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<ul><li> 1. Le persone del posto conoscono la direzione dei venti</li></ul> <p> 2. PROFILE GFI Informatica 6.000 Units Staff in Europe 800 Units in Italy 600 MLN Turnover in 2001 in 10 European CountriesGFI Technology150 Units Staff 100 Units Technical Team 25.000.000 Turnover in 2001 4 Location in Italy 3. LOCATIONS LOCATIONS MILANO Via Caldera 21 ed D/3 20153 Milano Tel. +39.02.452701 Fax. +39.02.45270299 N. Verde: 800-201010 ROMA V.le Cesare Pavese 305 00144 Roma Tel. +39.06.50512407 Fax. +39.06.50512410 TORINO Via Trento, 135 10088 Volpiano Tel. +39.011.9952850 Fax. +39.011.9885784 UDINE Via D. Moro, 10 33033 Codroipo Tel. +39.0432.912411 Fax. +39.0432.908393 4. MISSION TO PROVIDE state-of-art of technological systems and solutions in ICT mission critical enviroments to give our Customers more technological competitive advantages as possible ; presales, analisys, engineering, project management and consultancy skills to support the Customer at every phase of his job and his growth ; a complete suite of value added services that allow to cohoperate with the customer not only in implementing solutions and projects but through several outsourcing services too referred to maintaining and managing it...TO everyone who needs to cohoperate with an accreditated and skilled Partner who can support him in implementing ICT solutions at the higgest level of the available technologies and in practiceFinance &amp; Insurance markets, Telecom &amp; xSP, New Economy &amp; Dot-Com, Big IT Vendors, International &amp; Large Old-Economy Companies (Fortune 500 Class). 5. values TECHNICAL AND TECHNOLOGICAL VALUE ADDEDa consolidated approach and specific backgound in integration, implementation and maintenance of state-of-art ICT solutions.. some technical staff vertically skilled on the several technologies that allow to build for every project the most effective Project Management team...a technological-oriented approach that allow to meet Customer requirements in terms of information availability, technical details, engineering supportAND FIRST-LEVEL PARTNERSHIPS...First-tier agreements with the most important hardware and software Vendors in the leading technological areas of ICT, to allow not only a competitive sales agreement, but also a direct line with Vendors in terms of sales, marketing, engineering and technical support and cohoperation. 6. TECHNOLOGIES E-SECURITY PARTNERS AUDITING - MANAGEMENTSW CLUSTERINGSECURITY MANAGEMENT - VULNERABILITY ASSESS. AUTHENTICATIONFIREWALLINGINTRUSION DETECTIONVPN GATEWAYCACHING HIGH AVAILABILITY LOAD BALANCINGANTIVIRUSSSL OFF-LOADINGRAS VPN SITE-TO-SITE VPNINTERNET 7. TECHNOLOGIES NETWORKING PARTNERS CORE SWITCHINGGIGABIT-ETHERNETFRAME RELAYLAYER 3-4 SWITCHINGRASROUTINGINTERNETNETWORK ACCELERATION ROUTER-BASED SITE-TO-SITE VPN LAYER 2 SWITCHING 8. TECHNOLOGIES STOAAGING PARTNERS WORKGROUP - ENTERPRISE DAT-DLT SOLUTIONSWORKGROUP - ENTERPRISE FAST- SCSI STORAGE SOLUTIONSFIBER-CHANNEL SWITCHING SERVER ATTACHED STORAGE NETWORK ATTACHED STORAGEENTERPRISE SERVERSSERVER CLUSTERINGAUTOMATIC BACK-UP 9. TECHNOLOGIES management PARTNERS LOG COLLECTION ALERTINGSERVER AGENTCONSOLECLIENT AGENT FW SNMP TRAP SWITCHES SNMP TRAP ROUTER SNMP TRAPINTERNETAPPLICATION LEVEL - LAYER 4-7 NETWORK LEVEL - LAYER 2-3 SYSTEM LEVEL - LAYER 2 10. TECHNOLOGIES testing PARTNERSPERMANENT PERFORMANCES MONITORINGboth in terms of on-site solution and out-sourced service !INTERNETDISTRIBUITED STRESS TESTS 11. TECHNOLOGIES development PLATFORMSConsolidated and distribuited skills in leading technologies Flexible availability of one or more resources at avery phase of the job Focused in managing full development projects from analisys to deploying Value added consultancy in matching customer needs with advantages of the several available technologies 12. CONSULTANCY Education Tuning Demo/Test ProductsManagementDeliveryMaintenance Setup CheckingTest Laboratory360 TestingEngineering AnalisysFrom analisys, to deploy, to maintainance. 13. Professional services PARTNERSHOSTED SECURITY SERVICES Vulnerability Scanning Services Firewall Stress-TestEthical Hacking HOSTED TESTING &amp; STRESSING SERVICESMANAGED SECURITY SERVICES (FW-IDS-WWW-AntiVirus)SYSTEM/NETWORK LEVEL: Layer 2-3 APPLICATION LEVEL: Layer 4-7 14. SUPPORTH-24 AvailabilityRemote ControlPhone - Mail Support On-Site Support Remote Diagnostic - Remote Control Hardware Replacement (specified systems) H-24 Availability 4 HH. Time Response Support Centers in Milano, Roma, Torino, UdineFast HW Replace 15. REFERENCES 16. CERTIFICATIONS 17. CONTACTS - INFOGFI TECHNOLOGY SRL Via Caldera 21 - D/3 20153 Milano C.F. / P. Iva 12876730156 Cap. Soc. Euro 250.000 Iscriz. Trib. Milano 175956/1999______________________________________________ Gianandrea Daverio Account Manager Phone +39.2.45270.1(Dir.317) Fax +39.2.45270.299 GSM +39.335.5682854 E-Mail URL</p>