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  • 1. Welcome back to Auspicious It Aint, my Nickel & Dimed challenge! This challenge is pass/fail, and thus far I am passing. For those of you who dont remember (and I dont blame you; its been a long time), the household is headed by Ygraine Rossi. Her children are Genevive (the elder, and a girl) and Beaudelaire (the younger, and a boy). Ygraine is a Family Sim, and would love to fall in love and get married. That is against the rules, but at least she has arranged a good marriage for Beaudelaire with the granddaughter of a prominent local businessman.**See Chapter 5.

2. Since this is the first chapter after the rebuild, there are a few things that are different. Not the way anyone looks (since joandsarah77 was kind enough to extract all my sims for me), but other things, like the fact that it isnt winter anymore, and the family tomato plants have gone from being dead to being nonexistent. 3. Some of the sartorial choices have changed as well. I could remember everyones everyday clothing, and sometimes the outerwear, but undies and athletics and formals completely eluded me. Im pretty sure Beaudelaire didnt have a mascot outfit for his athletic wear before, but since I cant remember what he did have, hes keeping what CAS gave him randomly. This is in keeping with my policy of keeping the random clothing provided at age transition for this family. 4. The townies are not the same, and there is a new neighbor as well, who you can see in pink, with the hat. The game generated some very interesting townies this time around, and the random name generator seems to have fixed itself: they are not all named Abhijeet or Allyn! I was prepared to change names using the SimBlender if necessary, but it turned out to not be needed. I used the SimBlender and the Sim Manipulator to restore skills and personality points that were lost in the cloning process. I consider this quite fair. 5. Once I realized that I hadnt set gender preferences during the rebuild, I went ahead and restored them. Ygraine immediately decided that one of the Welcome Wagon members was quite easy on the eyes. 6. Ygraine is still in her old career path (Culinary) and as high as she can get without gaining illegal skills (Drive-Through Clerk). However, I installed a set of food stands created by bienchen83, which are awesome for mall food courts, and the set included a default replacement food stand worker outfit. This is generally a good thing, since it means that the staff at a cake store wont be wearing tropical shirts, but it apparently also changes Ygraines uniform. I think I will leave the default in, but I thought you should know why she looks funny. 7. Genevive was originally at the top of her Teen career, with a A+ GPA. I was able to restore her grades and to put her back in the correct level of her career, but she hasnt officially topped it because she started with her job performance meter half-full. That just means that she can earn the Overachiever scholarship again. Since she needs $2,500 in scholarships to be able to attend Uni, every little bit helps! 8. The kids did homework together, v e r y s l o w l y. It took me longer than it should have to figure out the reason for the change in speed. 9. In this hood, both Genevive and Beaudelaire were created as Teens, and neither has Learned To Study. Due to time and need constraints, Ygraine was able to help Beaudelaire with that, but not Genevive. I will make sure that Genevive gets Homework Help next rotation. 10. On Day Two of the rotation, Genevive brought a friend home from work, and said friend decided that it was his mission in life to torment Beaudelaire. Poking, pranking, and insulting were his weapons of choice. BEAUDELAIRE: Ow! Hey, um, maybe youd like to try poking someone else? THE COWORKER: Nah, Im good. BEAUDELAIRE; Well then, maybe we could reschedule this for some other time? Im afraid tonights not really convenient. Beaudelaire has ten Nice points. 11. Beaudelaire isnt doing too badly at work himself. With that $500 bonus, the family was able to finish the second bathroom, and by bathroom I mean enclosed toilet. Genevive did not earn a bonus, but she did earn a salary, and I let her choose what she wanted to buy with it. She Wanted a stereo, a stereo worth more than $1,800, and a car. Guesses as to which Want I fulfilled? 12. Something unexpected happened on Day Three of the rotation: Ygraine was asked on an outing! I was expecting a lot of people to come along, but no -- it was just Remington Hiatt here and Ygraine herself.Please accept my apologies for the darkness of this picture and the next two. I think there is some color-conversion issue when I open screenshots in my graphics program. Since this is too dark, and since having queues in the upper left is not acceptable if it can possibly be avoided, I will be experimenting with the color conversion in future pictures. 13. Because it was just an outing, the meal was Dutch treat, but that didnt stop Ygraine. REMINGTON HIATT: Wow, anyone would think you hadnt eaten in a week! YGRAINE: Oh, I eat. But were on a budget and I have a two teenagers. And Im sure you know what hollow legs teenage boys have! REMINGTON: (makes a moue of agreement*, mouth full) Mm. *A moue is a pouting motion of the lips and is always negative, but I have no other word to describe that lip motion when combined with politely raised eyebrows and an otherwise encouraging face. Suggestions are welcome! 14. After dinner, Ygraine asked Remington if perhaps there was a special reason hed asked her to join him for dinner. The response was affirmative. Ygraine floated home, and went to sleep with a smile.However, since this was the evening of Day Three, that is where we will have to leave this relationship. 15. But before we go here is a picture of Genevive getting the hug that all my readers agreed that she so badly needed after her Myshuno! entry.*Until next time, Happy Simming!*See No, But You Can See It From There.