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Now when we talk about natural skin care, this is as pure as it can get. All raw ingredients loaded with their natural nutrient content and nourishing properties. Our Lavender Rose Cleansing Grains are blended with organic oats to calm and soothe the skin, coconut for nourishing oils, rice powder for gentle polishing, organic ivory clay for cleansing and detoxifying and petals of rose and lavender for pure indulgence.


Australian Natural Skin Care Products

Bamboo Bamboo is getting a lot of recognition as an environmentally friendly and sustainable resource. We use bamboo is out natural skin care products as a fine powder to provide a consistent and smooth granule that exfoliates without scratching the skin.

Bees Wax - Certified OrganicOrganically sourced this ingredient is used to provide moisture and protection for the skin and acts as a natural emulsifier in natural skin care products.

BergamotThis pure essential oil is cold pressed from the rind of the plants fruit and provides a refreshing citrus scent that calms and revives the body. Its role in natural skin care products provides a cleansing and calming action that is suitable for all skin types.

Bilberry - Certified OrganicTaken from the Vaccinium myrtillus plant, it is high in anti-oxidants and fruit acids that help stabilizes cell membranes and strengthens capillaries. Bilberry also works to soothe dry and irritated skin., making it a must in natural skin care products.