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Audio editing services ( Video Caddy includes corporate audio, radio program editing, music editing and mixing, audio conversion and more.


  • 1. Audio Editing Services O When dealing with audio editing, you want a company with extensive experience and a quality portfolio to show. O At Video Caddy, we offer a range of Audio Editing Services including: O Corporate Audio O Radio Programs O Music Editing & Mixing O Audio Conversion O Podcasts O Ad Jingle Creation
  • 2. Corporate Audio O Edit recordings for your upcoming conferences, seminars, meetings, training programs, memos, or voicemails. O Our Corporate Audio Editing Services include: O Recordings of meetings O Recordings of training O Recordings of conferences O Audio conversion for nearly 20 different formats
  • 3. Radio Programs O Produce a radio program with a final product in the highest possible quality, whether its a two-minute clip of a complete, pre-recorded session. O Our Radio Program Editing Services include: O Mixing O Editing O Background noise editing O Background music
  • 4. Music Editing & Mixing O Record a live performance or a studio-quality recording before outsourcing to Video Caddy for quality music editing and mixing. O Our audio experts polish, check, and re-check your audio clips for blemishes and to ensure that your final product will be ready for radios around the globe. O All our sound editing is performed on top tier equipment with a 16MB connection for transfers.
  • 5. Audio Conversion O Video Caddy expert technicians use conversion software to covert your audio file into any easily usable audio file. O We have experience converting file formats including: Wav, ogg, mpc, flac, aiff, raw, au, gsm, dct, vox, aac, mp4, m4a, mmf, mp3, wma, ra, ram, dss, msv, dvf, m4p, iklax, mxp4, and more.
  • 6. Podcasts O Podcasts are powerful tools for individuals, artists, comedians, and businesses to promote themselves and their work to eager audiences around the world. O Our Podcast Editing Services include: O Sound editing O Audio editing O Background noise removal O Background music integration O And more
  • 7. Ad Jingle Creation O Video Caddy offers jingle production and editing services for all your advertising needs. O Our Ad Jingle Creation Services integrate: O A 30-60 second script O Voiceovers O Music logos O And audio logos
  • 8. Why Video Caddy? O Exceptional Turnaround Time following ISO quality standards O Certified, Highly Trained Illustrators who are continuously trained to ensure our costumers receive the highest quality of work O Volume Discounts and Lower Costs keep you under budget O 24/7 Customer Service to match the urgency of your project O Infrastructure Maintenance using top tier animation technologies and a 16MB dedicated connection O Animation Talents guarantee top notch final products
  • 9. Contact Us O In addition to Audio Editing, we offer services in storyboard illustration, video editing, and animation. O Visit us online at O Email and well get back to you within 1 business day