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<ul><li> 1. Osteoporosis<br />By <br />James Chang<br /></li></ul> <p> 2. Osteoporosis Means Porous Bones<br />Is a serious condition where the bone become porous.<br />It affects 20million people in the United States.<br />It is a disorder that cause the bones to become porous.<br /> 3. Skeletal System Support and Protect<br />There are 206 bones in our body that protect us, help muscles move, maintain homeostasis, store minerals, and make blood cells.<br />You may think bones are dead, dry, or brittle but they are alive and growing.<br />Is the organ system whose primary function is to support and protect the body and allow the body to move.<br /> 4. Osteoporosis Affects Many People!<br />It affects more than 25million people and starts at pre-teens.<br />Only 68% of teens get enough of calcium in there diet.<br />People especially pre-teens are not getting enough calcium into there body<br /> 5. National Institute of Health<br />Instead of consuming dairy products pre-teens consume soft drink.<br />If pre-teens eat or drink calcium they will not get Osteoporosis.<br />National Institute of Health says that Americandont consume enough calcium and that why we have Osteoporosis.<br /> 6. Exercise is Beneficial<br />Exercise helps strengthen bones when do an outdoor activity.<br />It helps you build strong bones and muscles.<br />You have to exercise 30 minutes a day so that you could get your exercise.<br /> 7. Calcium Rich Foods<br />Food that are rich in calcium build bones.<br />We need about four serving a day to get enough calcium in our body.<br />The rich calcium food choices are ice cream, yogurt, and pudding.<br /></p>