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Avoca and St Arnaud Numeracy Focus. Where we were. Relying on text books to drive our Numeracy lessons. Worked independently, planning week by week with no whole school approach. Little interaction outside our unit/teams. No set assessment schedule or scope or sequence. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<ul><li><p>Avoca and St Arnaud Numeracy Focus</p></li><li><p>Where we wereRelying on text books to drive our Numeracy lessons.Worked independently, planning week by week with no whole school approach.Little interaction outside our unit/teams.No set assessment schedule or scope or sequence.Data reflected lower student learning outcomes in comparison to literacy.Lack of confidence and enthusiasm, with some teachers and students, towards Numeracy.</p></li><li><p>What we didIdentified the need to improve our Numeracy teaching across the two schools.Co-ordinators attended two PDs with Michael Ymer. This led towhole staff participation in professional learning including planning PD (Scope and Sequence) and teaching methods within the classroom (including classroom management)observing his methods of teaching numeracy in the classroom working with our students.Parenting workshop</p><p>School visits to Darley PS and Mansfield PSAttended Numeracy Leaders PD Establishment of PLTs and PLCs with Numeracy focusWork with Numeracy Coach as Numeracy Co-ordinatorSurveyed staff and students on attitudes towards Numeracy.</p></li><li><p>Where we areWhole school approach to planning and implementation.Greater enthusiasm and confidence towards Numeracy.More willingness to take risks, i.e.. Lesson Study.More focus on Numeracy i.e. changes to timetable.Working with Numeracy Coach, building on teacher confidence and competence in the teaching of Numeracy.Assessment is now more focused on being formative, driving our teaching instead of summative.Whole school shift to a Numeracy focus eg. displays, lunchtime maths activities, Michael Ymer games for homework.Increase in Professional Reading.Increased awareness and use of Departmental Resources i.e. Digilearn, Maths Continuum</p></li><li><p>Where are we going?Continue to use the Scope and Sequence.Trial Lesson Studies.Use the data to direct our teaching.Continue with our school plan, having Numeracy as a focus.Complete and update our Assessment Schedule and include accountability as part of staff reviews.</p></li></ul>