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<p>User Acceptance Automated TestingUpdates to Automated Frameworks</p> <p>1</p> <p>Project Planning for Automated Testing FrameworksFramework ImprovementsFramework UpdatesFramework UpgradesModular formats for Existing Test CasesWrite new test casesProduction TestsLogging</p> <p>May require more than one slide2</p> <p>ImplementationIDE Updates Eclipse NeonSelenium Updates - selenium jar 2.53 chrome driver 2.22Continuous Integration Jenkins plugins / Sauce LabsChange Control Git / Eclipse Che / Docker / Vagrant / Virtual Machines (VMs)</p> <p>May require more than one slide3</p> <p>Framework Update ObjectivesComplete update to :Bootstrap, Selenium Grid, Export, ImportRemaining Test CasesProduction Framework - LoggingIntegration Framework Testing Services and Performance Benchmarking</p> <p>Testing Framework Improvements</p> <p>DeliverablesUpdated Automated Test FrameworkAccurate Test Case Development and ReportingUpdates to framework libraries and services</p> <p>Work Breakdown Chart for Update Improvements</p> <p>Training Planning Schedule</p> <p>StartWed 6/15/16FinishWed 8/17/16Jun 19, '16</p> <p>Jun 26, '16</p> <p>Jul 3, '16</p> <p>Jul 10, '16</p> <p>Jul 17, '16</p> <p>Jul 24, '16</p> <p>Jul 31, '16</p> <p>Aug 7, '16</p> <p>Aug 14, '16</p> <p>Stage 1 - Automated Testing PlanningWed 6/15/16 - Wed 6/29/16Stage 2 - Training CommencementMon 6/27/16 - Fri 7/8/16Stage 3 - Project Implementation and ControlMon 7/11/16 - Thu 7/28/16Stage 4 - Training Close Out and ConclusionMon 8/1/16 - Wed 8/17/16</p> <p>Remaining Work and Tasks</p> <p>Success FactorsIdentify elements that are key to the success of the project, such as:Increase framework reliabilityIncrease number of test cases automatedComplete updates within time limeReduce effort to update test cases</p> <p>Quality Management and Performance BenchmarkingQuality Management PlanIntegrating updates across frameworksTimely updates and email notifications</p> <p>May require more than one slide11</p>