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<ul><li><p>2012 AUSTRALIAN JUNIOR </p><p>CHAMPIONSHIPS</p></li><li><p>2012 AUSTRALIAN JUNIOR CHAMPIONSHIPS 1</p><p>2012 Tournament Officials </p><p>2012 Australian Junior Selectors </p><p>2011 Australian Junior All Stars </p><p>Australian Junior Championships Honour Board </p><p>12 and under Boys Teams </p><p>14 and under Boys Teams </p><p>16 and Under Girls Teams </p><p>16 and under Boys Teams </p><p>18 and under Girls Teams </p><p>18 and under Boys Teams </p><p>2012 Australian Junior Championships Draw </p><p>2012 australian Junior championships</p><p>WELCOMEWelcome to the 9th annual Australian Junior Indoor Cricket Championships at Strathpine, Queensland.</p><p>2011 was a huge year in Indoor cricket with four Australian teams travelling to South Africa to successfully defend their World Cups leaving the indoor cricket world in no doubt that Australia is the dominant force.</p><p>In 2012 we send four Junior teams to South Africa for the Junior World Series and we wish them all the best as they attempt to uphold this fine tradition.</p><p>Those teams will be selected as a result of performances in this weeks tournament which should ensure the standard of cricket is of the highest calibre.</p><p>This years tournament sees the addition of 16 </p><p>and under girls for the first time and we look forward to seeing the girls display their skills on the biggest stage in Indoor cricket.</p><p>Thank you to our sponsors, Burley Sekem and the Australian Sports Commission for their long term and ongoing support of Indoor cricket in this country.</p><p>Thank you also to the Queensland Cricket, the Championships Organising Committee, staff of Inside Sportz Strathpine and the many volunteers who have made this event possible.</p><p>Finally to the players, coaches, official and support staff who bring this great game to life, we wish you all the best and trust you enjoy a week of hard fought, uncompromising indoor cricket played in great spirit and many friends are made.</p><p>contents</p><p> SPORTS COMMISSION</p><p>Winning PartnershiP</p><p>The Australian Sports Commission is the Australian Government agency that develops, supports and invests in sport at all levels in Australia. Cricket Australia has worked closely with the Australian Sports Commission to develop cricket from community participation to high-level performance.</p><p>The Australian Sports Commission proudly supports Cricket Australia</p><p>Cricket Australia is one of many national sporting organisations that has formed a winning partnership with the Australian Sports Commission to develop their sport in Australia.</p><p>Below: ???????????</p></li><li><p>2 32012 AUSTRALIAN JUNIOR CHAMPIONSHIPS 2012 AUSTRALIAN JUNIOR CHAMPIONSHIPS</p><p>2011 Australian Junior All Star Teams Australian 12 &amp; Under Boys</p><p>Name StateDakota Ochsenham SA Reds</p><p>Jaymen McLean QLD</p><p>Bailey Dickinson NSW </p><p>Jack Budd VIC</p><p>Cameron Bullard SA White</p><p>Wade Burrows NSW Cyclones</p><p>Harrison Curley QLD</p><p>Benjamin Pye SA White</p><p>Anthony Johnston NSW </p><p>Taylor Davies NSW </p><p>Coach: Peter Curle NSW </p><p>Australian 16 &amp; Under Boys</p><p>Name StateJarron Morgan WA</p><p>Phil Angel QLD</p><p>Chris Lamont QLD</p><p>Alex Higgins SA Reds</p><p>Zade Reynolds-Harris WA</p><p>Ben Jarrett QLD</p><p>Mitchell Todd WA</p><p>Justin Allen NQLD</p><p>Brendan Cleaver NSW </p><p>Jacob Hill NSW Cyclones</p><p>Coach: Peter Fry QLD</p><p>Australian 18 &amp; Under Girls</p><p>Name StateMichaela Hill QLD</p><p>Emma Walls QLD</p><p>Laura Shaw VIC</p><p>Emily Johns QLD</p><p>Megan Dixon QLD</p><p>Lizzy Hayes QLD</p><p>Piepa Cleary WA</p><p>Amanda Wellington SA</p><p>Emily Cramb QLD</p><p>Taneale Pescheli WA</p><p>Coach: Renee Lee QLD</p><p>Australian 14 &amp; Under Boys</p><p>Name StateTrent Kunde QLD</p><p>Travis Keys WA</p><p>Brandon James QLD</p><p>Clint Hinchcliffe WA</p><p>Tristan Hoarau QLD</p><p>James Groves WA</p><p>Jorgen Pederson QLD</p><p>Ben Lynn WA</p><p>Micha Worthington VIC</p><p>Jordan Browne NSW </p><p>Coach: Ty Hopes WA</p><p>Australian 18 &amp; Under Boys</p><p>Name StateMatthew Foster NSW </p><p>Jacob Johnson WA</p><p>Matt Dart QLD</p><p>Wayne Bull NSW </p><p>Nathan Ralph SA</p><p>Jack Daymond WA</p><p>Blake Anderson QLD</p><p>Jarrod Indraratne SA</p><p>Jacob Apicella NSW</p><p>Jacob Chorazyczewski QLD</p><p>Coach: Terry Small NSW</p><p>2012 AUSTRALIAN JUNIOR SELECTORS 12 &amp; under Boys (Aust Team) 14 &amp; under Boys (Aust Team) 16 &amp; under Girls (Aust Team) Terry Small NSW - Chair Ron Olsen QLD - Chair Kerrie Brill NSW - ChairMick Miller SA Peter Curle NSW Renee Lee QLDKristan Olsen QLD Tony Pahi VIC Angela Lee SA</p><p>16 &amp; under Boys (Aust Team) 18 &amp; under Girls (All-Star Team) 18 &amp; under Boys (All-Star Team)Brett Cooper VIC - Chair Renee Lee QLD Chair Brad Walsh QLD - ChairPeter Fry QLD Kerrie Brill NSW Michael Ledgard SASteve Carmody NSW Neisha Iles SA Aaron Strauhair VIC</p><p>2012 Tournament officIALSCricket AustraliaIndoor Cricket Program Manager: Rod Kimmitt </p><p>Queensland CricketIndoor Cricket Manager: Sarah Harris </p><p>Inside Sportz Strathpine Centre Owner: Frank Hogan</p><p>UmpiresKarl Smith QLDGaylene Mitchell QLDJason Fleming QLDJimmy Haycroft QLDAndrew Potts VICStevan Young NSWChris Payne SA</p><p>Technical CommitteeBruce Arrold QLDDavid Shepley CANicole Martin VIC</p><p>Tournament DirectorDavid Shepley QLD</p><p>2011 AUSTRALIAN JUNIOR CHAMPIONSHIPSHonour Board</p><p>2011 Player of the Grand Final</p><p>12 &amp; Under Boys Taylor Davies NSW Blues</p><p>14 &amp; Under Boys Tristan Hoarau QLD</p><p>16 &amp; Under Boys Justin Oppermann QLD</p><p>18 &amp; Under Boys not available</p><p>18 &amp; Under Girls not available</p><p>2011 Player of the Series</p><p>12 &amp; Under Boys Anthony Johnston NSW Blues</p><p>14 &amp; Under Boys Micha Worthington VIC</p><p>16 &amp; Under Boys Jarrod Morgan WA</p><p>18 &amp; Under Boys Jacob Johnson WA</p><p>18 &amp; Under Girls Taneale Pesche WA</p><p>2011 Final Placings</p><p>12 &amp; Under Boys 14 &amp; Under Boys 16 &amp; Under Boys 18 &amp; Under Boys 18 &amp; Under Girls</p><p>NSW Blues WA Queensland NSW Blues Queensland</p><p>Queensland Queensland WA SA WA</p><p>NSW Cyclones NSW Blues NSW Cyclones Queensland SA</p><p>SA White Victoria SA Red WA NSW Blues</p><p>Victoria SA Reds Victoria Victoria Victoria</p><p>SA Reds ACT NSW Blues North QLD</p><p>North QLD North QLD North QLD ACT</p><p>ACT Northern Territory Northern Territory Northern Territory</p><p>NSW Cyclones SA White</p><p>SA White</p><p>Roll of Honour</p><p>Year 12 &amp; Under Boys 14 &amp; Under Boys 16 &amp; Under Boys 18 &amp; Under Boys 18 &amp; Under Girls</p><p>2011 NSW Blues WA Queensland NSW Blues Queensland</p><p>2010 SA Reds WA WA Queensland Queensland</p><p>2009 NSW Blues WA Queensland NSW Blues</p><p>2008 South Africa Queensland Queensland NSW Blues</p><p>2007 SE QLD NSW Blues Queensland NSW A</p><p>2006 NSW Country Queensland NSW</p><p>2005 Queensland South Australia</p><p>2004 WA Queensland</p><p>2003 Queensland</p><p>2002 Queensland</p><p>2001 Queensland</p><p>2000 Queensland</p><p>1999 Queensland</p><p>1998 Queensland</p><p>1997 Queensland</p><p>1996 Queensland</p><p>1995 Queensland</p></li><li><p>4 52012 AUSTRALIAN JUNIOR CHAMPIONSHIPS 2012 AUSTRALIAN JUNIOR CHAMPIONSHIPS</p><p>WOMENSAustralia 66 d </p><p>South Africa 33</p><p>19 &amp; UNDER BOYS Australia 144 d South Africa 44</p><p>In 2012 we will be sending 4 teams, 12, 14 and 16 &amp; under Boys and 16 &amp; under girls to represent Australia in the Junior World Series South Africa.</p><p>We wish all selected players and officials the best of luck.</p><p>2011 Indoor Cricket WORLD CUP </p><p>MENSAustralia 94 d </p><p>South Africa 55</p><p>19 &amp; UNDER girlsAustralia 120 d England 74</p><p>Australia sent 4 teams to the 2011 World Cup in Johannesburg South Africa in October and emerged victorious in all 4 divisions retaining Australias unbeaten record at this event.</p><p>All players and officials should be warmly congratulated for this incredible achievement.</p><p>South Africa</p></li><li><p>12 &amp; UNDERBOYS teams</p><p>14 &amp; UNDERBOYS teams</p><p>SE Queensland NSW Blues Victoria Nth Queensland</p><p>1. Brandon Morrall (c) 18. Justin Felsch (c) 1. Harry Wardlaw (c) Jaxon Wise (c)</p><p>2. Nicholas Felsch 99. Sam Smillie (c) 7. Shubham Bhargave Dylan Debenham (vc)</p><p>3. Todd Hamlet 23. Jordan Davison 12. Jack Carroll Richard Scott</p><p>4. Murdoch Hogan 10. Timothy Dib 21. Benji Copeland Travis Bush</p><p>5. Samuel Stead 6. Lawson Eva 20. James Melville Bradley Martin</p><p>6. Daniel Battaglene 15. Marcus Farquharson 4. Callum Gilboy Ethan Engert</p><p>7. Jye Okamura 14. Charlie Johnston 9. Matt Harris Shaun Finn</p><p>8. Harrison Tonks 1. Ryan Lee 15. Mackenzie Harvey Sam Anderson</p><p>9. Oliver Curley 7. Jake Raftery 27. Zalen Kimmel Nathan Minogue</p><p>10. Casey Gear 2. Ryan Watson 10. Kaushick Maheshwaran Campbell Evans</p><p>11. Joshua McCormack 43. Jayden Wright</p><p>12. Jake OHalloran</p><p>COACH: Kristen Olsen COACH: Ian Janda COACH: Zac Kimmel COACH: Greg McDonald</p><p>ASST COACH: Mark Richards ASST COACH: Scott Baile MANAGER: Mark Krelle MANAGER: Maria Scott</p><p>MANAGER: Brad Clark MANAGER: Meillisa Swain</p><p>SE Queensland NSW Blues Victoria South Australia</p><p>1. Riley Tanzer 99. Lachlan Binskin (c) 1. Lachlan King (c) Nicholas Fox</p><p>2. Daniel OKeefe 8. Matthew Bell 2. Jack Budd Jay Behn</p><p>3. Brandon James 6. Luke Courtney 3. Mitchell Scott Quinn Dinan</p><p>4. Tim Jarrett 19. Bailey Dickinson 4. Josh Sutton Cooper Harrod</p><p>5. Connor Walsh 3. Alex Gale 5. Josh Turner Matthew Herrmann</p><p>6. Ryan Johnson 55. Anthony Johnston 6. Jonah Koch Dylan Holliday</p><p>7. Timothy Stead 4. Jarred Lysaught 7. James Huntly James Iannucci</p><p>8. Hamish Chapman 5. Jarrod Mazurkiewicz 8. Matthew Vorbach Henry Klemm</p><p>9. Jaymen McLean 7. Nicholas Mortimer 9. Darcy Flanagan Benjamin Pye</p><p>10. Adrian Lascu 1. Mark Tape 10. Corey Savage Tyrell Sinclair</p><p>11. Jayden Davey 11. Joel Russell Stephen Tanti</p><p>12. Jun Tominaga</p><p>COACH: Ron Olsen COACH: Peter Curle COACH: Tony Pahi COACH: Stuart Harrod</p><p>MANAGER: Darren Hutchings MANAGER: Melinda Curle MANAGER: Mal Gent ASST COACH: Nathan Ralph</p><p>MANAGER: Graeme Klemm</p><p>SA Red SA Black ACT NSW Cylones</p><p>James Cleggett Tyson Miller 1. Jay Allen 1. Marty Jeffrey</p><p>Cameron Fatchen Cameron Bullard 2. Tyler Hays 2. Ryan Peacock</p><p>Lucas Froude Mitch Taylor 3. Ben Huntor 3. Matt Gilkes</p><p>Bradley Harris Ryan Grimmond 4. Owen Levings 4. Henry Railz</p><p>Cory Herrmann Tyson Hein 5. Tom Seaman 5. Charlie Kempston</p><p>Joshua Lamerton Riki Boschma 8. Ben Stonehouse 6. Connor Slattery</p><p>Angus Le Plastrier Blake Nicolle 6. Emile Tait 7. Aiden McBurney</p><p>Haimish Le Plastrier Zach Reekie 7. Jackson Wise 8. Jai Tasker</p><p>Alex Wakeham Bradley Potter 9. Jordan Wood 9. Tom Mitchell</p><p>Lloyd Pope Joshua Spall</p><p>COACH: Marcus Wilson COACH: Mick Miller COACH: Stephen Mammoliti COACH: Alwyn Edwards</p><p>MANAGER: David Harris MANAGER: Richard Hein ASST COACH: Tim Hunter MANAGER: Mick Jeffrey</p><p>ACT Western Australia Nth Queensland NSW Cyclones</p><p>1. Tom Vane-Tempest (c) 9. Michael Pay (c) William Wise (c) 1. Tyler Norton (c)</p><p>2. Kaine Ciuffetelli (vc) 1. Tom Russell Brock Groninan 2. Wade Burrowes</p><p>3. Brandon Berg 7. Ewan Larmett Jamieson Brown 3. Ben Hobday</p><p>4. Will Campbell 19 Noah Criddle-White Jamie Petterson 4. Ryan Newell</p><p>5. Daniel Claremoant 12 Zac Birchall Bradley Radford 5. Tom Scoble</p><p>8. Will Seaman 4. Joshua Fontana Daniel Wells 6. Callan McKieran</p><p>6. Ben Lehmann 3. Luke Hinchliffe Gary Friend 7. Liam Manning</p><p>7. David OKeefe jnr 5. Jasper Sirr-Davis Blake Mayocchi 8. Saga Cook</p><p>9. Adam Seary 14. Anthony Russell Jessiah McCarthy 9. Joe Smith</p><p>2. Matthew Russell Jack Anderson 10. Jack Baker</p><p>6. Zac Lynn 11. Kieran Lindsay</p><p>COACH: David OKeefe snr COACH: Wayne Fontana COACH: John McConkey COACH: Greg Sparke</p><p>MANAGER: Mark Russell MANAGER: Renee Groninan MANAGER: Scott Wilson</p><p>2012 AUSTRALIAN JUNIOR CHAMPIONSHIPS 2012 AUSTRALIAN JUNIOR CHAMPIONSHIPS6 7</p></li><li><p>Queensland NSW Blues Victoria South Australia </p><p>1. Justin Allen (c) 72. Josh Institoris (c) 1. Nick Suppree (c) Daniel Bruce</p><p>2. Nathan Collins 73. Michael Dunning 2. Ash Armstrong Adam Brugioni</p><p>3. Lachlan Wallace 33. Jeremy Fanning 3. Ben Cooper Jason Donnell</p><p>4. Jordan Floyd 63. Will Johnston 4. Kane Wilson Thomas Durrant</p><p>5. Ryan Dowse 7. Matthew Panecasio 5. Jacob Russell Stephen Foster-Borg</p><p>6. Matthew Schubert 96. Josh Pettigrew 6. Patrick Burnell Jacob Hodge</p><p>7. Alex Cowley 23. Chris Rogerson 7. Dean Krelle Angus Lock</p><p>8. Nathan Battaglene 10. Utkarsh Somaiya 8. Krishna Padmanabhan Jordan Martin</p><p>9. Tristian Hoarau 8. James Walgers 9. Caleb Bozwell Liam Mules</p><p>10. Trent Kunde 13. Marcel Farquharson 10. Jarrod Munday Trent Riddle</p><p>11. Joshua Dreaver Jack Thomas</p><p>12. Brandon McKenzie</p><p>COACH: Peter Fry COACH: Steve Carmody COACH: Brett Cooper COACH: Wayne Sheffield</p><p>MANAGER: Paul Griffin ASST COACH: Greg Conner MANAGER: Chris Reid ASST COACH: Rodney Hodge</p><p>MANAGER: Shannon Timms</p><p>NSW Blues Victoria South Australia</p><p>2. Samantha Arnold (c) 88. Elise Collier (c) Brittany Miller </p><p>7. Michell Clark 35. Riley Christgoergl Jordan Doecke</p><p>1. Amy Edgar 12. Bella Poon Stefanie Aworth</p><p>28. Emma Felsch 27. Kyra Black Madelaine Clark</p><p>4. Mikayla Hinkley 8. Lani Dejong Caitlin Deacon</p><p>27. Hayley Lihou 11. Madeleine Hendy Chloe Lyons</p><p>13. Elizabeth Stephens 5. Beatrice Hendy Febi Mansell</p><p>22. Holly Wilson 9. Madeleine Wright Kayla Staszuk</p><p>9. Matilda Power 3. Georgia Blom Toya Tanzer</p><p>23. Sarah Chong</p><p>COACH: Tracy Panecasio COACH: Angela Lee</p><p>ASST COACH: Michael Clark MANAGER: Caroline Jackman</p><p>MANAGER: Bronwyn Felsch</p><p>Western Australia Nth Queensland ACT NSW Cyclones</p><p>27. Jaron Morgan Brayden Raynor (c) 1. Sam Gunning (c) 1. Dan Fisher (c)</p><p>7. Jared Ryan Brenden Brown 2. Justin Barrington 3. Zac Warwick</p><p>8. Brad Risdon Chris Day 3. Stuart Bridgen 4. Ben Patterson</p><p>1. Joshua Keys Jacob Frerichs 4. Liam Caldwell 5. Corey Suckling</p><p>69. Travis Keys Mitchell Gibbs 5. Brendan Chin 9. Josh Swan</p><p>2. Ben Lynn Chris Grasso 6. Alexander Floros 7. Kurt Davenport</p><p>99. James Groves Ben Smith 7. Benji Floros 8. Richard Wilson</p><p>9. Tyson Bryden Daniel Spina 8. Shaun Egan-Richards 6. Billy Higgins</p><p>5. Ryan McMillan Jacin Winton 9. Craig Stapleton 22. William Wolter</p><p>6. Jordan Mackie 10. Murray Toy 96. Sean Mason</p><p>18. Brandon Jacobs</p><p>MANAGER: Tracey Gibbs COACH: Wayne Floyd COACH: Jake Floros COACH: Greg King</p><p>COACH: Brendan Cusick MANAGER: Jodie Patterson</p><p>MANAGER: Andre Ferreira</p><p>2012 AUSTRALIAN JUNIOR CHAMPIONSHIPS 2012 AUSTRALIAN JUNIOR CHAMPIONSHIPS8 9</p><p>16 &amp; UNDERBOYS teams</p><p>16 &amp; UNDERGIRLS teams</p></li><li><p>2012 AUSTRALIAN JUNIOR CHAMPIONSHIPS 2012 AUSTRALIAN JUNIOR CHAMPIONSHIPS10 11</p><p>Queensland NSW Blues South Australia</p><p>1. Meagan Dixon (c) 13. Kyani McCubbin (c) Cara Allen</p><p>2. Blayne Gibbs 94. April Bailey Courtney Brideson</p><p>3. Kaitlyn Harris 22. Tanya Bailey Nicole Fielke</p><p>4. Courtney Hewitt 8. Tamara Currey Rachael Greenshields</p><p>5. Lizzy Hayes 15. Tiffany Hodson Stacey Oates</p><p>6. Jessica Carroll 19. Chloe Jones Jess OReilly</p><p>7. Mikayla McKenna 6. Carly Leeson Kylie Rattray</p><p>8. Samantha Dixon 18. Katie Mazzochi Amanda Wellington</p><p>9. Allison Nagle 44. Nikki Squires Ainslee Knight</p><p>10. Alex Lascu 5. Jennifer Taffs Donna Clark</p><p>11. Georgia Hendy</p><p>COACH: Renee Lee COACH: Kerrie Brill COACH: Neisha Iles</p><p>MANAGER: Glenda Hall ASST COACH: Loiuse Ahearn ASST COACH: Andrew Summerton</p><p>MANAGER: Sandie Bennett MANAGER: Tash Cocks</p><p>Victoria Western Australia</p><p>26. Sharni DiMauro 3. Taneale Peschel (c)</p><p>10. Adelaide Campion 7. Piepa Cleary</p><p>17. Holly Johnson 19. Nikeya Leonard</p><p>13. Tilly Lucas-Rodd 17. Brooke Wright</p><p>7. Mary Waters 18. Justine ODonnell</p><p>6. Jessi-Lee Wright 5. Tehya Reynolds-Harris</p><p>24. Robyn Baker 10. Emily Bowden</p><p>18. Olivia Aing 6. Kendal Emerson</p><p>20. Vanessa Lewicki 11. Kayla Vanspall</p><p>33. Krissy Dundas 4. Megan Banting</p><p>COACH: Sue Rose COACH: Cindy Cross</p><p>MANAGER: Kate Matonia MANAGER: Mel Jacks</p><p>Queensland NSW Blues South Australia</p><p>1. Jayden Engert (c) 77. Jayden Simmons (c) Jamie Diener</p><p>2. Matt Dart 30. Jacob Apicella Alex Higgins</p><p>3. Phillip Angel 87. Brad Clark Jack Holliday</p><p>4. Kunaal kumar 6. Brendan Cleaver Jordan Indraratne</p><p>5. Joshua Irving 23. Trent Dierick Jarrod Indraratne</p><p>6. Brandon Caust 70. Josh Dunning Jacob Linsenmeier</p><p>7....</p></li></ul>


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