    You own and configure the infrastructure

    Scale by provisioning instances or containers

  • New Features

  • New AWS Event Sources for Lambda

    Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS)

    Easily target, route, transform, filter, or audit messages

    Trigger an AWS Lambda function by sending it notifications

    Turn Amazon CloudWatch alarms into actions




  • New AWS Event Sources for Lambda

    Amazon Cognito

    Before: Easily synchronize user data across their devices

    Now: Take action when that data changes

    Examples: Verify and respond to game state updates




  • How Can You Use These Features?

    I want to send customized

    messages to

    different users

    SNS + Lambda

    I want to send an offer when a user

    runs out of lives in

    my game

    Cognito +

    Lambda + SNS

    I want to transform the records in a

    click stream or an

    IoT data stream

    Kinesis + Lambda

  • New Features

    Cross-account access support Create functions that you can share with others

    Send events from S3 buckets in a different AWS account

    AWS CloudTrail integration

    Track AWS Lambda API calls in AWS CloudTrail logs

    Audit access logs easily with a Lambda function

    AWS CloudFormation Custom Resources

    Run a Lambda function any time you create, update, or delete a CloudFormation stack

    Easily run custom actions without provisioning infrastructure

  • Improved Metrics and Diagnostics

    Discover and take action with free metrics

    AWS Lambda automatically monitors your functions

    Amazon CloudWatch metrics for requests, errors, running time

    New concurrent request throttle metric

    Automated logging with time-based sorting

    AWS Lambda automatically logs for you

    Sort CloudWatch Logs by time of last entry

    See creation time in log stream names and easily filter on it

  • Coming Soon: Java!

    You can already call Java programs from Lambda functions


    Java and other languages are automatically included in your filesystem viewdont wait to start using them!

    Freezing ensures you dont pay repeatedly for JVM boot

    Well make this even easier with built-in support for AWS Lambda functions written in Java.

  • Three Next Steps

    1. Go to the AWS console to create and test your first Lambda

    function. The first 1M requests each month are on us!

    2. Use AWS Lambda to add custom logic to S3, DynamoDB,

    SNS, Kinesis, or Cognito eventsno servers required!

    3. Use the AWS Mobile SDK and Lambda to quickly create an

    instantly scalable mobile app. Start by visiting

  • Visit, the AWS

    Compute blog, and the Lambda forum to learn

    more and get started using Lambda.

    Thank you!