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  • If you are looking for a high performance car

    but have bad credit, you may not be able to afford

    the models that have just been released in the

    market. These usually come at very expensive

    prices and lenders will not offer you the required

    amounts of auto loans with bad credit that will be

    enough to cover the cost of the vehicles. However,

    this does not mean you cannot afford all high-

    performance cars.

  • Going for used cars is a savvy option if

    you really need a hot-hatch. You however need

    to identify the car that you will buy. The Mazda

    RX-8 is a good option when you are working

    within a limited budget. Go for models that are

    a year or two old. These will give you the best

    value for your money and most of them still

    have part of the manufacturers warranty.

  • Keep in mind that the lender will want to

    know the type of used car that you wish to buy.

    Avoid aged cars or those that have clocked many

    miles. The interest rate that you will be charged

    will partly depend on the age of the vehicle.

    Typically, the more aged the vehicle is, the higher

    the interest that you will be charged. Another

    bargain that fits the high-performance category is

    the Chevy Cobalt SS Turbo.

  • If you can find one of these, you can get it

    a steal price. With its 260 horsepower, it is a

    wonder that the model did not grow to be

    popular. Perhaps the design did not just catch

    up with consumers. However, if you need high

    performance, you can use auto loans with bad

    credit to buy the Cobalt.

  • Buying a used high performance car can

    be tricky especially if you are buying for the

    first time. Unlike new cars that come with

    warranties, used cars may not have warranties.

    You will have to take care of costs that may

    come about after you have bought the car.

    Therefore, it is important to ensure the vehicle

    you care buying is in a good conditions and

    will give you value for your money.

  • Carry out a thorough inside and outside

    inspection of the car before you buy. Before

    you start inspecting a car, you may want to

    bring along a trusted mechanic to help you with

    the inspection. Also, give instructions for the

    car dealer not to start the car before you arrive

    for the inspection. You should be present from

    the start to be certain of the condition of the

    used car that you want to buy.

  • Check the engine of the car. Inspect it for

    leaks and check whether it shows signs of

    rusting. When the car is started, check how

    long the engine takes to heat up. The price of a

    used high performance car may vary depending

    on whether you are buying a certified or non-

    certified vehicle. Certified vehicles usually cost

    more and will require you to have a larger

    amount of auto loans with bad credit than non

    certified vehicles.