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Authority Marketing On LinkedIn with Julie Mason

Authority Marketing On LinkedIn

with Trevor Russell & Julie MasonWhat is LinkedIn?LinkedIn is the worlds largestprofessional networking siteThere are over 300 million membersgrowing at a rate of 2 new members every second40% of members check in every dayAustralia has over 5 million members on LinkedInGoogle rank your personal profile very highly in thesearch enginesSo how can you leverage that?Become an AUTHORITY in your nicheWhen you establish yourself as an AUTHORITY the whole game changesSelling your products or services become a whole lot easier when everyone knows you are the AUTHORITY...not just an expertIn fact, your products/services will start selling themselvesHeres why...There is an UNQUESTIONABLE TRUSTwhen people listen to what a person of authority has to sayReputation + Trust

are the two currencies you need to become an authorityLinkedIn is considered to be a highly TRUSTED platformIt can help POSITION you as a person of AUTHORITYHere a five simple tips to start...Tip #1

Have a professional photoTip #2

Use the NAME people know you by...dont add stuff!Tip #3

Use your HEADLINE to give you credibilityJulie Lewin updated her headline and within 24 hours was approached to do her own radio show with CBS radio and a listening audience of 1.8 million peopleTip #4

Complete your contact details make it easy for people to get in touchGlenn Kirkwood updated his website links and received a $16,000 job Tip #5

Complete your SUMMARY

99% of people make one of these mistakes when it comes to the Summary

Its all about them

Its too short or non-existent

It doesnt have a call to actionOnly 11% of members know how to really use LinkedIn


The good news is thatthe 89% of those who dont know how to use LinkedIn...


Using LinkedIn is like bringinga suitcase stuffed full of credibility with you

If you are in the 89%, you might be missing out on....

Positioning yourself as an Authority

Building a strong reputation

Having a competitive advantage

Driving traffic to your website

Generating quality leads

Generating quality sales

If you would like to discover if LinkedIn is a good fit to position you as a person of AUTHORITY

Or you would like to know how to generate more LEADS and SALES through LinkedIn

Lets chat

Email me to request a freeLinkedIn Strategy Sessionat julie@thesocialmediaprincess.comConnect with me onLinkedIn