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    3 Territories of Augmented Humanity

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    WETWAREAn assault on the barrier

    between humans & machines

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    HARDWEARNew tools physically extend

    our bodies & minds

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    BIOWARETransforming how our DNA changes what it means to

    be human

  • Wetware


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    NEURAL LACESci-fi notion of electronic netting

    that grows into the brain, integrating with its functions.

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    Plugging your computer into your brain becomes a lot more palatable if all you need to do

    is inject something. Jacob Robinson, Neuro-Nanotechnologist,

    Rice University

    [In the future] the net may be studded with feedback devices

    that deliver electrical stimulation or release packets of drugs for

    medical treatment Smithsonian Magazine

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    Developed through DARPAs Re-Net, the Stentrode is inserted

    into the brain through a blood vessel in the neck, a low- risk



    First Human Trials, Melbourne 2017

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    The data that can be collected by these implants will lead to a new understanding of the mind & its

    potential to integrate with technology

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    Through the combination of HI (human intelligence) & AI, we are at

    the brink of intelligence enhancement, which could be the most consequential technological

    development of our time & in history. Bryan Johnson,

    CEO of Kernel, a brain-science company


    Such advancements could allow us to literally program our neural code,

    transforming ourselves in ways that we cant even imagine. We could literally program ourselves into the people that we want to be

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    JET SCALLOPSEven less invasive than a brain

    injection, these jet-powered microbes could allow us to

    manipulate the brain or body with no permanent hardware

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    Mistware will enter & leave the body

    with ease

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    Tech-extended cognition/intellect rebalances the playing field for those seeking work.

    Education as we know it ends. Social, emotional and healing skills the Human Arts rise when all other realms of learning can be programmed.

    Spirituality rises as we seek to understand what makes our Cyborg Selves human. Will Robots also get religion?

    Technology rises to satisfy and hack our human, sensory needs. WeVibe connected sex toys are just the beginning.




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    FORTIS allows operators to use heavy tools as if they were weightless. An advanced ergonomic design moves naturally with the body and adapts to different body types and heights. Our FORTIS exoskeleton is available starting at $23,320 per unit Lockheed Martin


    Lockheed Martin developed the Human Universal Load Carrier

    (HULC) for the U.S. Army to explore the potential for

    exoskeleton technology to alleviate strain and fatigue for soldiers who

    carry heavy loads over long distances. Lockheed Martin

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    SuitX can reduce the muscle force needed to complete a task by 60%. It is an unpowered exoskeleton composed of three modules that can be worn as needed the full body with all

    three modules retails for $10,000.

    In an effort to break the world record marathon time, Nike has released a

    shoe it claims makes runners 4% faster. Its actually easier to run in the shoe than to stand around talking in it.

    Theyre like ski-boots that way. Wired

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    Inspired by SRI work performed for DARPAs Warrior Web Program,

    This material can prevent and reduce musculoskeletal injuries caused by dynamic events. Currently SRI is

    focusing on using the technologies to assist individuals with

    musculoskeletal diseases Superflex brochure


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    MEDICAL APPSThe Phoenix exoskeleton is the world's lightest

    and most advanced exoskeleton designed to help people with mobility disorders to be upright and

    mobile. Phoenix has enabled many individuals to stand up, walk about, & speak to peers eye-to-eye.

    Touch Bionics has released climb quantum, which can

    make use of 'chip grips,' which are little Bluetooth sensors you

    can place on parts of a home or office to automatically adjust the i-limb's grip - for example to better grip a faucet. Wearable

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    Exoskeletons will help maintain muscle strength in space and aid

    humans on other worlds


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    Future iterations of this robot suit could find its application in a lot of different areas, from construction and cargo loading to

    rescue operations.

    A modified version of that robotic vehicle is already in development and planned to operate in the Fukushima disaster area.

    While some believe the project to be a hoax, the designer insists it is real and that

    it seems fake only because it went viral well before its intended release.

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    A series of biosensors detect moments of fear & awe, and send them to your friends. AudioTactile

    fabric plays hair-raising frequencies to evoke the sensation of excitement.


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    Future exoskeletons will be much better," says engineer and futurist Dr Ian Pearson, describing

    a 'Spider-Man' suit a few mm thick that uses either electro-active polymers or folded

    graphene capacitors to create electromagnetic muscles, enabling super-human strength. "It wouldn't look like metal armor, more like a

    wetsuit and it could be done in 10 years if you had the kind of development budget that a

    spacesuit normally has Wearable

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    Versatile, low-power, fashionable enhancements

  • The new status symbols will be designer robotic components branded titanium limbs, celebrity exoskeletons

    A new growth market: Training, medical care, and energy enhancement to help us adapt to (and keep up with) our new Cyborgian bodies

    Who will own the first chain of spas that cater to our new Machine bodies?





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    By injecting pig embryos with stem cells, researchers have created fetal

    pigs that are .01% human.

    The same technique has been used to grow rat organs in mice, and mouse organs in rats. Organ

    transplants for all are within sight.


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    Hereditable Gene Editing is Cool NowThe National Academies of Sciences and

    Engineering say it should be okay so long as it is done with proper multigenerational

    oversight and follow-up for the sake of treating disease only. However, the line between treating diseases and creating

    enhanced humans is blurry already.

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    Scientists can spread a gene across a population in a few generations.


  • 30

    ANTI-CRISPRA new tool promises to give

    scientists even greater control over genes, limiting the possibility

    of unwanted gene-editing.

  • 31

    Scientists have developed computers that can read and write information as DNA. The computers are made from the same chemicals as DNA and can

    also interpret information stored in organisms.



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    DNA IS $$$the FDA has allowed French

    biotechnology company Cellectis to initiate United States clinical trials for a new cancer therapy. Unlike other CAR-T

    therapieswhich are custom products made by genetically engineering each

    patients own cellsCellectis manufactures CAR-T cells from healthy donors. Over

    the coming years, there will likely be millions of people treated with genetically engineered human cells. This is what the

    first widespread use of human genetic engineering is going to look like.

    PS MAG

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    Ancestry as Commodity

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    Techno-humanism aims to amplify the power of humans, creating cyborgs and connecting humans to computers, but it still sees human interests and desires as the highest authority in the universe.

    Dataism is a new ethical system that says, yes, humans were special and important because up until now they were the most sophisticated data processing system in the universe, but this is no longer the case. The tipping

    point is when you have an external algorithm that understands youyour feelings, emotions, choices, desiresbetter than you understand them yourself. Thats the point when we switch from amplifying humans

    to making them redundant.

    .When you talk about God and religion, in the end its all a question of authority. What is the highest source of authority that you turn to when you have a problem in your life? A thousand years ago, youd turn to the church. Today, we expect algorithms to provide us with the answerwho to date, where to live, how to deal

    with an economic problem. So more and more authority is shifting to these corporations.

    --Yuval Harari on his book Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow

    Technology Will Supersede Government, God & Humanity

  • In the new era of Mosaic Identities your edited DNA, someone elses DNA, an animal organ, some hardware how will brands address the proliferating MicroTribes of people like me? How can they understand and personalize their products and messaging?