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  • DunavNET

    Augmented Reality - Connecting

    Physical and Virtual Worlds

    March 2015

    Dr Boris PokriCTO

    DunavNET, Novi Sad, Serbia

  • Boris Pokric - Short Bio

    CTO and co-founder of DunavNET last 8 years

    PhD degree in Artificial Vision Sciences

    20+ years experience, 10 years in the UK

    Working previously for large customers such as Motorola, Sagem, LG, Qualcomm and Samsung

    Business and product management in DunavNET

    Managing R&D activities

  • About the Company

    Established in 2006, in Novi Sad, Serbia

    Office in Dublin, Ireland

    Number of employees: 50

    of which 90% with university degrees

    20% with PhD

    average experience: 5 years

    Founder member of International IoT Forum

    Founding member of Alliance for IoT Innovation

  • DunavNET

    Smart Lab active in EC co-funded FP7 and H2020


    Focus on Internet of Things, smart cities, Future

    Internet and AR. Currently 12 running EU projects


    Development of novel mobile and web solutions

    mTicketing, Augmented reality

    DNET game studio develops complex mobile games

    Own titles

    Consulting services to clients in Germany and UK

    More than 2mill downloads

  • Main focus areas

    Smart city technology and services IoT Smart transport Environmental monitoring Cloud based solutions

    Mobile services and applications mTicketing and mPayment Augmented Reality Games, Serious and Fun

  • Research and Innovation

    6 projects funded in FP7 programme

    2 projects funded in EU CIP-PSP programme

    4 projects in H2020

    2 projects funded by Innovation fund of Serbia

    Main partners Engineering (Italy), Univ. of Surrey (UK), Mandate

    International (Switzerland), Alexandra Institute (Denmark), Univ. of Murcia (Spain), Indra (Spain), NEC, Disney Research, ETH (Switzerland), Ericsson (Sweden), Tehnicolor (France)

    City of Novi Sad, Informatika (Novi Sad)

  • Products

    ekoNET environmental monitoring IoTservice,

    ARgenie SaaS and PaaS for building AR apps,

    fleetNET fleet management solution,

    iotNET scalable and flexible IoT platform

  • Augmented Reality

    The overlay of computer-presented information on top of the real world

    Real world in this context is as experienced by the utilised sensor technology

    Additional content includes any media such as sound, image, videos

    Using mobile phone or wearable AR display such as Google Glass, Epson Glasses or Microsoft HoloLens


  • Location-based AR

  • Image marker AR

  • Markerless

  • Wearable display


  • Location marker detection

    Using GPS for location

    Using gyroscope, accelerometer and compass

    Determine the exact location in 3D space (translation and rotational angles), 6 degrees

    of freedom

    Render AR content in relation to the 3D location of phone

  • Image marker detection

    Much more complicated

    Requires image recognition

    Matching with large marker database

    Needs 30 fps video processing

    Often uses cloud side processing

  • SIFT Example

  • Depth sensing AR

    Using 3D cameras

    Simulating 3D camera using mono-


    Detection of 3D environment

    Placing AR content in relation to the

    sensed environment

  • PTAM Oxford Labs

  • Vuforia Smart Terrain


  • Advertising

  • Marketing

  • Industrial

  • Scientific

  • Environment

  • Arts and architecture

  • Education

  • Medical

  • Publishing

  • Sport


  • Process - conventional

  • Process using SaaS

  • ARgenie

  • ARgenie Creator Main Features

    Number of templates available

    ARfie (taking AR photo with AR content)

    Postcards, birthday cards

    Treasure hunt game

    AR books, newspapers (soon)

    Product promotion (soon)

    Company promotion (soon)

  • ARgenie Creator Web Portal

  • ARgenie Viewer

    Views the presentation content

    Presentations classified into categories (business, games, )

    Can be:

    private just for your friends

    public shared with everyone

    Includes market with pricing

  • Marker triggered 2D model content fixed on screennot marker dependent after triggering

    Researchers' Night


  • Markerless 2D model content fixed on screen

    I drink wine

  • Markerless 2D model content fixed on screen selection among different 2D models available

    Kombank Arena Fan

  • Marker triggered 2D model content fixed on screen

    selection among different 2D models available

    not marker dependent after triggering



  • Markerless 2D model content fixed on screen (frame)

    + Marker based 2D model - parallel position

    marker dependent after triggering

    Lion Group


  • Marker triggered 3D model with or without animation

    marker dependent after triggering

    DunavNET AR


  • List of products families Slider option product description Product selling points

    User notification to manufacturer if the product was not found at the selling point

    Scanning the products and AR content displayed

    AR Custom Apps for Products

  • AR Custom Apps for Conferences

    Participants list

    Slider option

    Participants bios

    Conference programme

    Scanning the accreditation and AR content displayed


  • AR Custom Apps for Wines

    List of wineries

    Wine information

    Wine selling points

    Wine ordering option

    Recognition of wine labels and AR content displayed


  • ar.NET & ps.NET

    If you see the sign like one of these two then scan

    the image and discover Augmented Reality content!!!

    ps.NET is a Serbian translation of the ar.NET

    (Augmented Reality.NET)


    Thank you!



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