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100:00:01,033 --> 00:00:04,003Ah, heavy security,quantum encoding.200:00:04,213 --> 00:00:07,587Who cares? With my gear, I cango right through the front door.300:00:07,783 --> 00:00:08,750Shoo, bug.400:00:10,966 --> 00:00:12,021Watch who you're calling a...500:00:12,263 --> 00:00:13,746No, I guess that's fair.600:00:14,247 --> 00:00:16,474Lang, what're you doing here?700:00:16,617 --> 00:00:18,324I didn't call for tech support.800:00:18,464 --> 00:00:21,234Hi, Whirlwind. I'm goingto need my gear back.900:00:21,622 --> 00:00:23,322What's the matter,my check bounce?1000:00:23,524 --> 00:00:26,585Look, to support my researchI used to build tech for cash.1100:00:26,660 --> 00:00:29,370But now that I'm an Avenger,that's not really going to fly.1200:00:29,517 --> 00:00:31,212You're an Avenger?Are they hiring?1300:00:31,237 --> 00:00:33,044'Cause I'm at leastas good as you.1400:00:33,834 --> 00:00:35,223Someone's delusional.1500:00:35,375 --> 00:00:36,899Anyhow, I'm taking back my gear1600:00:36,924 --> 00:00:39,378from people who might be usingit for, uh, you know,1700:00:39,403 --> 00:00:41,321less than legal purposes.1800:00:41,525 --> 00:00:44,443Hey, don't look at me.I'm a pillar of society.1900:00:44,545 --> 00:00:47,063- Just, uh, sightseeing.- Sightseeing?2000:00:47,254 --> 00:00:50,727At a secure lab holding millions ofdollars in cutting-edge equipment?2100:00:50,884 --> 00:00:53,113You got your sights, I got mine.2200:00:53,291 --> 00:00:56,080In fact,set your sights on this.2300:00:56,690 --> 00:00:58,523You sold me this stuff, Lang.2400:00:58,525 --> 00:01:01,159A deal's a deal.Buyers keepers.2500:01:01,161 --> 00:01:02,994I'm not surethat's how that goes.2600:01:02,996 --> 00:01:04,253Hey, I need that!2700:01:08,986 --> 00:01:12,165You had a good run, Whirlwind,but I'm taking you in.2800:01:12,773 --> 00:01:13,533Whoa!2900:01:14,708 --> 00:01:16,374Hawkeye. Black Widow.3000:01:17,285 --> 00:01:18,942Your power is wind?3100:01:23,942 --> 00:01:27,200We work with Tony Stark. We'reused to a lot of hot air.3200:01:27,755 --> 00:01:29,098Thanks for the save, you guys.3300:01:29,123 --> 00:01:31,029I didn't want to bringyou into my problems.3400:01:31,265 --> 00:01:35,208You're on a team now, Ant-Man. Noneed to take on supervillains alone.3500:01:35,529 --> 00:01:37,562Or villains, anyway.3600:01:37,564 --> 00:01:39,498Not so sure aboutthe "super" part.3700:01:39,500 --> 00:01:40,766I can hear you!3800:01:40,768 --> 00:01:44,359It's just, there are some thingsfrom my past I'm not proud of.3900:01:44,538 --> 00:01:45,904You think we don't know that?4000:01:46,101 --> 00:01:47,844We all have red in our ledger.4100:01:48,210 --> 00:01:49,968I should have figuredyou guys would get it.4200:01:50,179 --> 00:01:51,871Well, at leastthis battle is over.4300:01:52,079 --> 00:01:55,352Over? You forgetthe panic button you built me?4400:01:56,291 --> 00:01:57,050Panic button?4500:01:57,151 --> 00:01:58,882I kind of did forget that.4600:02:12,865 --> 00:02:14,666Why would you build this?4700:02:14,668 --> 00:02:17,517Because he asked, andhe paid on time.4800:02:17,537 --> 00:02:19,844How does thatmake it a good idea?4900:02:23,251 --> 00:02:26,320Sync and corrections by masaca- addic7ed.com -5000:02:34,288 --> 00:02:36,837I knew my old inventionswould come back to haunt me.5100:02:43,203 --> 00:02:45,314Shouldn't you keepbetter track of this thing?5200:02:48,601 --> 00:02:49,396Thanks.5300:02:53,840 --> 00:02:55,574Time to take back that tech!5400:02:55,576 --> 00:02:56,196Huh?5500:03:01,147 --> 00:03:02,431Returning the save.5600:03:07,019 --> 00:03:08,637Sorry, product recalled.5700:03:08,755 --> 00:03:10,683Also, no refunds.5800:03:13,726 --> 00:03:17,068Okay, if you're serious about cleaningup your past, we'll help you out.5900:03:17,498 --> 00:03:18,964How many morevillains left to go?6000:03:18,966 --> 00:03:20,137Well, let's see.6100:03:20,701 --> 00:03:22,909Madame X, Dr. Egghead,6200:03:23,021 --> 00:03:26,176uh, Blizzard, Unicorn...6300:03:27,264 --> 00:03:29,743Hulk's recent fight withSpeed Demon gave us tons of data,6400:03:29,998 --> 00:03:31,685but we've watchedthis a dozen times.6500:03:31,710 --> 00:03:33,008What exactlyare you looking for?6600:03:33,180 --> 00:03:34,077Clues.6700:03:34,188 --> 00:03:37,626Something tells me this attack wasjust the tip of Nighthawk's iceberg.6800:03:37,743 --> 00:03:38,744I agree.6900:03:38,893 --> 00:03:40,628Squadron Supremeis starting something.7000:03:41,019 --> 00:03:41,894But what?7100:03:42,191 --> 00:03:43,899The Hood, the Purple Man,7200:03:44,024 --> 00:03:45,194oh, and that guy.7300:03:45,459 --> 00:03:48,493You sold techto Doctor Spectrum?7400:03:48,850 --> 00:03:49,901What were you thinking?7500:03:49,930 --> 00:03:52,330What? He seemed likea pretty nice guy.7600:03:52,466 --> 00:03:54,104Solid, on the level.7700:03:54,104 --> 00:03:56,868We are talking about the sameDoctor Spectrum, right?7800:03:56,870 --> 00:04:00,839You wouldn't know this, Scott, but Spectrumalmost wiped the Avengers from reality7900:04:00,841 --> 00:04:01,844with his Power Prism.8000:04:01,869 --> 00:04:04,160Just what kind of techdid you build this guy?8100:04:04,478 --> 00:04:05,972A power amplifier.8200:04:06,413 --> 00:04:08,580Spectrum with a power-up.Oh, goody.8300:04:08,772 --> 00:04:11,128Is is too late to revokeAnt-Man's membership?8400:04:12,094 --> 00:04:12,836Nice.8500:04:12,983 --> 00:04:15,233I finally crackedthe Squadron's encryption.8600:04:15,881 --> 00:04:17,933If I can access the ruinsof their old ship,8700:04:17,958 --> 00:04:20,347I might be able to determinetheir real plans.8800:04:21,695 --> 00:04:23,873Why don't we just talk directlyto Bill about all this?8900:04:24,031 --> 00:04:25,489Excuse me, Bill?9000:04:25,820 --> 00:04:27,366That's Doctor Spectrum's real name.9100:04:27,532 --> 00:04:30,439But don't call him Billy.Ooh, he hates that.9200:04:30,719 --> 00:04:33,905Do you have Doctor Billy Spectrum'snumber programmed into your cell phone?9300:04:33,907 --> 00:04:34,999Don't be silly.9400:04:35,642 --> 00:04:38,643I insert an ant pheromone signalinto all my tech to track it.9500:04:38,793 --> 00:04:41,296Right... My idea was silly.9600:04:41,382 --> 00:04:43,428Hacking the Citadelor following ant smells?9700:04:43,550 --> 00:04:44,591I know my vote.9800:04:44,618 --> 00:04:45,831We'll do both.9900:04:55,192 --> 00:04:56,837Looks likethe hull is still intact.10000:04:57,939 --> 00:04:59,713I'll have thishacked in no time.10100:04:59,925 --> 00:05:01,476I can hack too.10200:05:04,405 --> 00:05:05,158Hacked.10300:05:05,172 --> 00:05:06,903That was my next plan.10400:05:14,784 --> 00:05:16,667This is wherethe pheromone trail ends.10500:05:17,308 --> 00:05:18,800There's nothing for miles.10600:05:19,016 --> 00:05:22,554Maybe Spectrum's got a cloakingshield, or a stealth force wall.10700:05:22,735 --> 00:05:23,712Or sand.10800:05:30,760 --> 00:05:32,464Strange choiceof hideout for a man10900:05:32,466 --> 00:05:34,647whose team plansto take over our world.11000:05:35,494 --> 00:05:37,469Maybe we shouldn'tgo in Repulsors blazing.11100:05:37,573 --> 00:05:39,838I know you think Spectrum'ssome big bad guy,11200:05:39,840 --> 00:05:41,363but he might surprise you.11300:05:43,576 --> 00:05:44,883Who disturbs me?11400:05:45,451 --> 00:05:46,305Hi, Bill.11500:05:46,513 --> 00:05:47,465Scott Lang?11600:05:47,810 --> 00:05:48,801What is this?11700:05:48,927 --> 00:05:50,582We'll give you one chance here.11800:05:50,584 --> 00:05:51,783What is Nighthawk planning?11900:05:51,785 --> 00:05:53,590Why does he have youout here in the desert?12000:05:53,677 --> 00:05:56,335Leave me in peacebefore it is too late.12100:05:56,387 --> 00:05:58,917Look, this doesn't need to be a fight.If you just give me back12200:05:58,948 --> 00:06:00,716the power amplifierI built for you...12300:06:00,828 --> 00:06:03,740It's not that simple!12400:06:04,977 --> 00:06:07,428So much for givingSpectrum a chance, Cap.12500:06:07,474 --> 00:06:09,595This aggressionmust be answered.12600:06:10,891 --> 00:06:11,754No, wait!12700:06:13,974 --> 00:06:15,047Here's your answer.12800:06:22,977 --> 00:06:24,320Odin's beard!12900:06:24,805 --> 00:06:26,678Please, we can talk this out.13000:06:26,703 --> 00:06:28,658I told you to leave me alone.13100:06:29,781 --> 00:06:32,021If anything happens,it's on your head.13200:06:45,170 --> 00:06:47,732Guys, this is getting out of control.We don't have to fight.13300:06:47,916 --> 00:06:49,681Aim for the power amplifier.13400:06:57,255 --> 00:07:00,881Um, Ant-Man? You saidthat thing was a power amplifier.13500:07:00,936 --> 00:07:02,140It was.13600:07:04,432 --> 00:07:06,930Then why is he morepowerful without it?13700:07:14,021 --> 00:07:15,034Bill, wait!13800:07:15,035 --> 00:07:16,945It doesn't have to be like this.13900:07:16,970 --> 00:07:18,837Let's put the past behind us.14000:07:18,839 --> 00:07:21,704Of course it hasto be like this, you fool.14100:07:24,800 --> 00:07:27,909The Avengers,broken at my feet.14200:07:28,008 --> 00:07:29,494Not in this reality,14300:07:29,784 --> 00:07:30,494Billy.14400:07:33,357 --> 00:07:36,341My name is Doctor Spectrum!14500:07:39,442 --> 00:07:41,458So you thought Spectrumwas a good guy14600:07:41,491 --> 00:07:43,601and your techwas a power amplifier?14700:07:43,706 --> 00:07:45,608So far, you're battingzero, Ant-Man.14800:07:57,568 --> 00:07:59,311I will take your lives14900:07:59,313 --> 00:08:02,147and then takeyour planet, weaklings!15000:08:02,149 --> 00:08:03,590Tell me, Spectrum,1510