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  • Austin International Poetry Festival

    Edited bv Deborah A. Akers

  • Austin InternationalPoetry Festival


    Young PoetsAward Anthology



    Deborah A. AkersDeborah A. AkersValerie Bridgeman DavisMary-Agnes TaylorRalph Hausser

    Cover art by Oscar Riquelme

    Cover Design & Layout:Glynn Monroe Irby

  • About the artists:

    Oscar Riquelme (cover art) was born in Talca, Chile.From an early age, Oscar's life and art has beeninfluenced by his grandfather, Benito Riquelme, a well-known local artist. He attended La Escuela de Culturq deTalca, an art conservatory, for six years before studyingmarine biology in Valparaiso, Chile.

    Riquelme came to Austin in 1997 and worked in alocal production company under the direction of PilarTompkins. In 1999 he began working as an art teacher atSaint James Episcopal School on Austin's East side. Hedirected four collective mural projects with the children ofSt. James. He currently has three murals on permanentdisplay at Blanton Elementary, Reagan High School, andat St. James.

    In2002, Oscar opened Art Amici Fine Art Galleryand Studios in a collective effort with his friend andmentor, Pablo Taboada

    Glynn Monroe Irby (cover design) has created graphicdesigns for advertising as well as graphics for two poetrybooks: 3 Savanna Blueby Irby, Carlyn Luke Reding, andPeggy Ztieika Lynch, and Silhouette to Unheard Musicby Lynch. A professional member of the AmericanSociety of hrterior Designers, he also belongs to theGalveston Poets' Roundtable and the Writer's League ofTexas.

    Irby holds a BA in history from the University ofTexas at Austin, with previous studies at the University ofHouston, Brazosport College, and Edinburg University inScotland with additional graduate studies in architectureat the Universitv of Houston.


    This Anthology was made possible by thegenerous contributions of the following :


    The Austin American-StatesmanThe Austin Chronicle

    City of Austin Cultural Arts CommissionCreative Pulse Magazine

    Heritage HouseTexas Commission on the Arts

    Writers League of Texas


    Nancy Kenney ConnollyPoetry in the Arts (PITA)

    Ramona Cearly (B orderlands)

  • 66







    [AElementury School

    ZapDavis Deagan (Change of Night IDLauraAustin (Night)Exene Melvin (Summer Wind Dance)Amanda Montoya (Lonely?)Kathleen Jones (A Walk Down The Street)De'Ondre Markeis Barrs (Just As I Am)Amalia Smith-Hale (llhere I'm From)Noah Graham Lambert (Sky)Matthew C. Payne (Rivers)Alexandra Barker Noll (Seasons)Daniel Howry (Twister\Josie Martin (Ilasting Time)Brinee' Stewart (Brain Shut-OfflDaniel Gift (Under The Stars)Woody Hillyer (Seuets)Alexann Susholtz (Test Of Life)

  • 18







    Middle School

    Andy Locke (Valuable Like a Lamborghini)Braden McDonald (American lron)Eric Dempsey (I Hate Poetry)Zoe Watson (/r s Snowing)Helen Benton (This Old Quilt)Heather Tidmore (Freedom)Jenni fer T ully (Tr i n i ty)Lauren Bantau (Free Yerse)Soohyun Yoon (Ready To Be Born)Jordan Kohler (Pirates)James Salazar (Without Violence)

    Iligh School

    Kittie Keyser (I Killed Myself On Christmas Day)Michael Matheus (Sailboat In Grass)Nicholas Bauer (Little Bird)Jordan Treuter (Credo)Symone Darlington (True America)Epiphany Renee Pradia (Kidnapped)Margaret Mullane (Cafd New Style)


    Imagine if there were no planetsNo planetsNo planetsNo planets

    Not even EarthAll the people wouldWalk around on the clouds

    And stars.

    Zap Davis Deagan (5)Sri Atmananda Memoriql SchoolKindergarten


    A thousand wishes in the skyTwenty-five I've used tonightAn evening fog tucks the sun to sleepAnd greets the moon who's about to speakThe earth goes silentAnd so do youA night is beautiful when it's dark blue.

    Laura Austin (9)Casis Elementary School - 4"


    When the wind blows in the sulilner,I can almost see the dance.Leaves sway in a way,I could almost be in a dream.

    When the wind blows in the surffner,the dance whirls and spins, twists and turns,around and around until it turns to awaltz.

    When the wind slows in the suruner,the dance calms.

    As a flower petal takes one more circlethen bows,

    As the dance disappears like the summer winddances were never there,

    The flower petal acts as if it was a ticketto the show.

    I will always treasure it as a souvenirto the summer wind dances.

    Exene Melvin (10)Casis Elementarv School - 4'h


    A big ocean waveHitting the ocean shoreForgetting you were lost no moreTake a breathSmell the airPretend that you don't careYou're alone on a rockPeople pass you byThey don't see the hurt in your eyeThey won't let you inIf only they could seeThe friend I want to be

    Amanda Montoya (10)BaranoffElementary School - Sth


    I start at my house and work my way downDown to the place she once livedOn the sidewalk that we once played onNow I sit on it all alone with the smell of herMingling in the air and in my mind.

    Kathleen Jones (10)Casis Elementarv School - 4th


    I am a drummer, but my dad is notAnd I still love him with his big and bad self.

    I am a singer, but my grandmother is notAnd I still love her with her crazy and funny self.

    I am a piano player, but my brother is notAnd I still love him with his bad self.

    I am an artist, but my mom Is notAnd I still love her even though she has passed.

    My life is full of ups and downs,But I still tum it all round.

    That's just me.That's who I am.

    De'Ondre Markeis Barrs (l I)Winn Elementarv School - 5'h



    I'm from the humid heat of Texas,Wishing to be somewhere else.

    The fiery hot suns of the afternoons,The flat and boring land.

    I'm from the family of love and hope,Waiting for good things to happen.

    I'm from the places of many cultures, jobs,and families.

    I'm from the trashy streets of Guatemala,Where half my heart stays while I'm in the U.S.

    I'm from the love of animals and nature.I'm from the exciting streets of Seattle,

    The fishy smell of the Pike Place Market,and tall buildings downtown.

    I'm from the snowy winters of Wyoming,Sitting cozlly in the cabin.

    I'm from the hopes of traveling around the worldAnd going to Alaska.

    I'm from the wishes of staying a child forever,And staying close to my parents.

    I'm from the hatred of technology and machines.I'm from the love of art, tennis, and fun.

    I'm from the wonderful feeling of having a dog.And I'm from a great life!

    Amalia Smith-Hale (10)Travis Heights Elementary School - 5'h


  • SKY

    The sky glistens like a diamond;It will last for eternity;It makes me want to jump up and be with the sky.I want to wake upAnd believe that I can fly.The sky lasts beyond the time of space;The sky is the nature of all birdsAnd the nature of me.

    Noah Graham Lambert (8)Homeschooled - 3'o


    Rivers are a flow of dreams.Flowing 'round a bend.

    Flowing fast with tiny seams.Where do rivers end?

    Flowing like there's no tomorrow.Doesn't it fill your heart with sorrow?

    So I ask you once again.Where do rivers end?

    Matthew C. Payne (l I)BaranoffElementary School - 5'o



    Ah, Spring!Spring is here! All its beautiful flowers.

    All its heavy rain showers.I like Spring.

    Aaack! Summer is here! Hot, Hot, HotIn Texas, it is so hot, that you have to

    just go to the pool.Summer is kind of cool.

    Autumn is cool!Us kids are in school,Learning every rule.

    Autumn rules!Whoosh! Winter is here!Sadly, we end the year.But, we end it happily

    with bells and tears ofjoy.I love winter.

    Alexandra Barker Noll .( 1 0)Homeschooled - 4'o



    I do not want to play Twister today,Yes, I do not want to play it, I say.My sister keeps asking me,Butlhaveablister.Oh, what can I say,She's quite an insister!

    Daniel Howry (8)Casis Elementary School - 2"d


    Timmy sat at the very back,Education he did lack,The teacher asked,"What did you leam today, Mary Lou?""How to count to 102!"She asked the same of Timmy Lee,And to my surprise, she asked it to me!"If you don't know, it will go in your files.""I learned that on the ceiling there are 9l tiles!"

    Josie Martin (9)l4tilliams Elementarv School - 3'd



    I can't make up my mind without one.First, I want to wear a red shirt,

    but then I see a blue shirt.So you see...

    I can't make up my mind without one.

    Brinee'Stewart (9)Williams Elementarv School - 3'o


    January's coldsometimes it's hotsolwearajacketand shorts and socks.

    Anthony Garibay (9)Itilliams Elementary School - 3'o



    Come with me to a placein a house under the stairs

    That's where I goto have a quiet time

    When I have to get awayfrom my sister.

    Daniel Gtft (9)Casis Elementarv School - 3'o


    Secrets are like a heavy burdenThat you cannot let go ofBut if you ever let go of

    Secrets and tell themYour life will be

    Lonelyas the

    Clock ticksbythe


    Woody Hillyer (8)Casis Elementary School - 3'o




    scramble through the word maze


    to find my way


    the end of the story


    my story


    Alexann Susholtz (10)Casis Elementary School - 4'h



    I wanna be valuable, like a Lamborghini.My positive side says, "You are, and more."My negative side says, "You're not, you're less."

    I wanna be mighfy as a HummerMy positive side says, "You are, and more."My negative side says, "You're not, you're less."

    I wanna be safe as a Volvo.My positive side says, "You are, and more."My negative side says, "You're not, you're less."

    I wanna be clever as a smart car.My positive side says, "You are, and more."My negative side says, "You're not, you're less."

    So my positive side keeps saying,"You are, and more."And my negative side says,You're not, you're less."But one problem -Which side do I choose.?

    Andy Locke (12)Clint Small Middle School - 6'h



    American ironlots of firebig blocksmade from steel stock"go-fast" styling all chromed outexhaust system that'll makethe neighbors shout -stereo system that'llput ricers to shame -live to customize. forced tobe lame.

    Braden McDonald (13)Gateway School - Arlington - 7to


    I hate poetry.Why I know not.Perhaps I hate thinking.My brain prefers math.I like following rules.I despise my temperbeing laughed at.That is the kind of person I am

    Eric Dempsey (13)Gateway School - Arlington - f'


  • i


    It's snowing in Washington,It's snowing in New York.It's snowing near Montana,It's snowing in Alaska.Even Idaho is getting some snow.Everywhere but here.I'm wearing shorts, my favorite shirt,And a pair of my favorite sandals.It feels like it's August, during winter,And I am swimming in January.It's freezing in Detroit and chilly in L.A.When I last saw snow,I was wearing a bow,And running around in diapers.I wish for one day I could play,In white powdered snow.But not today, at least not here,Will I see the day it will snow?All through Austin and in my backyard,It would be white. that would be nice!

    Zoe Watson (l I)Murchison Middte School - 6'h



    This old quiltPatches tornThat holdsMemoriesInfant crylng in the cribYoung girl giggling safe in bedProtection from a thunderstormOn a cot sharing popped cornOff to college it will comeMaking a dorm room feel at homeStarting a familyHand it downComforting after a hard dayChasing bouts of flu awayWarming bleachers for a soccer gameHappy picnic month of MayFirst apartment accessoryStart a brand new familyHand it down

    Helen Benton (12)Murchison Middte School - 6th



    Let my freedom be like a butterfly inthe night sky; the sky like a thousand sapphiresin a wild ocean of white flufff things

    As I lay there like, vines of thornspoke through my skin, making pain gothrough myself and through the ground.

    Looking through my soul to the colors ofOctober rust and the smiling field of emptinessabove it, watching the lines of a room wavingand disintegrating into the colors ofmy immortality.

    Heather Tidmore (13)Gateway School - Arlington - 8'o



    Shadows dance before me,Moving softly, slowlyShifting taking form

    Three maidens are born.One, hair of gold, eyes of ice

    Though she is strong,This comes with a price.

    The next ... lights pure formSometimes the sun ... others the storm

    Madness and sanity all at the same time,Between both there is a fine line.

    And last, darkest of allStanding alone,

    Feelings seem small.Then a light passes by my window and they are

    gone...But to where?

    Jennifer Tully (13)Covington Middle School - 7'o



    Waterfall in the forest,trickling down into the river.So peaceful with all the naturethe birds flying overhead,the monkeys swinging from tree to tree.That's the rainforest and all its beauty.

    Lauren Bantau (11)Murchison Middle School - 6'n


    Standing like a group of buildings,Trying to reach the sky.

    New buds on branches in springGreenish leaves in summer

    Graceful leaves in fallNothing on in winter,

    and the date reaches December,inside the branch,

    the buds are ready to be born.

    Soohyun Yoon (l I)Murchison Middle School - 6'o



    A pirate's life is the life for meSailing across the seven seas,

    Praying you're not next to walk the plankThough you know you're of the lowest rank,

    Hoping you're one of the captain's most loyal,Pleading to stay 'til you get to Port Royal,

    Wishing for the best of the lootAnd the best of stray sailors to recruit.

    One day I'll be one of the greats,Blackbeard, Hook, Bonney, and Drake.A ship is coming on the starboard side,

    'Tis only a vessel, no need to hide.Much has been lost to Davey Jones' lockerTreasure, betrayers, a tattered old rocker.

    Many towns have been plundered,Many men have been robbed,

    Many people have died,Many women have sobbed,

    Many songs have been sung,Many stories have been told,

    After all, not all treasure is silver and gold.From the town of Tortuga to the Spanish Main,

    Once I am captain, it'll never be the same.All the riches, curses, hardship and strife,

    It is clear all I need is a pirate's life.

    Jordan Kohler (l I)Murchison Middle School - 6th



    Without violenceEvery day more people would be in silence.One more person wouldn't scream in painOr have their cheeks taintedBy tears they shed in sorrowThat, guaranteed, will be shed again tomorrow.

    Without violenceMy life would be different.I could be playing outside with my dad.But instead of all that happinessAll I am is sad.I see little kids look at their dads with eyes all

    gleaming,And when I look up - with no one there -I end up screaming.

    I then picture him on the groundLosing blood, by what seemed to be the pound,His body strewn with gun shots.My head suddenly gets hot.I boil over with anger,Swirl with sadness,Realize I want cold. hardRevenge.


  • If I do avenge his loss though,What would separate me from the violenceThat killed my own dad?

    Nothing.Nothing at all.

    James Salazar (13)Clint Middle School - th



    I killedmyself this morning,

    on Decemb er 25 . A Christmasgift with no retum, and no waiting list.

    The stockings were all hung, and so was I, myselfBut they on the mantle, and I by lights.

    Glass bulbs pushing into my throat,and wrist. St...


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