Aviary’s Myna Audio Editor A more innovative, free, online audio editing program.

Download Aviary’s Myna Audio Editor A more innovative, free, online audio editing program.

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Aviarys Myna Audio Editor

Aviarys Myna Audio EditorA more innovative, free, online audio editing program Welcome to my instructional presentation on Aviarys innovative, free, online audio editing program, Myna!1OverviewInstruct how to create an Aviary accountDemonstrate how to import audio and then clipping a portion of the audio outInform how to make audio into a mp3

Lets get an idea of what we are going to be learning. First, you must create an Aviary account. This will allow you to be able to use the Myna audio editor. Secondly, you will be informed how to import audio into Myna and how to clip portions of the audio out. After you have done this you will be able to learn how to convert the newly clipped audio into a mp3.2GoalLearn how to use Myna to be able to edit audio effectively and efficiently.

At the end of this presentation you will hopefully be able to learn how to use the Myna audio editor in both an efficient and effective manner.3ObjectivesAccess Aviary.com Create an account Login to the Myna programImport audio Cut out a part of the audio Turn the audio into an MP3Here we will understand the steps we will be taking in order to meet our goal. You will access Aviary.com, create an account, login to the Myna program, import audio, cut out a part of the audio, and turn the audio into an MP3.4How Can you Benefit From Using Myna?Professors, Faculty and Students, learning to use Myna will enable you toHave quick, and easy access to Myna since it is onlineWhen you have a long recorded presentation, but wish to use just a portion of the audio, you can use Myna to crop out the portion of the audio you dont wish to useWill allow you to have more efficient and effective presentations

There are many benefits of learning to use Myna. First, you will almost always have access to Myna, anywhere you have internet connection! When you have a long audio presentation you wish to use in a lecuture or your personal presesntation, but only want to use a portion of it, you can use Myna to clip the portions of the audio out in order just to use the section of the presentation you want to use. Using Myna will allow you to have more efficient and effective presentations. No longer will you have to waste time during your presentations finding the exact part of the audio you wish to use! 5In Order to Use Mynalearners must have an audio file on their computer in a .wav, .aif, .mp3, .wma, .m4a, .ogg format in order to complete this lesson

6You may already know how toUse an audio editing programInsert audio into your instructional programsSave audio onto your computerDont worry if youve never worked with an audio editing program before! Myna is easy to use! Even if you arent familiar with using an audio editing program, inserting audio into your instructional programs, or saving audio onto your computer, through this presentation you will be able to! 7Lets Get StartedNow that you understand the goals and objectives lets create an Aviary account

Great! We are ready to begin! You understand the objectives and goals so lets go ahead and create an Aviary account.8Open web browser and go to Aviary.com

Click the sign up yellow button located at the top of the right hand screenBegin by opening your web browser. Lets type in aviary.com to your explorer bar.9Create Your Free Account PageType in username that must be at least 4-15 letters and numbersType in email address Create a password that must be at least 5 characters

Yay its free! Type your username, email address and password into the boxes. By creating an account you are not only able to use and access Aviarys Myna audio editor, but all of their other amazing applications. Isnt Aviary great?10Now that you are a memberClick the Audio Editor Myna button

Great youre now able to use Myna! Lets begin by selecting audio editor.11An Overview of the Audio Editing ScreenThe top part of the screen is Menu Bar where you can file, save, edit, view all of the track information and transport your audio

Welcome to Myna. Aviarys audio editing program. Lets get a quick idea of the program. At the top of the screen is the menu bar. Here you will be able to save, edit, and view all of the track information and be able to transport your audio.12Mynas own Navigation ButtonsLocated to the rightHere you can easily edit the track Select different parts of the audio Scroll through your audio

At the right side of the menu bar are Mynas navigation buttons. They include, edit, select and scroll. These are all easily accessible in order for you to simply edit your audio! Now you are starting to see just how easy Myna is! 13Importing Audio to EditLocated in the bottom left hand part of the screen is the Import button

Ok, now that you have an idea of the layout of Myna lets import an audio clip. At the bottom left hand side of the screen is the import button. Select it. Now choose an audio that you wish to edit.14Imported AudioAll of your imported audio will be located in its own table located to the right of the screenThis is so that it is easily accessibleSimply click and drag the audio onto the different tracks

At the right hand side is a table which lists your imported audio. It is very easily accessible, just like all of the different tool bars of Myna. Now select your audio from the table and drag onto track one. 15 Cropping your Imported ClipTo crop your imported clip simply click and drag the arrow button located at the top left hand corner of your audio clip

Your audio clip is now located on track one so lets begin to crop a section of the audio out. Simply click and drag the arrow to crop the section out. It is that easy!16

Saving your Audio ClipClick the save button located at the top right hand side of the screen

Myna will remind you to save your work!

Now that you have the section of audio clipped out it is time to save. Myna will always remind you that you have not yet saved so it is not easy to forget! At the top right hand side of the screen is the save as button. Click it and then save your audio into your music folder. This way you can easily access it.17MixdownAfter you have saved your work a Mixdown box will appear

By pressing the Mixdown button you are allowing for your saved project to have its own mixYou can also share your project with others

After you have saved your audio a Mixdown box will appear. What is mixdown you may ask? Mixdown simply means that you are saving each version of your project so that it has its own mix. Also, by pressing the mixdown button you are able to now share your audio with others. Now, click mixdown.18Pressing MixdownWhen you press the Mixdown button this screen will appearThis is rendering the mix into a audio file, which you can export to your desk top or publish to the server

It will take a few seconds to prepare your mix. It is simply rendering the mix into an audio file. 19Now you have converted your audio into a MP3

This screen will appear after Mixdown is completedSo mixdown is complete. You now have a Your Creation window appear. Here you can see the different urls of your audio and different ways of sharing your creation. Just by using Myna you are easily able to share your audio creation with everyone simply by loading it to your twitter page, facebook, myspace or any other social online network! It is that easy! 20Downloading MP3Click download MP3

A Are you sure you want to download box will appear

Now lets go ahead and convert your audio to an mp3. Click download mp3. When you click mp3 a, Are you sure you want to download? box will appear. The answer is yes! So click download! 21Saving to ComputerSave to your music file Then click save

It may be useful to go ahead and save your audio into a music file. Press save and it is now in a mp3 format.22SummaryWe have discussed:How to use MynaThe goals and objectivesHow faculty, professors and students can benefit from using Myna

You should now be able to meet all of these objectives.GREAT JOB!Excellent job! You have now been instructed in how to use Myna. You understand the different goals and objectives of the educational presentation, and you have been told how you can benefit from using Myna. You should now be able to meet all of the objectives, great job!23AssessmentCreate an Aviary accountOpen MynaImport an audio clip Clip a section of the audio out and then saveCreate MixdownSave to your computer as an MP3 Finally, open your MP3 and listen to your audio

So lets make sure you really understand how to use Myna. You now must create an aviary account and then open Myna. I want you to import an audio clip and crop a portion of the audio out. After you have done this I want you to save your new audio. After you save, I want you to make a mixdown. After the mixdown is complete I want you to save your audio into an mp3 format. Finally, yes I know it is a lot, but I promise its easy, I want you to open your mp3 and listen to your audio. Good luck!24Great Job!

Congratulations, you did great!25


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