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Download Autodesk Certified User - ?· • Autodesk Inventor® Certified User • Autodesk Revit Architecture…

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  • Program Overview

    What is the Autodesk User Certification?

    Career and technical education programs

    across the United States equip students with

    marketable 2D and 3D design skills by teaching

    them to use state-of-the-art Autodesk

    design software. Autodesk Certified User

    (ACU) certification confirms students have

    the skills necessary to continue their design

    careerswhether they attend college, enter the

    workforce or work toward additional levels of

    industry certification after graduation.

    ACU Exams

    AutoCAD Certified User

    Autodesk Inventor Certified User

    Autodesk Revit Architecture Certified User

    Validate Student Skills and Abilities

    Autodesk Certified User credentials enhance

    student college applications and resums,

    providing evidence of competency and

    proficiency. Earning User-level certifications

    while in school gives students confidence as

    they continue to master Autodesk products

    and pursue Associate and Professional-level

    certifications in the future.

    Hands-On Learning Meets

    On-Site Certification

    The Autodesk Education Community offers

    students and educators free software, learning

    materials and classroom supportgiving

    them experience with the same design

    software that professionals use every day. By

    partnering with Certiport, the leading provider

    Autodesk Certified User

    of industry certification exams, schools

    become Certiport Centers, provide Autodesk

    certification exams in their classrooms and

    certify student design software skills with

    recognized, industry certifications.

    Simple, Affordable Testing Options

    Certiport Authorized Testing Centers (CATCs)

    have access to practice tests, certification

    exams and other resources they need to

    ensure students are prepared to take exams

    and successfully earn certifications. Classroom

    license options allow schools to conduct

    unlimited online testing for an affordable

    annual fee that simplifies budgeting by

    eliminating per-test costs. Sign-up to become

    a CATC by contacting your Certiport Solution

    Provider or visiting

    Download Free Software

    Students and educators can download a

    student version of Autodesk software for

    personal use. To learn more visit the Autodesk

    Education Community at http://students.

    Download Exam Skills

    ACU exam skills are designed to help

    educators and educational institutions

    teach Autodesk software skills and set forth

    important skill standards for developing

    a high-quality user certification exam and

    curriculum resources.

    Download at

    Contact Your Certiport

    Solution Provider or a Certiport

    Representative Today:


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