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Authorities Futures. T Hickey OCLC. Why authorities?. Searching. Browsing. Variations on Tchaikovsky. NACO: Tchaikovsky, Peter Ilich,1840-1893 German: Cajkovskij, Petr I.1840-1893 French: CajkovskijPiotr Ilic1840-1893 Cyrillic: o , (1840-1893). - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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  • Variations on TchaikovskyNACO: Tchaikovsky, Peter Ilich,1840-1893German: Cajkovskij, Petr I.1840-1893French: CajkovskijPiotr Ilic1840-1893Cyrillic: o, (1840-1893)

  • More ways to say ChajkowskiiCiaikovsky, Piotr Ilic 1840-1893 Tschaikowsky, Peter Iljitch 1840-1893 Tchaikowsky, Peter Iljitch 1840-1893 Ciaikovsky, Pjotr Iljc 1840-1893 Cajkovskij, P. I. 1840-1893 Tsjaikovsky, Peter Iljitsj 1840-1893 Czajkowski, Piotr 1840-1893 Chaikovsky, P. I. 1840-1893 Csajkovszkij, Pjotr Iljics 1840-1893 Tsjaikovskiej, Pjotr Iljietsj 1840-1893 Tjajkovskij, Pjotr Ilitj 1840-1893 Caikovskis, P. 1840-1893 Chaikovskii, Petr Ilich 1840-1893 Tchaikovski, P. 1840-1893 Tchaikovski, Piotr Ilyitch 1840-1893 Chaikovskii, P. 1840-1893 Tchaikovsky, P. 1840-1893 Tchaikovsky, Piotr Ilitch 1840-1893 Tschaikowsky, Pjotr Iljitsch 1840-1893Tschajkowskij, Pjotr Iljitsch 1840-1893 Tchaikovski, P. I. 1840-1893 Ciaikovskij, Piotr 1840-1893 Ciaikovskji, Piotr Ilijich 1840-1893 Tschaikowski, P. I. 1840-1893 Tschaikowski, Peter Illic 1840-1893 Tjajkovskij, Peter 1840-1893 Chaikovski, Potr Ilich 1840-1893 Tschaikousky 1840-1893 Tschaijkowskij, P. I. 1840-1893 Tschaikowsky, P. I. 1840-1893 Chaikovski, P. I. 1840-1893 Tchaikovski, Petr Ilitch 1840-1893 Ciaikovski, Peter Ilic 1840-1893 Tschaikowski, Pjotr 1840-1893 Tchaikowsky, Pyotr 1840-1893 Sinopov, P. 1840-1893 Tchaikovskij, Piotr Ilic 1840-1893

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  • Then just replace 26 million recordsEach update takes two transactionsRetrieve the recordReplace the recordIf it takes 2 seconds/update52,000,000 seconds~ 2 years

  • But, we can run multiple clientsConnexion can handle 40+ of these clients~ 20 records/secondOffline processing has limited capacityRun 32 clients for 12 hours for 16 updates/second~700,000 overnightUp to a million/day3 million/week2-3 months elapsed time

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  • Hickey, Thomas Butler,d1947-

  • Dempsey, Lorcan

  • Tchaikovsky, Peter IlichCajkovskij, Petr I.Cajkovskij, Petr I./Tchaikovsky, Peter Ilich/o, o,

  • Fournier, MarcelFournier, Marcel,1946-Fournier, Marcel,1945-

  • What makes a match?1,338,606 Title 526,234 Double date 67,749 Joint author 47,499 LCCN 15,867 Partial date and partial title 6,454 Partial date and publisher 4,673 Partial title and publisher 4,116 Name as subject 2,158 Standard number

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  • New Zealand Identities (in WorldCat)

    82,868Mahy, Margaret73,871Mansfield, Katherine53,779Marsh, Ngaio52,876Cowley, Joy23,009Frame, Janet11,986Park, Ruth

  • Australian Identities (in WorldCat)

    51,399Keneally, Thomas42,679Fox, Mem30,301Travers, P. L.28,998Lindsay, Jack19,179Marsden, John16,688Stead, Christina15,041Malouf, David14,717Jennings, Paul13,769Lawson, Henry12,612Winton, Tim

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  • Thomas HickeyChief ScientistOCLC


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