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Download August 25, 2015 Mrs. Snow. Language Arts to include spelling, grammar, reading and writing * Houghton Mifflin Reading Series * Houghton Mifflin Spelling

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  • August 25, 2015Mrs. Snow

  • Language Arts to include spelling, grammar, reading and writing Houghton Mifflin Reading SeriesHoughton Mifflin Spelling Easy Grammar Creative Writing

    Book Reports and ProjectsStudents will be assigned booksSeptember: Genre is still to be determined. October: Saints Breakfast of Champions book projectJanuary: Historical Fiction February: Wax Museum researchMarch: Class Novel: We will all be reading the same book and participate in a book club.April: script and play memorization May: Students choiceI will also be giving students snowbills for extra books that they read on their own time.

  • Math: Singapore Math/Accelerated Math Science:Diocesan Science Lesson Plans Social Studies: Do ArizonaScott Foresman Social Studies RegionsPlayWax MuseumMap WorkReligionAtriumBible Study DWP SkillsBlest Are WeFriday Affirmations Woven through out the day.

  • Based on Diocesan standards 4th grade students are to have 40-60 minutes of homework a night.

    Students are expected to read for a minimum of 20 minutes evenings Monday through Friday. Your child is also required to practice their multiplication math facts using the XTRA Math on-line program. Students are to complete Xtra Math 5 nights per week.

    They will receive 10 homework points per night. Students will also be taking home a Math worksheet nightly. Homework will also consist of any unfinished work that has been assigned in class.

  • Students are taught self disciplineDWP SLEsRewardsPositive reinforcementSuper D (self discipline vs. discipline) (blue raffle tickets are earned and students names are drawn every Friday for Snow bills.Snow BillsSnow Shop

  • First Step: Warning/Yellow card and desired behavior is taught.Second Step : Pink Card is placed next to the student.Third Step: Student will be asked to fill out the inside of the pink card. Teacher and student discuss the contents of the pink card. Pink card is taken home to be signed by the parents. This is class STP (not an office referral)Fourth Step: Office Referral

  • Newsletters: Snow Notes via emailplease read. Agendas (please let your child take ownership of their agendas, listen to them)Student write all assignments and activities in their agendas. They highlight all that that has been completed.Please sign their agendas nightly.Homework folders are take home every night. Assignments not highlighted are assignment that need to be completed at home. If you need to contact me, please send me a note in the homework folder,

  • Absent work is due as soon as the student is able to turn it in within a 2-3 day period. Every effort should be made by the student to turn in the missing assignments. If there is a concern please let me know as soon as possible.

    *Handbook* page 10

  • Grades will be posted via Gradelink. Please see Mrs. Vick if you are having a hard time accessing the website. When you are in the website you are able to set parent notifications. A zero will be posted for missing work. They will be reminded twice to turn it in. If work is not turned in within a week of when the assignment was due, the zero will remain posted as a zero. I will make every effort to teach your child about responsibility of getting their work in on time or in a timely manner. Please let me know if you have questions or concerns by email at

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