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<ul><li>1.Breaking News andMarket Intelligence for March 26, 2012 the Clinical Trials IndustryAbbott names new research-basedA CenterWatch Publicationcompany AbbVie2Canadian government renews partnership withRx&amp;D to boost nations clinical trial industry3inVentiv to acquire Kforce Clinical Research,The Pulse on Latin America6adding more FSP depth to its staffing servicesiDrug &amp; Device Pipeline News7nVentiv Health is about to surge more But the addition of Kforce Clinical gives the CenterWatch has identified 18 drugsdeeply into the functional service pro- company even more depth and flexibility and devices that have entered a newvider (FSP) space.in that realm, said Gregg Dearhammer, trial phase this week.Last week the CRO announced it waspresident of FSP/Staffing for inVentiv, andbuying Kforce Clinical Research, the clini- formerly president and CEO of i3 StatprobeTrial Results8CenterWatch reports on results forcally focused arm of publicly traded, Tampa,before inVentiv bought i3.four drugs. Visit www.centerwatch.comFla.-based staffing firm Kforce, which in the We believe that now, with the Kforce ad- for real-time updates on drugs inlast few years has grown its clinical staffingdition, we have an interesting offering thatclinical trials.division into a robust FSP offering.not many can match, said Dearhammer.inVentiv is paying $50 million for Kforce We can now offer short-term staffing and Biotech Review9Clinical. The deal is expected to close by thecomplex FSP help all under the same roof so Biotech briefs from BioWorld Today.end of the month. that when sponsors staffing needs shift andCWMarketPlace10inVentivwhich started out primarily as change, they dont have to go elsewhere for Industry service provider profiles.a staffing, sales and communications firm help. We can offer flexibility if they changeserving pharma companies, but then grew their minds. CenterWatch Information Servicesexponentially last year with its purchase ofNeal McCarthy, managing director ofThe CenterWatch Monthlyi3 and Pharmanetalready has a leader-investment firm Fairmount Partners and aA monthly newsletter featuring in-depth storiesship position in the staffing and FSP space. page 4 on the clinical trials industry and grant opportunities.Annual subscriptions start at $399.JobWatchSurvey: Sponsor-CRO strategic partnerships dontwww.centerwatch.com/jobwatchA web-based service listing clinical research jobs,always work, poor quality and performance cited career resources and a searchable resume database.SClinical Trials Listing Service trategic partnership agreementsThe results of Avocas annual State of Clin-www.centerwatch.com/clinical-trials/listingsAn international listing service of actively enrolling between sponsors and CROs have ical Outsourcing Industry Survey, just releasedclinical trials to support sponsors and CROs in their been all the rage over the last year orthis month, showed a whopping 22% ofpatient enrollment initiatives.so. But are they working out well?the 244 respondents (147 sponsors and 97Market Research ServicesWhile the curtain has been largely drawnclinical service providers) had discontinuedCustom surveys for organizations to gain competitiveon that, except for the occasional commenta strategic partnership agreementand not insight into the market and their business. Contact SteveZisson, (617) 948-5142, stephen.zisson@centerwatch.com.from a CRO or sponsor, the industry now has because a sponsor decided to go from, say,Drugs in Clinical Trials Databaseits first real look. Research and consultingfour partners down to two. Rather, qualityA searchable database of 4,000+ detailed profiles of newfirm The Avoca Group surveyed sponsorswas the issue. Poor quality and performance drugs in development in hundreds of disease conditionsand CROs about their interactions in the out- was cited by 85% of those who said they worldwide. Request a 5-day trial. Contact Sales,(617) 948-5100, sales@centerwatch.com.sourcing space, and in doing so asked somehad severed a strategic partnership agree-CenterWatch Publicationsvery provocative questions about strategicment. CenterWatch publishes a wide range of CME-accreditedpartnership agreements. To Patricia Leuchten, CEO of The Avocatraining guides, directories, brochures and drug intelligenceinformation. Visit http://store.centerwatch.com.Perhaps the most revealing: Have youGroup, this came as a shock. Companiesever discontinued one? page 5 CenterWatch Main and Editorial Offices10 Winthrop Square, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110Tel (617) 948-5100 Fax (617) 948-5101Volume 16, Issue 12. Copyright 2012 by CenterWatch. All rights reserved.editorial@centerwatch.com</li></ul><p>2. CWWeekly March 26, 2012 2 of 10Industry BriefsSponsorsincluding custom quantitative research and The Trudeau Institute, a Saranac Lake,analytics; qualitative research; key opinion N.Y.-based research center, has expanded the Abbott has dubbed its new, independent leader identification and mapping; message scope of its biomedical research by creat- research-based pharmaceutical companytracking, including Rapid Recall (SM) mes- ing a nonprofit CRO, the Trudeau Institute AbbVie (pronounced Abb-vee), which itsage effectiveness studies; syndicated auditsContract Research Organization (TICRO). will launch by the end of 2012. Abbott chose including the Metropolitan Area Promotion- The expansion is in response to the drug the name as a combination of Abbott andal Audit, which tracks promotional activityindustrys increased reliance on CROs for vie, which is a reference to the Latin root vi across 15 specialty therapeutic areas; and specialty research to reduce the costs and meaning life.The beginning of the namea range of SDI Health medical and promo- delays associated with the development of connects the new company to Abbott and tional audits acquired from IMS Health.new vaccines and therapeutics. As experts in its heritage of pioneering science. The vie the immunological, biological and molecular calls attention to the vital work the company CRO QED Clinical Services has createdbasis of infectious diseases and immune dis- will continue to advance to improve the livesa wholly owned subsidiary, QED Clinicalorders, Trudeau scientists will offer their ex- of people around the world, said Richard A. Services India Private Limited, in Ahmedabad,pertise and models through TICRO. The new Gonzalez, executive vice president of global India, to enhance its global delivery of clinicalCRO will provide project-specific expertise to pharmaceuticals at Abbott. Gonzalez will trials. The subsidiary adds operational andbiopharmaceutical companies and academic head AbbVie as chairman and CEO. Last Oc-therapeutic expertise to QED, and expands itsresearchers, assist clients with the design tober Abbott announced it would separate capacity and capability to offer more global and execution of efficient studies with into two publicly traded companies, one in coverage. QED operations in India will bewell-defined endpoints and help accelerate diversified medical products and the other spearheaded by country head and director the drug development process. The Institute in research-based pharmaceuticals. AbbVie, of operations Ali Saijad Bohra, who has ledhopes to develop translational research part- the research-based company, will include clinical monitoring, FSP models and projectnerships with biotech and pharmaceutical Abbotts current portfolio of pharmaceuti- management across India, Southeast Asia, companies and help bring new therapeutics cals and biologics. The diversified medicalJapan, South Korea and Australia. India and to patients safely and more efficiently. products company, which will retain thethe Asia Pacific region will continue to have Abbott name, will consist of Abbotts existing focus and will remain key markets for the R&amp;D trends diversified medical products portfolio.drug development activities for biopharma-ceutical companies on account of a variety of The quality of dementia research in the U.K.CROs/Service providersbenefits, said Bohra. In addition to conduct- is second only to the U.S., despite the lowing trials in India, QED India will act as a hub number of scientists working in the field, and Campbell Alliance, an inVentiv Healthfor QEDs Asia Pacific operations for controlfinding a cure can be accelerated by increas- company and management consulting firm,and oversight of its local partners across the ing the number of dementia researchers and has launched Encuity Research, a marketregion. The creation of QED Clinical, India investment, according to the Intellectual research and analytics subsidiary. The means that we can better meet the global Property &amp; Science business of Thomson launch immediately follows the acquisition development needs of our sponsors by Reuters. The findings are featured in an of SDI Healths promotional and medicalgiving access to vast patient populations viaAlzheimers U.K. research report titled Defeat- audit businesses from IMS Health, whichregional experts on the ground, said CEOing Dementia. The analysis revealed the U.K. closed March 20. The audit businesses Thomas Ogorka.page 3 acquired from IMS will be combined with our existing market research and analytics CWWeekly (ISSN 1528-5731) 2012 CenterWatch, LLC. All rights reserved. service lines to create a business that will Cheryl Appel Rosenfeld Editor-in-ChiefNo part of this publication may be distributed orTracy Lawton Drug Intelligencereproduced in any form or by any means without the drive accelerated growth for us in the mar-Melissa Nazzaro Advertising express written consent of the publisher. Permission ket research segment, said Nader Naeymi-Heather Johnston Advertisingrequests can be obtained via fax at (617) 948-5101 orHolly Rose Production emailed at editorial@centerwatch.com. Rad, CEO of Campbell Alliance. Encuity Single-user annual subscriptions are $249. Research, to be based in Newton, Penn.,Send news submissions to Cheryl Appel Rosenfeld Reprints and discounted multi-reader or corporateTel (617) 948-5172 Fax (617) 948-5101 subscription rates are available. will provide services to the pharmaceuticalcheryl.rosenfeld@centerwatch.comEmail sales@centerwatch.com or call (617) 948-5100. and biotech industry in five specific areasCopyright 2012. Duplication or sharing of this publication is strictly prohibited. CWW1612 3. CWWeekly March 26, 20123 of 10Industry Briefs (continued from page 2) published more research on dementia than Canada through a competitive, peer-reviewedworldwide chairman, pharmaceuticals any other country except the U.S. and ranksprocess and improve the coordination ofgroup, Johnson &amp; Johnson. second in the world after Sweden in citation research activities. Rx&amp;D member companies impact, the number of times U.K. researchhave set an objective to match CIHR clinical The Wellcome Trusts board of governors is referenced in dementia studies around research commitments dollar for dollar.has approved the creation of a new business the globe. Despite its high performance that will invest in emerging businesses and and influence, dementia research capacity Index Ventures, a venture capital firm,technologies in the healthcare and life sci- in the U.K. is low when compared to cancer,has launched its first fund solely dedicated ences sectors. The business initial capital will stroke and heart disease. For every dementia to investing in the life sciences sector. Thebe $317 million, drawn from the Wellcome research scientist there are six who workfund, $198 million, includes investments Trusts endowment. The business is currently on cancer. The study was commissioned by from several of Indexs largest existing operating under the working title Project the U.K.s leading dementia research charity,limited partners and two companies,Sigma and will be a directly owned and Alzheimers Research U.K., in an effort to GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) and the venturemanaged business. It will provide financial raise awareness and increase investmentcapital affiliate of the Janssen pharmaceu-resources to advance the Wellcome Trusts for the underfunded field. The reports 14 tical companies of Johnson &amp; Johnson.vision of achieving extraordinary improve- recommendations to the U.K. government With this investment in the fund, the twoments in human and animal health by sup- include forming a cohesive national strategy,global pharmaceutical companies will porting the brightest minds in biomedical increasing social awareness of the need forshare their expertise by participating inresearch and the medical humanities. The dementia research, simplifying funding and the funds scientific advisory board. IndexWellcome Trust is known as an investor that reporting procedures, revising scientific ca-will maintain full decision making rightstakes a long-term view. Sigma will extend reer paths, strengthening research networksto the portfolio companies and the fundthis successful approach to direct invest- and streamlining the regulatory process. rules and procedures will follow previousments in emerging healthcare technologies,Index Ventures funds. This pharma/ventureto give small and medium-sized companies Canadas Research Based Pharmaceuti- partnership model is intended to stimulate the support they require to fulfill their cal Companies (Rx&amp;D) and the Canadianpromising, early-stage R&amp;D innovation. potential, said Sir Mark Walport, director, Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) haveIndexs asset centric model focuses on Wellcome Trust. Sigma will also enable renewed a partnership to strengthen clinical investment in companies with just one or Wellcome Trust to take and retain ownership research conducted in Canada. The partner- two projects, rather than companies with positions in the companies. It will be able to ship seeks to strengthen Canadas position multiple programs. The fund will primar- contribute proactively to their development as a preferred location to conduct clinicalily consider opportunities across Europe,over the long term, for example by bringing research. The partnership will play a key role but also in the U.S., with assets that havetogether complementary expertise from in the implementation of the Strategy forfirst-in-class or best-in-class mechanisms ofdifferent companies and scientific fields. Patient-Oriented Research, a national initiative action and target areas of unmet medical Although Sigma has the primary goal of to ensure better translation of research find- need. We believe that supporting andgenerating returns for the Wellcome Trust, ings into clinical practice that was announced nurturing start-ups and encouraging entre- its investments will also provide emerging in August 2011. CIHR and Rx&amp;D member preneurship and innovation will be goodbusinesses with a valuable new source of companies will fund clinical research across for the entire industry, said Dr. Paul Stoffels,funding and guidance.Copyright 2012. Duplication or sharing of this publication is...</p>