astronomy (solar system)

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  • 1. Solar System The Sun and all the the Celestial Objects held by its Gravitational Force make up the Solar System.It has Orderly Bodies Arrangement of Planets and Smaller which Move Around the Sun with Remarkable Precision. It has Series of Orbits Circling Around The Sun Compose Of: 9 Planets 31 Moons 3000+ Asteroids (Estimated) Millions of Comets

2. Origin Of Solar System Possibilities with most known Facts:Stars in Collision A Collision or near miss between the Sun and another Star. It is Also called Planetisimal Theory. Proposed in 1778 by a French Scientist Georges Comte de Buffon 3. A Comparison Star To The Sun Proposed By: Fred Hoyle ( Modern British Astronomer) The Sun was once had a comparison star which exploded several billion years ago. From This, Various body of Solar System Were Formed. 4. A Cloud of Dust Proposed By: Laplace (la-plas) The solar system began as a vast saucer-shaped hot cold of gas and dust slowly revolving in space. As the cloud cooled and shrank it began to spin Faster causing rings to matter to break away from the outer ridge. Each ring gave rise to a planet and central mass became the Sun. 5. INNER PLANETSAVERAGE DISTANCE FROM THE SUNPERIOD OF REVOLUTIONPERIOD OF ROTATIONDIAMETER (miles)MERCURY36,000,00088 DAYS88 DAYS3112VENUS67,200,000225 DAYS?7584EARTH93,009,000365 1/4 DAYS23h 56m7927MARS141,600,000687 DAYS24h 37m4220JUPITER485,000,000113/4 DAYS9h 50m86,800SATURN890,000,000281/2 DAYS10h 02m75,100URANUS1,780,000,00084 DAYS10h 45m30,900NEPTUNE2,810,000,000164 3/4 DAYS15h 48m33,100PLUTO3,670,000,000247 3/4 DAYS?3,700??OUTER PLANETS 6. Members of the Solar System 7. INNER PLANET MERCURY VENUS EARTH MARS (Junior Members of Solar System In terms of Size.) 8. The Miniature PlanetsAsteroids 9. THE OUTER PLANETS JUPITER SATURN URANUS NEPTUNE PLUTO 10. SMALLEST MEMBERS OF SOLAR SYSTEM METEORITES COMETS 11. SOLAR SYSTEM 12. THE SOLAR SYSTEM Questions, Clarifications and Additional InformationCreated By: John Lester Combong Combong Like us on Facebook: Dukha Ba Hindi Na Alam Ang Salitang Paknu?