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Presentation to Sydney Social Media Club, demonstrating the key takeouts from the Federal Election - Abbott v Gillard


  • 1. Abbott v Gillard Key Social Media Takeouts!
    Daniel Lodge

2. Australian Election Abbott v Gillard!!
News Ltd wanted to monitor the Social Media Buzz/sentiment in the time from Julia Gillards Election Announcement to polling day.
Key dates
Announcement of election: Saturday 17 July
Polling day: Saturday 21 August.
The sentiment toward party leaders and topics was of high importance.
3. They needed some nice technology to help.
Search Key Terms
Tony Abbott and Julia Gillard, ALP and the Coalition.
Date range:
From July 15th to August 23rd
Non English
Final results
410, 554
4. Abbott v Gillard - SM2 Social Media Monitoring
Alterian SM2 indexes the entire social media universe, across the globe and across all platforms.
AlteriansSocial Media WarehouseSM, created in 2007, contains over 9.5 billion social media mentions, blogs, tweets, posts, images and conversations.
An incredibly powerful and intuitive tool, the Techrigy SM2 User Interface enables clientsto visualize, analyze, communicate and share findings. Turn content into actionable insight.
Over 9.5 Billion Results
5. Federal Election Daily Conversation Volume
SM2 pulled in 410K Social Media posts between 15/7/2010 23/8/2010.
This averaged at over 10K posts per day.
Key peak on 25/7/2010 was in response to the TV Debate.
6. Abbott v Gillard Positive Sentiment
Very Positive mentions for both Tony Abbott and Julia Gillard.
There were 10478 Very positive mentions for Tony Abbott and Julia Gillard with 11240.
Shows how close it was!!
7. Abbott v Gillard
Key Election Topics
8. Abbott v Gillard Conversational Topics
Climate Change recorded almost 50% of the Federal Election debate.
Other big topics included Health (and Health Reform) and Broadband!
9. Abbott v Gillard Climate Change
Of Climate Change mentions
Tony Abbott received 8,657 compared to Julia Gillards 13,766
Therefore 13% of Climate Change mentions invoked sentimentwith Tony Abbott.
Compared to just 5% of Julia Gillards mentions.
Tony Abbott also has a higher % of positive to negative mentions.
10. Abbott v Gillard
Influence of communities and bloggers
11. Abbott v Gillard Influential Communities
Influence value is to show the most active domains with the most popular.
These include a number of twitter users forums and news sites.
12. Abbott v Gillard Whirlpool Forum
The National Broadband Network conversations
numbered1968 on the Whirlpool Forum
Relative to the overall population of internet users, Whirlpools audience tends to be Caucasian; they are also disproportionately childless menunder the age of 35.
13. Top Twitter Influencers
14. Conclusion
After all was said and done, we witnessed one of the closest elections ever with Labor forming aminority governmentwith the support of anAustralian GreensMPand threeindependentMPs.
15. SM2 in the press
16. Any questions??
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