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Aviation safety management software solutions for airlines and airports. Key benefits of airline and airport SMS programs


  • 1. Uncovering hidden costs and future risks while complying with regulatory requirements

2. Are aviation safety management software programs an unnecessary cost or the next generation of business efficiency? 3. The Fallacy Regarding SMS 4. 1. Attacks profitability2. Broad, ill-defined buzzword 3. To big to manage The Fallacy Regarding SMS4. Impossible to apply in all operations5. Not for competitive operations 6. Means whatever you (or the auditor) wants it to mean 7. Tomorrows problem 5. The Reality of SMS 6. 1. Aviation safety management is not about needless rules and endless documentation.The Reality of SMS2. Its about reducing losses and protecting - Customers - Workers - Assets and Property - Company Reputation 7. The Solution 8. 1. SMS Pro is a Web-based, enterprise grade platform. It allows aviation operations to effectively manage ICAO and State regulatory SMS requirements across all operations.2. It provides: The Solution- Hazard Reporting - Risk Management - Real-time Report Generation - Auditing Management - Tools for All Four ICAO Pillars 9. The SMS Pro Difference 10. 1. SMS Pro was designed specifically for the aviation industry to manage ICAO SMS requirementsThe SMS Pro Difference2. Uses the latest Web technologies to allow secure access by the entire organization regardless of their location 3. Flexible design allows for advanced configurations without IT support 4. Best in class customer support 11. Financial Benefits 12. Improves fiscal efficiency by:1. Identifying and tracking hazards in one system 2. Focusing risk management efforts on problem areas Financial Benefits 3. Reducing number of systems in enterprise 4. Reducing manpower for safety management activities5. Reducing expenses for regulatory compliance 6. Identifying vendor risk vulnerabilities 7. Greatly improving reporting accuracy 13. Management Benefits 14. 1. Improves operating efficiency by providing a global reach from the desktop 2. Global perspective with drilldown views for executive teamsManagement Benefits3. Provides CEOs with operating & risk management intelligence 4. Provides operations officers with compliance alerts 5. Custom key performance indicators with automated alerts 6. Real-time, role-specific information and alerts 15. Reports & Analysis 16. 1. Performance 2. Key Safety Performance Indicators 3. Financial Reports & Analysis4. Human Factors 5. Root Causes 6. Risk Exposure 7. Policies & Procedures 17. Its Personal 18. 1. You choose what you need to see - Each users interface can be configured by role, responsibility or requirement Its Personal2. Save and reset- Drag and drop reports to where you need them - Over 30 dashboard reports to choose from 19. Investment 20. 1. Setup fee of $1,000 Investment2. Multiple payment options depending on plan 3. SMS Admin training in Anchorage - $2200 per week. 21. Its Easy - Its the Cloud 22. 1. Portal ready within two days 2. Portal ready for company-wide usage: 2 weeks Its Easy - Its the Cloud 3. Importing data from legacy systems: 1-2 weeks 4. Custom hazard reporting forms 2-4 days 5. Custom modules available 23. Global Reach From Any Device 24. iPhone, iPad, desktop, laptop, etc. 25. Aviation SMS Software www.asms-pro.com


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