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Plan Yes, Worry No Volume 6 Issue 5

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Great article on car dealer microsites in AutoSuccess Magazine written by Ralph Paglia on Page 24. Get gigabytes of files and documents to use in car dealerships at


  • Plan Yes, Worry No Volume 6 Issue 5
  • WERE PROUD TO SAY WEVE DONE SOMETHING COMPLETELY NEW. Highest in Dealer Satisfaction With Online Buying Services For New Vehicle Leads OF COURSE, WE HAVENT FORGOTTEN WHAT GOT US HERE. Highest in Dealer Satisfaction With Online Buying Services For Used Vehicle Leads, Two Years in a Row This honor says a lot. It says that car dealers appreciate our service. It says that we help generate business. And as the only company to earn these awards for both new and used car services, it says that we keep improving our service. Thats something we will continue to do. We want to thank our dealers for helping us earn these awards. Theyre more examples that show What We Do Works. For information, call 877-261-9418 or visit today. 2007, Inc. All Rights Reserved. is a registered trademark of TPI Holdings, Inc. used under exclusive license. received the highest numerical score for used vehicle leads in the proprietary J.D. Power and Associates 20062007 Dealer Satisfaction with Online Buying Services Studies. 2007 study SM based on 1,758 dealer evaluations in MayJune 2007. received the highest numerical score for new vehicle leads in the proprietary J.D. Power and Associates 2007 Dealer Satisfaction with Online Buying Services Study. Study based on 1,758 dealer evaluations in MayJune 2007. Your experiences may vary. Visit SM
  • Eliminate Enemies of Success and Happiness 8 BrianTracy Step Back and Look Forward 9 DaymondDecker on the cover Body Language Buying Signs 10 TomHopkins The Search for the Optimal Internet Marketing Mix Getting it Right: 12 KevinHunt Making the Most of Your Media Interview, Part 6 Tips and Checklist for Radio and Webcast Interviews 16 PattiWood What is Your Online Value Package Proposition 18 SeanV.Bradley Weaving Your Own Spider Web 20 RalphR.Roberts Talk-Talk-Tell-Tell is No Way to Sell 24 MichaelYork Power Your Dealership Through the Next Decade 26 MichaelNealy Micro Site Generates Major League Results Landing 25,000 Unique Visitors 27 RalphPaglia Business Development Centers: The Misunderstood Blank Check In the Automotive Retailing 28 MichaelOvery How Will Radio-Frequency Identication Technology Affect Us Find Out Why You Need to Know About It 30 DeniseRichardson Keep Things in Order: Sequencing 32 PaulH.Webb I Want to Think About It 33 MarkTewart Beware of Best Business Practices 34 JimmyVee & TravisMiller Trigger Enthusiasm for Every Prospect 36 DebbieAllen helping to support... God is the source of all supply Hebrews 12:1 - Let us run with endurance the race that is set before us. Patrick Luck, Editor & Publisher Susan Givens, Vice President Brian Ankney, Sales-improvement Strategist Brian Balash, Sales-improvement Strategist [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] Thomas Williams, Creative Director Dave Davis, Creative Strategist & Editor Scott Schaeffer, Sales-improvement Strategist God is the source of all supply [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] 3411 Pinnacle Gardens Drive | Louisville Kentucky 40245 | phone: 877.818.6620 | fax: 502.588.3170 | AutoSuccess Magazine is published monthly at 3411 Pinnacle Gardens Drive, Louisville, Kentucky, 40245; 502.588.3155, fax 502.588.3170. Direct all subscription and customer service inquiries to 877.818.6620 or [email protected] Subscription rate is $75 per year. AutoSuccess welcomes unsolicited editorials and graphics (not responsible for their return). All submitted editorials and graphics are subject to editing for grammar, content and page length. AutoSuccess provides its contributing writers latitude in expressing advice and solutions; views expressed are not necessarily those of AutoSuccess and by no means reflect any guarantees. AutoSuccess accepts no liability in respect of the content of any third party material appearing in this magazine or in respect of the content of any other magazine to which this magazine may be linked from time to time. Always confer with legal counsel before implementing changes in procedures. All contents copyrighted by AutoSuccess Magazine, a Division of Systems Marketing, Inc. All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or part is prohibited without express written consent from AutoSuccess. AutoSuccess may occasionally make readers names available to other companies whose products and/or services may be of interest; readers may request that names be removed by calling 877.818.6620. Printed in the USA. Postmaster: Send address changes to AutoSuccess Magazine, 3411 Pinnacle Gardens Drive, Louisville, Kentucky 40245.
  • LS BrianTracy leadershipsolution Eliminate Enemies of Success and Happiness The greatest enemies explanation for an otherwise socially way other people speak to them, talk to or of success and unacceptable act. You rationalize to explain about them, or look at them. They have little happiness are negative emotions. Negative away or put a favorable light on something sense of personal value or self-worth apart emotions hold you down, tire you out and that you have done that you feel bad or from the opinions of others. If those opinions take away all your joy in life. Negative unhappy about. You excuse your actions by are negative for any reason, real or imagined, emotions, from the beginning of time, have creating an explanation that sounds good, the victim immediately experiences done more harm to individuals and societies even though you know that you were an anger, embarrassment, shame, feelings than all the plagues of history. active agent in whatever occurred. You often of inferiority, depression, self pity and/or create complex ways of putting yourself in despair. This explains why psychologists say One of your most important goals, if you the right by explaining that your behavior was that almost everything you do is to earn the want to be truly happy and successful, is really quite acceptable, all things considered. respect of others or at least to avoid losing to free yourself from negative emotions. Rationalization keeps your negative emotions their respect. Fortunately, you can do this if you learn how. alive. Rationalization and justication always The negative emotions of fear, self pity, envy, require that you make someone or something Realize That jealousy, inferiority and anger are mostly else the source or cause of your problem. You No One Else is Responsible caused by four factors. Once you identify and cast yourself in the role of the victim, and The fourth cause of negative emotions, and remove these factors from your thinking, your you make the other person or organization the worst of all, is blaming. Imagine negative negative emotions stop automatically. When into the oppressor or the bad guy. emotion as a tree. The trunk of the tree is the your negative emotions stop, the positive propensity to blame other people for your emotions of love, peace, joy and enthusiasm problems. Once you cut down the trunk ow in to replace them, and your whole life When your of the tree, all the fruits of the tree (all the changes for the better, sometimes in a matter of minutes or even seconds. negative other negative emotions) die immediately, just as the lights go out instantly when you emotions stop jerk the plug out of the socket that lights up Stop Justifying the bulbs on a Christmas tree. The antidote The rst of the four root causes of negative ... your whole for negative emotions is for you to accept emotions is justication. You can be negative only as long as you can justify to life changes complete responsibility for your situation. You cannot say the words, I am responsible yourself and others that you are entitled to be for the better, and still feel angry. The very act of accepting angry or upset for some reason. This is why angry people are continually explaining and sometimes in a responsibility short-circuits and cancels out any negative emotions you may be elaborating on the reasons for their negative matter of minutes experiencing. feelings. However, if you cannot justify your negativity, you cannot be angry. or even seconds. Refuse to Rationalize and Rise Above the Opinions of Others Make Excuses The third cause of negative emotions is an Brian Tracy is the chairman and CEO The second cause of negative emotions over concern or a hypersensitivity about the of Brian Tracy International. He can be is rationalization. When you rationalize, way other people treat you. For some people, contacted at 866.300.9881, or by e-mail you attempt to give a socially acceptable their entire self-image is determined by the at [email protected] 8
  • LS DaymondDecker leadershipsolution Step Back and Look Forward Have you ever been example, in this business its easy to go from told that you needed hero to zero. We tend to get caught up in just to step back and take a look at the bigger making the next sale rather than focusing on picture? You dont need to be a nuclear building customers for life. physicist to be a big picture thinker. Any individual in any profession can benet Thank goodness for the intuitive and broad- from it. Its the ability to see trends as they minded vision of the likes of Leonard form instead of in the rearview mirror. Kleinrock, J. Licklider, Larry Roberts, Bob Kahn and Vint Cert, who possessed When a dealer tells a dealership employee the mentality to think outside the box, that the development of the ongoing resulting in the creation of a global network relationship with the customer is just as from the evolutionary technology that would if not more important than the prot eventually become the basis for the Internet. on the deal or the sale itself, hes instilling Successful big picture thinkers have the the bigger picture into the employees mind. ability to see trends as they are forming, The underlying goal is to maximize revenue instead of in the rearview mirror. by taking protable customers and turning them into more loyal customers. Lets test your ability to see the bigger picture. Take a look at the illustration in the There are many big picture thinkers in this middle of this page. Count the number of world that are not leaders, but there are very squares that you see. Do you see 16, maybe few successful leaders in this world who are 17, or even 21? not big picture thinkers. Having the wisdom to see the broad spectrum is a crucial element of leadership. Becoming a big picture thinker allows you to lead by helping you to clearly formulate a vision for your team and keep them on target to accomplish your organizations desired results. By enlarging the window through which you see things, you not only expand what you can see, but what you are able to do with it. Donald Trump once commented, You have to think anyway, so why not think big? We tend to get caught up in In his book, Thinking for a Change, author just making the John C. Maxwell contends that big picture thinkers never lack ideas that can build an next sale rather organization, and they always have hope for a better future. Average leaders focus than focusing on maintenance successful leaders focus on building on progress. A person who knows how may always have a job; but the person who customers knows why will always be his boss. for life. By the way, if you saw past the obvious and counted 30 squares through multiple combinations that actually exist, The expression cant see the forest for the congratulations. trees means that most people focus on the short term. We tend to get overwhelmed by all the little things in our workday all Daymond Decker can be contacted at of the trees around us that the long- 866.507.9577, or by e-mail at term bigger picture gets away from us. For [email protected] 9 the #1 sales-improvement magazine for the automotive professional
  • STS Body Language TomHopkins sales&trainingsolution Buying Signs When it comes to talking by asking questions about their past enjoyed so much on the lot or test drive. recognizing body car buying experiences. Relate your desire language clues from your prospective to fulll their needs and to make them happy If they suddenly sit back in their chairs or clients, you must be like a detective. You with their vehicle purchase. cross their arms, you need to brace for an ask questions relating to their situation, their objection. Sit back yourself, relieve pressure needs, their likes and dislikes. But it is so If you notice that your clients tend to lean and ask questions about the point you just important that you not only listen to what on the vehicles youre showing them or lean covered. It could be they dont like the they are saying and how they are saying it, against an outside wall or railing, adopt a numbers. It could just be that they dont but are also aware of what theyre telling similar posture of relaxation. There are times understand some of the terminology you just you with their body language as you talk we can mirror our potential clients in order used. Its so critical that you watch to hear with them. to relate to him or her. It has been proven to what theyre saying. be a simple method for connecting with your In selling, body language works in both clients a posture of common ground, if If the clients are facing you directly and directions. You speak with it, using your you will. intently, following what youre saying, even own body language to get your message if they tilt their heads or touch their chins, across and you hear with your eyes when theyre with you. Theyre taking it all in. you watch the body language of the clients. The more you look When you see these body language cues, around and away dont change your pacing or abruptly move In using it to speak, for example, when on to closing. Just smoothly transition to a you want to be listened to, make strong from the client, the test closing question directed at the more eye contact. If you look at a person eye-to- more theyll do favorable party, if there are two parties in the eye, he or she will intently focus on what you are saying. Many people in sales dont the same. Without decision. For example, you might say, John, how are you feeling about all of this so far? have good eye contact. The more you look that eye-to-eye If John is excited and is ready to own the around and away from the client, the more connection, few vehicle, Mary will either go along with him or try to slow things down with a question or theyll do the same. Without that eye-to-eye connection, few sales will be made. sales will be made. comment. Either way, youre still in charge and moving toward the sale. In establishing eye contact, if you have two Its critical to your demonstration of any people at the vehicle or at your desk, be sure vehicle to get your clients hands on it. Body language plays a big part in the selling you are not giving one of them too much This includes opening and closing the process. We might not be experts in that eld, attention or too much eye contact. Spread doors, hatches, windows; adjusting the but by studying and trying to understand the eye contact between both parties. In most seats and mirrors; playing with the radio or peoples emotions through body language, cases, you need buy in from both parties experiencing the sound system. A buying we can help them overcome or work through before a purchase decision can be made. cue is when they do it a second or third time. any areas of concern they may be having, If you alienate one by giving too much Their actions are telling you that theyre but not expressing verbally. attention to the other, no matter how much trying to get comfortable in the vehicle. If they like the vehicle, they may not like you they do eventually settle, thats a buying Mastery of body language will help you put well enough to consummate the sale. sign. more bodies into the vehicles you sell. What if the person does not make eye contact? What do you think the body language cue Hear how to build new clients trust right Whats happening is that he or she either is if the client who is now sitting in a chair from the beginning in your initial greeting at doesnt like you, doesnt like something at the table scoots their chair in closer? youve just said, or youve struck a nerve What if they put their elbows on the desk or which may have triggered a past fear. table? Whats happening is that their trust is World-renowned master sales trainer increasing. He or she is ready to come to an Tom Hopkins is the chairman of Tom What should you do about it? Smile. Try to agreement. Its time to review the nancial Hopkins International. He can be gain eye contact and reiterate the last point details of exactly what needs to happen contacted at 866.347.6148, or by e-mail by asking if it bothers him or her. Get them for them to drive away in that vehicle they at [email protected] 10
  • FS Getting it featuresolution Moving away from traditional advertising requires some courage and Right: guidance, but its obvious that making this KevinHunt leap marks the beginning of careful analysis and decision- The Search for the Optimal making, not Internet Marketing Mix the end. Both statistically and anecdotally, its clear examine some basic principles for nding will fail. Two, it means picking the low- vital to your dealerships Internet success nd a dealer using an independent resource. online marketing practices, he said. The that many dealers are diverting portions of the perfect Internet advertising mix. hanging fruit before climbing the tree. but can be easily integrated into your Paid search can deliver a lot of leads, but ones that prove themselves will remain in the money they had targeted for traditional dealership. They can also quickly bring in it simply doesnt touch a big piece of the play as long as these dealers still have cars media radio, TV and print to the The Secret: Theres No Secret The main benet is that the most basic sales while you craft other aspects of your population. A dealer who drops third-party to sell, and the resources to sell them. Internet. This makes perfect sense: Most The rst thing to emphasize: Theres no Internet marketing practices can pay off overall approach to online automotive sales. leads in favor of paid search is leaving plenty online marketing practices offer a higher one secret recipe for success. Thats the right away, while more advanced techniques They should not be viewed as temporary or of money on the table. With the majority of Some Reassurance ROI along with greater certainty about its conclusion Jared Hamilton and Trevor even if theyre perfectly implemented stop-gap measures. automotive Internet shoppers visiting third If you are disappointed that theres no single accuracy. Whats more, dealers are making Hill reached in making their forthcoming may take months to gain traction. party sites during the buying process, there way to achieve the right Internet marketing these revisions to their advertising budgets documentary, entitled The Masters Series: Hamilton and Hill identify two practices as Principle 3: No One Lead Source are few if any dealers in the US who mix, take comfort in the fact that you have with greater and greater condence, as online Automotive eCommerce. The product of no-brainers for absolutely any dealership: Represents All Potential Customers nd that paid search can give them all the room to address your dealerships particular marketing continues to grow in effectiveness, Accelerate Automotive, which Hamilton (1) buying third-party leads, and (2) listing This is a very important principle and sales volume that they can handle. needs and strengths. and successful models for online marketing and Hill founded, the lm focuses on the inventory on a Web site that aggregates and underscores why you need a mix of tactics, become more commonplace. structures and practices driving the online publishes inventory for many dealers. The not just one effort. If there were an online Principle 4: Use the Right If you are worried that the Internet seems success of the nations most accomplished rst requires only a solid lead-management marketing practice that gave you effective Perspective for Evaluating Cost too complex and constantly changing, take Look deeper into the Internet ad spend itself, dealerships. process something you should have in access to all your potential customers, it Its ironic. Dealers who spend, month comfort in the fact that your strategy will however, and things become murkier. Online place, and if you dont, you need to build would be perfectly reasonable to build after month, $500 per sale on traditional always be a work in progress, with various marketing is an evolving eld comprised Everywhere we looked, says Hamilton, that as soon as possible. And, the second towards it and ultimately rely on it alone. advertising can bristle at the thought of components operating smoothly while of many different practices some quite we found highly successful dealers doesnt require anything that a well-run But the fact is that different practices capture spending half that on third-party leads. This others are still being thought out. familiar, such as third-party leads and employing a wide range of approaches to dealership doesnt already have. different groups of customers something phenomenon is really just a reection of organic and paid search; others, new and not Internet marketing. These conversations that doesnt seem to be changing. As long how attached we can be to whats familiar, Most importantly, if you are concerned yet fully established, such as dealer blogging lead Hamilton and Hill to identify a number Principle 2: Remember, Youre as this is the case, its imperative that you even after it ceases making economic sense. about cost, sit down and calculate your and customer reviews. Some dealers venture of key principles and insights into Internet Building a Strategy evaluate and choose techniques based on While it is true that generating leads via cost-per-sale for traditional advertising. only so far into this eld, unsure of how to marketing within a dealership. The object of the game isnt to reach the nal their ability to connect you with these your Web site can result in the lowest cost- By integrating online marketing into your move beyond the basics; others hop from practice on the list of Internet marketing different groups. per-sale, both online sources will cost you strategy, you can reach more customers, trend to trend without achieving real success Principle 1: Start at the Beginning practices. Instead, its to build a strategy 50 percent less than newspaper, television achieve greater ROI and be reminded that with any one practice. Sounds too obvious to mention, doesnt comprised of the practices that make sense for According to Hamilton, a common and radio advertising, and they should be things can continue to get better and better. it? But starting at the beginning means your market and your dealership. This means misconception among dealers is that they can evaluated accordingly. Moving away from traditional advertising a couple of different things, both very mastering a collection of these practices and eventually drop third-party leads in favor of requires some courage and guidance, but important. One, it means not getting ahead making them work together, not discarding paid search and still connect with the same According to Hamilton, The most its obvious that making this leap marks the of yourself. If you dive into a complex old ones in favor of new ones. consumer base. But this isnt the case, he successful dealerships take cost-per- Kevin Hunt is the vice president of sales beginning of careful analysis and decision- Internet technique before establishing basic says: The customers dealers reach through sale very seriously, and track return on for Dealix. He can be contacted by e-mail making, not the end. In this article, we processes and a sound structure, your effort Third-party leads, for example, are not only third-party leads are the ones who prefer to investment carefully for each of their at [email protected] 13 12 the #1 sales-improvement magazine for the automotive professional
  • SUMMIT VII BEST PRACTICES LEADERSHIP INTERNET CRM MARKETING BDC SALES Call today to register. Seating is limited. Speakers and times subject to change. toll free: 866.739.2096 web:
  • STS Making the Most of PattiWood sales&trainingsolution Your Media Interview, Part 6 Tips and Checklist for Radio and Webcast Interviews Being interviewed press release. Now that you have 5. Keep your contact list updated. As as an expert in your been on one show, you are more you add to the list of contacts, make eld is a great way of getting your name marketable to others, especially if sure you keep them updated with out to the public, and it gives you the youre on a nationwide show or on notices of what youre up to. Contact opportunity to educate the public on topics one in a big market. them only two or three times a year. you are passionate about. In this series, That way, your mail is a treat. weve looked at the ways to prepare for radio and Webcast phone interviews. In this Evaluate yourself. 6. Evaluate yourself. Honestly critique nal installment, well look at what to do how you did, and write down the after the interview is over. Honestly critique questions you were asked, especially how you did, and if you are asked an unusual question. Follow up After the Interview So youve had a great interview. Now what? write down the For example, I know I will be asked if, as a body language expert, I make You can rest on your laurels, or you can questions you were people nervous. So I have a few use this success to your advantage. Here are some ideas for making the most of your asked, especially if short anecdotes about that, including a funny story about my boyfriend. success: you are asked an 1. Send a two- or three-sentence unusual question. 7. Ask a media coach to listen to one thank you note (using the contact of your tapes. Youll get better over information you gleaned previously time by following the advice of from e-mails). If the show went 4. Send outs bits of your recording to someone who teaches people how to well and you have ideas for other prospects and clients, or put sound be great interviewees. interviews, make a few suggestions, bites on your Web site. If it was a saying you would like to talk again particularly great interview, you 8. Celebrate your success. When youre sometime. may want to mail copies of parts of done with your interview, treat the recording (as long as you have yourself to something special. You 2. Consider sending a small gift to written permission from the station) have worked hard. Congratulations your contact and the interviewer. It to other top venues with a suggestion on making the most of your media shouldnt be much a book, if you that they consider booking you as interview. have one, or a box of candy. Dont well. Make sure you always give include a marketing piece, let it full credit, including the name of the Patti Wood, MA, CSP is a professional simply be a gift. Attach your business station, its location, the interviewers speaker, author and coach at card with a handwritten thanks! name and the name of the shows. Communications Dynamics. She can be Finally, you may want to send a copy contacted at 800.849.3651, or by e-mail 3. Mention the interview in your next to your mom. at [email protected] 260 Print Ads Shipped On 4 DVDs With All Art Elements (except fonts) And Easy To Use A Full 5 Years Worth Reference Guide. Ads Built In Quark 6.0 & InDesign CS3 For Easy $795 Customization For Your Local Newspaper Or Agency! One Time Fee. No Renewal Charges. No Monthly Charges. Unlimited Usage. One Time Fee. No Renewal Charges. No Monthly Charges. Unlimited Usage. We Accept Checks, VISA or Mastercard! Order On-Line NOW at 16
  • MS SeanV.Bradley marketingsolution What is Your Online Value Package Proposition You need to and its a heck of a lot more than just price. in sales, service and management that are differentiate your They are armed with multiple resources available for them. Very strong, indeed. dealership from all of the competitors that of information, from pricing, their trade, are out there. On average, more than 87 nancing, aftermarket and other value ads. The point here is that you want to understand percent of America goes online before they For example, please take a look at these what your value is to a customer, and clearly ever step foot into a dealership. Web sites: be able to articulate it to them. Because if you cant, why in the world would you ever Of these customers, 46 percent are visiting expect them to? three to ve other Web sites, and 22 percent of these prospects visit seven to nine Web Most dealerships say the same old and exact sites, before they ever decide on your thing that every other dealership says: We dealership. What do all of these Web sites have in are family owned for X years or we have common? They paint a vivid picture of why a great service department, we have the The average window period of an Internet to purchase from them, they talk about more lowest prices, we have good customer customer is about 45 to 55 days. So, please than just price and payments. They give service, We are Blue Oval, or Blah, think about this and what it means for your multiple upon multiple of reasons why a Blah Blah certied. No offense I am dealership. Take a look at your dealerships person should consider their dealership. sure you are very proud of your certication Web site. What does it say or do to or that you are No. 1 in the region or you differentiate yourself from your competition Lets take a look at Continental Audi. have the highest volume in the country or and everyone else in the market? What is On their site, they have a button that says whatever. But, do your prospects really your unique value package? VIP program; when someone clicks it, care? Maybe. Maybe not. I would at least it then tells all of the amazing things that consider what they do care about. What is You need to understand that todays they would receive as a valued client of that on their minds? As Covey says, Seek rst prospect is armed with a lot of information, dealership. to understand before being understood. In business, we try to strive to exceed our Crevier BMW customers expectations. But, rst we need makes it clear as to know what their wants, wishes and day with their expectations are. button Why Us. You click that and Here are the top ve reasons why people are they build value in going online: Crevier, not just Price the BMW. Availability Convenience Duval Honda, They hate car salesmen, or are looking knowing that for a different type of experience > Scott Haynes, Penske Chevrolet and Honda women have over Research 70 percent buying IMN Loyalty Driver is a turnkey e-marketing service that drives power for their I suggest that you create a value package Honda products, for your Internet prospects that takes those interest, sales and customer loyalty. Customized, trackable email basically created things into consideration. And once you communications provide tangible results for dealerships across a button on the have created your online value package, post the country. A couple of examples: left side of their it on your Web site, create e-mail templates 15 test drives scheduled within the first hour after navigation for with your value package and incorporate an IMN Loyalty Driver e-newsletter was sent. Ladies Only. your value package into your phone script When someone and voicemail script. You want to make sure Web traffic spiked to 2.5 times its normal rate clicks that button, that you have a powerful message and that after a dealerships first e-newsletter. it goes on to that message is being delivered effectively. explain how Looking for results like these? Call 866.964.6397, ext. 214 or they value and For free examples of value packages, e-mail email [email protected] respect the female me. Drive customers inFor sales, for life. s h o p p e r / b u y e r, and to make it more convenient for those ladies that prefer to Sean V. Bradley is the CEO and founder work with another of Dealer Synergy. He can be contacted 866-964-6397 18 female here are at 866.893.1394, or by e-mail at a list of females [email protected]
  • STS Weaving Your RalphR.Roberts sales&trainingsolution Own Spider Web Regardless of what to reach out and appeal to them through out of mass marketing. With social media, you sell and to whom, different media. you reach niche markets, where people the Internet particularly the Web is gather to share very focused interests, such becoming a more critical tool to your sales Blogging as automobiles, real estate investing, home success. You cannot simply erect a static One of the rst steps to take in order to theater, and so on. Web site any more and expect it to begin establish yourself as a trusted resource on generating sales. Once your Web site is up the Web is to create your own blog. A blog TV, radio, magazines, and newspapers are and running, you need to start driving trafc (short for Web log) is an online diary of no longer the media that rule the roost. to it from other sites where your clients and sorts that allows you to post content simply Online video, podcasting, blogs, e-mail drip prospective clients are likely to spend time. by lling out and submitting a form. The campaigns, Wikipedia, and Second Life are You essentially have to weave your own blog handles all the formatting to make your the media of choice. mini spider web on the global Web to snare content look attractive and consistent. All clients. you have to do is supply content. To reach out to prospective clients, you no longer run an ad on TV or in the local Its all about making contacts building Several companies offer their own blogging newspaper. You get involved in online strategic contact points on the Internet software and services that are industry- communities, such as: wherever your clients and promising specic; for example, Blogging Systems MySpace ( prospects tend to gather, and then cross- ( offers blogs Facebook ( promoting these contact points (your Web specically for real estate professionals. ActiveRain ( sites, blogs, and social networking pages). for real estate professionals As you spin your web within the Web, your You dont need a premium service to set up CarSpace ( or mini web begins to expand organically and maintain your blog, however. Several MotorAddicts (www.MotorAddicts. and exponentially. The most effective companies can host your blog and provide com) for automobile acionados salespeople create multiple participation the software you need to set it up in a points places where clients and prospects hurry. At Bluehost (, Tip: Your prospects and clients need to want to interact and engage. for example, you can purchase your own feel empowered to search and nd the domain name, such as www.yourname. information they are looking for without Grasping the Social com, install the blogging software (using being pressured. They need interaction, Networking Concept a tool called Fantastico), and have your participation, and the approval of the online As a salesperson, you are already well blog up and running in a matter of minutes community to buy your products from you. aware of the fact that relationships generate rather than hours. Social networking provides them with all sales. If you have a strong reputation in this and more. your industry as the go-to guy or gal for Promoting Your Blog a particular service or product, you are As long as you post fresh, interesting Building Credibility and Trust going to be much more successful than content to your blog once or twice a week, In a way, little has changed in the world of another salesperson who is just starting out. it promotes itself. Web search engines, such sales. Salespeople have always been in the In fact, once you have established strong as Google, automatically identify your business of selling themselves rst and their relationships, the products and services blog and add it to their search results. As products and services second. Think about seem to sell themselves. visitors post comments in response to your it: Would you rather purchase products and posts, your blog naturally rises in the search services from an expert you trust or from The same is true, and perhaps even more so, rankings and becomes more prominent. someone you never met? on the Internet. With so many companies and individuals peddling their products Tip: Although search engines are going to Keep this in mind when marketing yourself and services, you can never be sure which discover your blog, you can speed up the and your products and services on the merchants are legitimate. Some companies process by registering your blog with blog Internet, especially when youre marketing may be set up solely to steal credit card directories, including Technorati (at www. through social media and networking sites. information and other sensitive data. This and Blogarama (www. Your goal is to establish yourself as the is why people ock to well-known online trustworthy expert. Once you do that, your merchants, such as, even products and services will practically sell though they may have to pay more for the Another excellent way to promote your blog themselves. same products. is to add links from your blog to other related Web sites and blogs and request that they To gain an edge on the Web, you can use offer the same courtesy to you. This not only social networking to establish yourself as a raises your blogs search ranking, but it also trusted source in various online communities drives trafc from other blogs to yours. Ralph R. Roberts is a nationally that are likely to buy your product or recognized sales coach, author and ofcial service. In terms of a consumer base, these Rubbing Elbows on spokesperson for Guthy-Renker Home. He 20 communities are no less real than brick- Social Networking Sites can be contacted at 866.470.5181, or by e- and-mortar communities. You simply have Social media and networking take the mass mail at [email protected]
  • STS Talk-Talk-Tell- MichaelYork sales&trainingsolution Tell is No Way to Sell Questions SELL. wish I could Pulleezze. Snap out of it. closed behind him and a large curtain was You have right now at your disposal the drawn across the cell so as not to give away Better questions have radically increased same amount of time as anyone you consider his master escape. revenues, and can redene your business. wealthy, or successful, or special: 24/7. Here is wisdom: Selling is NOT about Thats it; you cant get anymore time. Why Unknown to the onlookers, Houdini had CLOSING. Its NOT about having all arent you learning how to get more life and secreted away in his belt a long piece of the ANSWERS, which can often lead to results from the time you have now? steel. Flexible, durable, practically a key ARROGANCE (know anyone like this?). in the hands of this locksmith, and he went Personal development is personal. And to work on the iron lock of the cell. A few Selling today is art and science; it is commitment is the key. You personally must minutes passed and nothing. Ten, then 20 philosophy and credibility and hospitality commit to improving some of the conditions minutes and Houdini began to perspire and and more, all rolled into what amounts to that you feel youve been locked into. become more frantic in his movements. a single objective. MAKING THE SALE? NO. Its helping someone to buy. And while One of my favorite stories is of Harry This had never happened before. He began most common practices in the profession of Houdini. Most everyone who has heard to question his skill, his ability. Was this selling focus on statements or prepared of Houdini might think of him rst as a the one lock from which he could not free scripts or presentations, very few focus on magician. It is less-known that Houdini himself? After almost 45 minutes, his better questions. was actually a master locksmith. So much clothes drenched, his strength almost gone so that he made the bold claim that no jail he could feel himself giving up. Mentally Let me EDUCATE you about our products cell in the world could hold him. If allowed rst, and then the fatigue becoming more or service or quality or to enter in only his street clothes, it would and more physical which in turn sapped his Ever heard this one? Ever said it? How do be but a matter of minutes before he would condence and his concentration. you ask more engaging questions and put free himself. the prospect at ease in the rst 30 seconds? Finally near exhaustion he collapsed against the door of the cell and the door opened! More wisdom: Education is for YOU, not Personal Because, in reality, the door had never for the prospective buyer. After 30 years of buying and selling, I no longer have development is been locked. In Houdinis mind, the door was chained, bound, a fortress worthy of the inclination or the patience of being personal. And his master skills. But, in reality, even you EDUCATED about YOUR PRODUCT. I or I could have escaped from that cell with want you to ask some better questions and commitment simply a push of the door. the ultimate objective for us both should be is the key. You to MAKE MY LIFE EASIER. What a great lesson for us all: Always to try. personally To attempt, even in the simplest ways. I speak and write and encourage others to must commit to And even for the most complex challenges. become STUDENTS of life and work and Often, the simple basic fundamentals are the your profession and (ll in the blank). You improving some of answers to the biggest questions. Likewise can engage in the learning (more) process about most anything you want. the conditions that the answers to the biggest questions can be found in asking better, even smaller you feel youve questions, along the way. And doing so with My friend and legendary author and speaker Charlie Tremendous Jones will tell you been locked into. positive expectations. it matters little what you have LEARNED, Want to nd the combination for the vault? but what you are LEARNING is whats So came the day a small town in the British Want to know where the treasure is buried? most important. Whatever anyone tells you Isles had built a new facility they were Then get busy LEARNING to ask better about the NEW economy is old by the time extremely proud of and issued the challenge questions. Thats where all the answers lie. its published or makes the rounds. Whats to Houdini that they now had the cell that important is whats happening in the NOW not even the great Houdini could free If youd like my short list of UNCOMMON Economy. How can you win NOW? What himself from. QUESTIONS to help you get started, e-mail are you LEARNING NOW? me at the address below. Surprising many, he accepted the challenge Most people cant answer that question and the big day came. It was, for that time because theyre too busy trying to tell you in history, a media event that had attracted what they KNOW, blah, blah, blah Be throngs of people from near and far. still (grandma would just say SHUT UP) and Michael York is an author and listen; you might actually learn something. At the appointed time, Harry Houdini was professional speaker. He can be escorted under heavy guard through the contacted at 800.668.5015, or by e-mail 24 There is so much whining about Im so massive crowd and in nothing but his street at [email protected], or busy and I dont have the time and I clothes he was placed in the cell, the door visit
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  • MS MichaelNealy marketingsolution Power Your Dealership Through the Next Decade In todays the correctly targeted consumer with the right person to search out the most innovative marketplace, we are offer works. marketing tools available. Are you employing dealing with a smarter, more conservative the most innovative marketing measurement consumer, and it takes being a lot more Know Your Primary Market tools available? What lists are you using for resourceful and creative to get them to When was the last time you took a look at conquest mailings? Did you know that 24 respond. There are some powerful, creative your customer database to nd out which states have made their vehicle registration