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  • Augmented Reality & Virtual Worlds: An Introduction Patrick OShea, Ph.D. Appalachian State University
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  • Presentation Structure What is Augmented Reality? Background of AR in Education How does it work? Technological Tools Teacher Training Process Teacher-created AR Projects Student Training Process Virtual Worlds
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  • What is Augmented Reality
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  • Games played in the real world with the support of digital devices (PDAs, cellphones) that create a fictional layer on top of the real world context Squire and Jan (2007) What is Augmented Reality
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  • What Does That Mean? Indoor and outdoor educational experiences Virtual information layered on the physical space Technological medium used to access this data
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  • What Does It Look Like? Rokus Reward
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  • What Does It Look Like? 3-Dimensional Models
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  • What Does It Look Like? Layar
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  • What Does It Look Like? Google Goggles
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  • Background of AR in Education
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  • How Does It Work? A series of events to be triggered Each event part of a narrative Each event uses academic content to move the narrative forward Possible inclusion of groups and/or roles Place: Dependent vs Independent Map-based vs Viewfinder
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  • Technology?
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  • Examples Alien Contact! Gray Anatomy The Crane RockShow Dognapped
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  • Hardware
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  • Software
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  • Teacher Training Process
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  • Teacher Training Series of meetings & wiki Initial focus on story arc Identify key plot points Identify student roles and characters within experience Storyboarding & scripting Production of video and other materials Post production finishing
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  • Scripting Matrix Student Role #1 Student Role #2 Student Role #3 Student Role #4 ARE Character ARE Object ARE Character
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  • ARE Matrix TitleConceptStudent RolesCharacters/Obje cts Rock Show Students work together to plan a rock show Sound Engineer Light Technician Accountant Publicist Manager Lead Singer Dog-napped Students work together to find a series of stolen dogs Owner #1 Owner #2 Owner #3 Eyewitness Private Detective Kidnapper Layers of the Earth Students work together to determine the cause of seismic activity Geologist Drilling Engineer Reporter Seismologist Tsunami Video Geophysicist Pollution Students work together to determine the cause of various extreme ocean-based phenomena Restaurant Owner Marine Biologist Fisherman/Waterma n Researcher/Reporter Tourist Lifeguard News Anchor Oil Executive Dead Fish Dichotomous Key Oil Progression
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  • AR Curricular Design as Staff Development
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  • How Does This Change What Teachers Do? Use of story to teach content Ability to integrate technology that students may be familiar with Teach beyond content For example: Information literacy Storytelling Student as teacher Multimedia production Flexibility of technology platform possible changes to incentive structure
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  • Virtual Reality Teleplace Library Epistemic Game
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  • Questions?
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  • Contact Info Patrick OShea (757) 262-8836


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