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  • Does attitude affect Behavior?
  • Introduction - Whos talking? Matthijs Roumen, 21, from The Netherlands Student Communication & Multimedia Design Erasmus student at Anadolu University from sept. 07 untill feb. 08.
  • An attitude is a rather stable mental position held toward some ...
  • An attitude is a rather stable mental position held toward some ... person.
  • Every attitude is a combination of feelings, beliefs and evaluations.
  • Behavior refers to the actions or reactions of an object or organism.
  • Attitude predicts behavior vote example
  • Inconsistency between peoples attitudes as verbally expressed and their actual behavior. Richard LaPiere example
  • Situational pressure override other considerations.
  • Can we change attitude?
  • Yes! By using persuasive communication
  • Persuasive Communication Messages that openly try to convince
  • only works when the message delivered with credibility ...
  • and the source is trustable.
  • Can attitude change behavior?
  • Yes! By justication of effort
  • Justication of effort Army bootcamp example
  • Attitude usually stays stable Same social environment
  • Questions? Slides on and


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