aurora borealis by kristen and miranda what is aurora borealis? aurora borealis, or other wise known...

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  • Aurora Borealis By Kristen and Miranda

  • What is Aurora Borealis?Aurora Borealis, or other wise known as the Northern Lights, is a colorful occurrence that is mostly seen around the northern horizon, and in the polar zone.The northern lights can be any bight color, depending on where it is. Example: In Iceland the northern lights might be a blue, white, or green.

  • Were Does the Northern Lights get its name?The northern lights gets its name from the names:Aurora The name of the Roman goddess of dawn. Borealis The Greek word for north wind.

  • What causes the northern lights?The northern lights are caused by the collision of charged electrons that are found in the magnetosphere.A Magnetosphere is a region in space in which fantastic events are organized by Earths magnetic field.Along with atoms in the Earths upper atmosphere they create beautiful colorations of light.

  • Early sighting of the northern lightsThe first time anyone has spotted the northern lights occurred on September 2nd, 1859.This was the first time it was spotted world wide!Some places where you can see these magnificent lights is in Alaska and California.

  • A Legend of Aurora BorealisThe Makah Indians of Washington state thought the northern lights where fires in the Far North, over which a tribe of dwarfs, half the length of a canoe paddle and so strong they caught whales with their hands, boiled blubber.

  • The wonders of aurora borealis

  • Wonders continued