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AT Renewables, a division of Active Technologies designs and supplies On Farm Anaerobic Digestion Systems from 100kWh to 500kWh outputs.


<ul><li> 1. Business ProposalJuly 2012Rev AA </li> <li> 2. LOCATIONFacility Size: 10160 ft (1000 m)Occupancy Leasedterms:Floor space 80%utilization: Engineering Manufacturing, TestBusiness QualityFunctions: Sales &amp; Marketing Purchasing FinanceOperating 1 Shift / 5 DaysPattern:Production Manual OperativesType: Automotive Components,Products Custom Tooling, Equipment,manufactured: Test Image below does not show Hethel Engineering Centre expansion of area ATEmployees completed in Oct 2010, primarily housing Active Technologies growth into 35 Non-unionized tooling design &amp; manufacture and test services. Further expansion of Hethel(2011): Engineering Centre is currently under planning review Hethel Engineering Centre, Norfolk </li> <li> 3. COMPANY HISTORY 2005 Active Technologies Limited established by Paul Spinks Consultancy Division established 2006 Winner of Launchpad - Hethel Engineering Centre tenancy awarded First Throttle Body design released for Formula Ford 2007 Production manufacturing capability for Throttle Body products added 2008 Consultancy expanded to serve Renewables and Industrial markets Total Revenue exceeded 1M 2009 Installation of significant commercial solar PV Systems Throttle Body range expanded, &gt; 40 products designed and manufactured 2010 EEEgr Member of the Year Launched product for OEM sports road car platform Tooling Division established providing Toolroom, Controls &amp; Test and Equipment Build capability 2011 Environmental Testing Division established Increasing company growth and significantly enhanced competences </li> <li> 4. DIVISIONAL STRUCTUREDivisional structure created based on significantly leveraged competences </li> <li> 5. DIVISIONAL STRUCTURE &amp; MARKET SECTORS INDUSTRIAL TRANSPORTATION ENERGY PRODUCTS Motorsport Industrial Automation Solar PV Off-Highway Assembly Equipment Anaerobic Digestion Aerospace Electronics Controls Wind Turbine Defence Cable Applications Range Extenders Marine Over-mould Train &amp; Bus Equipment Automotive Sensor Applications Environmental Validation Testing5 Diversification within and beyond Sectors </li> <li> 6. COMPETENCE &amp; EXPERIENCE EXPERIEN ENGINEERING CONSULTANCY EXPERIENCE CE Automotive Consultancy Engineers at Lotus 40 Engineers Off-Highway Design of JCBs first in-house Engine Significant Automotive Design functions for STG Aerospace capability Aerospace Oil &amp; Gas Design of subsea well tool Mechanical Design Marine Ship deck equipment + re-fuelling system 3D CAD Software Design of large scale harvesting equipment Agricultural Solid Works University collaboration for medical and Research &amp; Pro Engineer Development renewables sector technology Anaerobic Digestion, Wind, and Solar Catia Renewable Energy technologies and systems Sector FEA capability Automation industrial equipment6 Breadth of capability of significant industry experience </li> <li> 7. COMPETENCES Engineering Product Design &amp; Development Production Polymer Manufacturing Materials Assembly Specialists Environmental Active Program Validation Technologies Management Testing Ltd Rapid Electronics Prototype Design &amp; &amp; Controls Prototype Manufacture Design &amp; Manufacturing Automation Full Life Cycle service offering and technical capability </li> <li> 8. Experienced, Entrepreneurial Management Team Paul Spinks Managing Director DIRECTORS Antony Howell Business Development Director Paul Amos TECHNOLOGIST Finance &amp; Operations Director Tom Cree Martyn Bensley Technology Engineering PLANNER Director Ben Woolnough PlanningCONFIDENTIAL 9 </li> <li> 9. AD SYSTEM PROCESS DESCRIPTION Manure/ Slurry/Feedstock PRE-TREATMENT AD TANK 1 HEAT BIOGA AD TANK 2 S ELECTRICI TY AD TANK 3 BIOFERTILISER POST-TREATMENT CONFIDENTIALMulti-Tank System provides supportive redundancy without loss of output </li> <li> 10. AD SYSTEM BENEFITS Significantly simplified Planning Permission Underground Scalable Installation Remote Thermophilic Monitoring of AD Network 55 Degrees Technical Recovery of Support Waste Heat Exposed Access Eradication Points for of Odour Ease of Maintenance CONFIDENTIAL High Performance &amp; Technically supported AD System </li> <li> 11. HISTORY SEPT 2009 Small Scale On-Site Anaerobic Digestion unit designed by Active Technologies Ltd APR 2010 Installation completed at Channel Farm, Ilfracombe by Active Technologies Ltd &amp; Green Oils APR 2011 Government FIT review (Delayed to NOV 2011) SEPT 2011 FIT backdated to Sept 2011 AUG 2011 Commissioning completed for Channel Farm, Ilfracombe SEPT 2011 AD Unit connected to Grid at Channel Farm, Ilfracombe TBD NewCo to be createdCONFIDENTIAL 12 </li> <li> 12. Benefits Thermophilic 500Kw Anaerobic Digester Plant Significant income stream Easily scaleable Underground design maximising space Multi-Tank System provides supportive redundancy Minimised on-going transportation to site Simplified planning process On-farm waste used as Digester fuel Livestock food used as back-up Digester fuel Digester Plant efficiency monitored remotely COMPETITIVE IMPACT TO LANDSCAPE CONFIDENTIAL &amp; PROPRIETARY IMAGES PROPERTY OF ACTIVE TECHNOLOGIES LTDCONFIDENTIAL 13 </li> <li> 13. OUR AD SYSTEM REQUIREMENTSIdeal Clients Small to Medium scale livestock farm (Pigs, Poultry, Dairy, Beef) Medium to Large scale fruit and vegetable growers Location near to existing 3 phase Electricity connection or sub station Continuous availability of feedstock throughout the yearOur approach Export Electricity between 100kWhr and 500kWhr Working with the farmer to size the plant to suite the farm Underground tanks reduce visual impact of the installation Underground tanks provide consistent thermal gradient Unique modular tank design Thermophilic anaerobic process to maximise gas production, minimise volume of feedstock and produces bio fertiliser Automated and controllable system CONFIDENTIAL Our potential client base matched to our system </li> <li> 14. OUR AD SYSTEM INPUT REQUIREMENTS Recommendation: 100% on-farm produced manure and slurry Additionally: 3% Glycerine with 6% Energy crop feedstock and water Pigs Minimum number 1,000 head of finishers = 100kWh = income of 166,000 per yr Maximum number 6,500 head of finishers = 500kWh = income of 717,500 per yr Cow (Dairy) Minimum number 200 head of herd = 100kWh Maximum number 1,500 head of herd = 500 kWh o Income above excludes renewable heat incentive revenue stream o The selective use of imported materials can increase BioGas yield and reduce the minimum number of livestock CONFIDENTIAL Animal Feedstock </li> <li> 15. OUR AD SYSTEM INPUT REQUIREMENTS Recommendation to use 100% produced on farm vegetable wastes and peelings Cauliflower - Fodder beet - Fodder carrot - Molasses (sugar beet) - Potato flakes - Potato peeling wastes - roughly Sugar beet - fresh Sugar beet - dried &amp; shredded Sugar beet tops - clean Vegetable wastes Clover - Green maize - Green Mustard before flower- Green oats in flower - Meadow grass green - Sunflowers green start of flowering - Barley grain - Maize grain - Field bean grain - Grain Peas - Mixed grain Oat grain - Rye grain - Soy beans seeds steam heated - Sunflower seed - Wheat grain - Corn gluten - Oats fodder flour - Oat bran Rolled oats - Wheat bran - Wheat chaff - Wheat flakes - Wheat germs - Wheat semolina bran - Butter milk - fresh Whole cows milk - fresh Skimmed milk - dry Skimmed milk - fresh Sour whey - Glycerin - Linseed Oil - Rapeseel Oil - Soya Oil - Sunflower Oil - Palm Kernell Pellet - Sunflower cake - Baking wastes - Cheese waste - Leftovers CONFIDENTIAL Fruit and Vegetable Feedstock </li> <li> 16. THE SERVICE WE PROVIDEService Feasibility Study and Site Appraisal Initial approach with local Distribution Network Operator to establish existing electrical export capacity of the grid Site Design Planning Submission Detailed schematic design and schedule of work Appointment of approved Civil Engineering Contractor to undertake construction and installation works Commissioning and testing of all machinery and equipment On-going Maintenance agreement with site owner All equipment has passed AT Renewables due diligence testsCurrent Experience One system installed and running in Devon Several sites with Planning approval Three sites currently seeking Planning approval Long list of potential clients across the UK (see map) CONFIDENTIAL Service and Team Work </li> <li> 17. FINANCEPayback E...</li></ul>