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    Animated educational OVOITelevision series designed to teach viewers how toproperly operate a motor vehicle. Each episode will revolve around differentaspects of highway safety and road manners.

    When teenagers Alan and Carmen start the ignition on their recently-acquiredjalopy, they and the car are magically transformed into automotive superheroes-The Auto Pilots.


    ALAN: (as in Woody Allen). Irish Gaelic - Alain - "Handsome, cheerful,harmonious one". An awkward, nerdish 18 year old out to purchase his firstautomobile. This is something he has dreamt about but not thought about-entirely. Also known as AUTO LAD.

    CARMEN: (as in Carmengia). Latin - Carmea - "A song". A shy, 18 year oldbookworm who wears Coke Bottle glasses. Hispanic. Pretty, but a little tooconservative. Alan's girlfriend. Also known as AUTO LADY.

    MERLE: (as in Merlin). French - "Blackbird". Merlin is Middle English - Merlion -meaning "Falcon or Hawk". A redneck that may have been abducted by aliens.Merle sells the kids the beat up Chevy Nova that has been collecting deceasedrodents on his overgrown front lawn.

    NOVA: Latin - Feminine of Novous, meaning "New". A star that suddenly flaresup and fades away after a period of a few months or years. Rumors have it thatGeneral Motors had to change the name of this car in Mexico becauseconsumers thought the name, NO VA, meant "Won't Run". It makes soundsreminiscent of Jack Benny's car. Also known as SUPER NOVA.

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    A secret Masonic-like society founded in the late 1930's by a group of insuranceagents and their mechanics. Their goal: educate young people in proper drivingetiquette.

    Years earlier, Teenager Francis Landon was struck by a radioactive Model Twhile crossing a busy street with the girl who had finally agreed to a date. Hesurvived, but she was killed. And in his rage Landon was transformed into AutoMan - feared by those fiends who choose to neglect the Laws of the Road andbeloved by children all over the world.

    The International Supreme Council of the Order of Auto Pilots was born. AsGrand Master, Auto Man - also known as mild-mannered insurance salesmanFrancis Landon - bestowed upon his youthful disciples the gifts of completeKnowledge of and Respect for the Rules of Driving, Road Courtesy, AutomotiveMaintenance Comprehension, and Filial Love toward their driving brethren. Theysealed their covenant with a Magic Key. When inserted into the ignition of anaverage automobile, the car and its occupants become Auto Pilots - Marvel-esque Defenders of the Road.


    Alan and Carmen shlep jars of pennies, baseball trading cards, and single dollarbills to Merle's "residence". They are responding to a classified ad - Classic Carfor Sale $500.00080. One look at this treasure, and Carmen "has homework todo". Merle dangles the Magic Key in front of Alan's face and spins the tale ofTHE AUTO PILOTS and their quest for better drivers. Carmen tries to open thedriver's side door. It won't open, but the trunk does, and inside are two costumesthat look like they belong to Marvel Comics Superheroes. She holds the femalecostume close to her, and Alan dumps all the coins, cards, and bills onto Merle.He has made a sale.

    Alan and Carmen climb into the car via the passenger's side door. Alan puts theMagic Key into the ignition, turns it, and POOF the Nova is transformed intosomething similar to Speed Racer's Mach Five. The teens are now wearing theSuper Hero Auto Pilot costumes. Alan as Auto Lad is dashing and muscular.Carmen as Auto Lady is incredibly sexy and voluptuous. She will continue towear her glasses. Nova starts, then stalls. POOF, and Alan, Carmen, and Novaare their old selves again. Alan turns the key again and POOF - back to the AutoPilots.

  • As they drive, we see Alan's POV of the road in front of him and what couldhappen and/or go wrong. Carmen is his self-appointed driving instructor,correcting his every mistake. A bit annoying and bossy, but dressed as she is,who cares!

    ~isode One


    BIKER DUDES AND DON'TSWe begin by demonstrating how Pedestrians should use crosswalks and what the"Walk" and "Don't Walk" lights mean. Alan and Carmen shlep their penny jars toMerle's. They must cross at the intersection. No jay walking (Carmen reprimandsAlan).

    At Merle's, they learn the history of The Auto Pilots, an organization whosemission is to teach people how to do something they take for granted - drive anautomobile. With the turn of The Magic Key, Alan and Carmen are transformedinto Auto Lad and Auto Lady. The car, a beat-up Chevy Nova, becomes anappropriate superhero car.

    As they drive their new vehicle, Super Nova, Auto Lad changes lanes withoutlooking and nearly cuts off a Heaven's Devil (heavy duty biker dude). The AutoPilots stop in front of a biker bar at the top of a steep hill (to straighten things out),Auto Lady exits Super Nova to confront the intimidating Heaven's Devils."Whatever you do," she tells Auto Lad, "Keep the motor running." Translation:keep her dressed as the sexy Auto Lady. Auto Lad learns how to properlyposition one's wheels, use the parking brake, and why insurance is so important.Super Nova demolishes the motorcycles, and the Auto Pilots are returned to theirnormal selves. The Heaven's Devils are, of course, not too receptive toapoloqles.


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    Life In The Fast Lane Freeway Behavior

    What's Your Sign? Boulevard Signs

    I See the Light Traffic Lights

    The Crossroads of Life Pedestrians, Crosswalks

    Putting the Pedal to the Metal Speed Limits

    Hind Sight Is it clear to make thatmaneuver? Arm signalsthat do not involve fingers

    Motor City Blues Basic Auto MaintenanceCheck your tires' airpressure regularly.

    Diamond Lanes are a Girl's Best Friend Benefits of Carpooling

    Get Your Motor Running Fundamentals ofOperating an automobile,including the emergencylights and why they do notmake it ok to park illegally.

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    Kevin Reem

    Reem is a multiple award winning film and video producer with more than twentyyears of experience in the Entertainment Industry. His many skills encompassproducing, directing, production management, post production supervising, AVIDdigital editing, and script writing. As founder and creator of Magic WindowProductions (MWP), he developed marketing programs, television programs,promotional trailers, theme park films and commercials. After running MWP forsix years, Reem utilized his talents to successfully create and manage aproduction division for the company, Soundelux / Hollywood Edge, whichgenerated a $1 ,OOO,OOO+/peryear profit for the two years Reem was with thecompany. This was the first time any division of the company was able to reachthat milestone and is a marker that the company has been unable to duplicatesince Reem's departure.

    Reem enjoyed twelve years with the Walt Disney Company during which he heldmanagement and creative positions in three major divisions, The Disney Channel(TDC), Walt Disney Home Video Intemational (WDHVI) and Walt DisneyImagineering (WDI). While at TDC he wrote and produced forty five televisionpromos and trailers and several specials. As a producer, for WDHVI, Reemproduced and directed several hundred promos and trailers on behalf of thecompany. As a corporate manager, he was also responsible for running theproduction division, conceptualizing, writing, supervising and producing productssuch as "Villains," "Disney Premier Cinema," "Earth Star Voyager," and twenty sixhours of Disney Channel programming tailor made and distributed on cassettetapes for the intemational market. WDI gave Reem the opportunity to work as aproducer, director, and designer on the majority of the multi-formatted filmscurrently playing at EPCOT center and TOkyo Disneyland. These projects wereextremely sophisticated with a total cost in excess of $300,000,000

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    Paul T. Abramson

    Paul T. Abramson is a multi-talented filmmaker whose experience and training inthe Entertainment Industry runs the gamut from writer to AVID digital editor.

    Paul has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Motion Picture Production from ColumbiaCollege - Hollywood. There he studied under camera operator and author DavidElkins as well as Disney directors Frank Zuniga and Mark Rosman. He wrote,directed, and cut (the old fashioned way) a 16mm short film, "CANDLE", whichlanded him on both the Trustees' and Governors' Honor Rolls. He latercompleted his course of studies at Video Symphony, an AVID authorized trainingcenter - upgrading his directing skills while concentrating on Avid MediaComposer. '

    In 1987, Paul teamed with writer and fellow ASIFA member David Williamson toform ABRAMSON-TIBBET PRODUCTIONS. At Abramson-Tibbet Productions,they developed a program for Henson-Krofft associate John Mcindoe in additionto writing and recording commercial radio spots.

    In 1997 Paul and David became head writers at the newly formed LARRYTAYLOR PRODUCTIONS, writing the screenplay for the company's firstanimated feature film "PENGUINMANIA" as well as developing the bible for thefilm's spin-off television series. At LTP, they met producer Kevin Reem,president of REEMVISION ENTERTAINMENT. When Mr. Reem asked Paul tocome up with a series idea for a pitch meeting he had set up at CARTOONNETWORK, Paul was up to the challenge. The specification was for children tohave a close relationship with their positive parental figures. Several cups ofcoffee later, Paul wondered what would happen if orphaned Earth children hadrobotic foster parents from outer space. On a napkin