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  2. 2. ALICE IN WONDERLAND Familiar Walt Disney logo links to the genre (fantasy) Mise en scene Pan/aerial shot of the houses. The setting is quite darkly lit then a shot of a brightly lit house is shown The audience can tell the movie is shot in the Victorian Times -audience introduced to a group shot of men in the living room. They speak fluent English (posh) Costume Old fashioned, props (smoke pipe, fireplace). The are portrayed as wealthy. Genre of the film is established by the mise en scene and the music Music is magical/mysterious which links to the genre of film Orchestral/Cresendo build up of the music Narrative opening sequence starts off with a flashback of little Alice and her father then the camera jump cuts to the present day Most people know the story of Alice in Wonderland but because Tim Burton is the director they can expect lots of twists and turns while keeping true to the real story
  3. 3. CORPSE BRIDE Props Cars, Houses, Feather ink pen Extreme close up of Victor opening a book and drawing. Animation film Protagonist has a gothic look to him makeup is very pale and dark Non diegetic music Orchestral music sounds peaceful and alluring Set in the Victorian era because of the costumes and the props that is seen in the opening sequence Colours Dark and grey fits in with the theme of the movie Panning shot of the protagonist drawing a butterfly which comes to life. The camera pans sideways when following the butterfly. The movement is slow like the butterfly is guiding the audience into another world. Diegetic sound is used when the shot changes to the Victorians people working in the street
  4. 4. C H A R L I E & T H E C H O C O L A T E FA C T O R T Y Johnny Depp is in the film (famous for being in other Burton films)Burtons trademark style is visible because of the unique settingThe narrator is not the protagonist. The protagonists story is being told by the narratorFast paced music in the opening sequence which builds up exciting tensionModernised because it is focused on the present dayVibrant colours (purple, brown, blue etc..) contrast from Burtons animated films
  5. 5. Major themes visible in Burtons work is Death (Corpses Bride), A character who is an outcast /does not fit in with society, and the uses of vibrant colours/dark settings.The genre of Burtons films are mostly fantasy so children can enjoy them as well as adultsAudiences can expect quirky and unique elements in his films. Even though the films arebased on fantasy, the theme can relate to the audiences as its very human. Burtons film inspiration came from his childhood. His protagonists are mostly heroic and kind hearted (Charlie). Burton explores dark themes but makes them suitable for the target audience.