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Laser Beam Transport and Integration. AWAKE Collaboration meeting. Mikhail Martyanov Christoph Hessler CERN, EN-STI-LP Valentin Fedosseev CERN09-11.04.2014. AWAKE Experiment. Control room 1km. AWAKE gallery. e-gun room. Laser room. SAS. CV. e - beam. p + / e - - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Laser Beam Transport and Integration.

AWAKE Collaboration meeting.

Mikhail MartyanovChristoph Hessler CERN, EN-STI-LPValentin Fedosseev


110.04.2014M.Martyanov, CERN2

AWAKE ExperimentLaser roome-gun roomp+ beame- beamlaser beamLaser safety shuttersLaser shuttersFast valvesplasmae- spectrometerLaser dumpp+ / e-diagnosticsCVSASAWAKE gallery Control room 1kmLaser / p+ merging point

OverviewShort intense laser pulse is needed for:to create a 100% ionized plasmamoving ionization front is a source of perturbation for proton-laser instability (micro-bunching and wake-field with a stable phase)

Plan for the Laser system:First it is delivered to MPP Munich for plasma experiments - mid 2014Then it goes to CERN- Autumn 201510.04.2014M.Martyanov, CERN33

OverviewLaser system comprises:- laser with 2 beams (for plasma and for the e-gun)- delay line is possible in either one of these beams- focusing telescope (lenses, in air), long 40m focusing- optical compressor (in vacuum)- small optical in-air compressorand 3rd harmonics generator for e-gun

Laser parameters for plasma:- max energy 450 mJ- pulse duration 120 fs after compression- max beam diameter 40 mmOnly reflective opticson the way

Rule of thumb (B