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History of Football

History of Football(Soccer)Presentation by: Super Teen TeamList of member:

Footballftbl/nounName given to the worlds most popular game with the most devoted fans.

Overview Football is the most popular team sport worldwide, especially in Europe, South America and Africa.

OverviewIts commonly known asfootball orsoccer, is asportplayed between two teams of elevenplayers with a sphericalball. It is played by 250 million players in over 200 countries, making it the world's most popular sport.

It is not only a fun hobby, but has great health benefits including improved cardiovascular health, muscular strength and muscular endurance.

HistoryDating as far back as 3000 years ago, many ball kicking games have been played worldwide.

HistoryAccording to FIFA the competitive game cuju is the earliest form of football for which there is scientific evidence. It occurs namely as an exercise in a military manual from the third and second centuries BC.

HistoryThe first Football Association was developed in 1863 in England. Football and rugby split and formed new rules, and only eight years later, with fifty member clubs, the first international matches were staged.

Soccer In EnglandA popular team is Manchester UnitedWas originally bannedWould imprison anyone if caught playing Was most popular in the 1800s

Who can say the name of each member of the England Premier League Big Four?

Basic RulesEach team should comprise of eleven players each. Teams must have one goal-keeper, defenders, mid-fielders and forwards.

Basic RulesForwardsplayers in the front trying to score.Midfieldersplayers in the middle passing the ball to the forwards and trying to keep it from getting back to the goalie.Defenders players helping to protect the goal.Goalkeeperplayer who protects the goal with their hands

Basic RulesPlayers are not allowed to handle the ball with hands. They are allowed only to kick or head the ball.Hands are used to throw the ball into ground when it is out of ground during the match.

Basic RulesOnly goal-keepers could handle the ball with hand inside penalty box (save a goal or set ball for a kick).

Basic RulesMatch is held as two halves of 45 minutes each (total duration of 90 minutes) with a break of 15 minutes half-way through.

When a team kick the ball into opponents net it is considered as a goal.

Playing SurfaceA soccer field must be between 100 and 110 metres in length, and between 64 and 75 metres in width. Each field must also include a half-way line, a center circle.

Attire and EquipmentPlayers from each team must wear a uniform including a jersey, shorts, shin guard, socks and cleats.

Attire and EquipmentGoalkeepers must wear gloves and a different coloured jersey. Each goalie, the outfield teams and the referees must be wearing a different colour to eliminate confusion.


Fouls are given when any player violates the game rules. If the foul is very harsh, the referee may book the player by showing him a card.A foul leads to a freekick. If a foul is encountered in the penalty area, a penalty is given instead of a freekick.If a player is shown a yellow card twice, he is dismissed from the match.RED CARD : The player is dismissed from the game.

YELLOW CARD : Warning for the players.

ViolationsHand Ball: Touching the ball with any part of your hand or arm.And all other offences in laws of the gamePushingTrippingSlide tackling from behind

Why do you think Football has become so popular around the world?1. Football in general, is a simple game. It isnt so complicated and consists of a few rules. And this makes it easy to understand.

Why do you think Football has become so popular around the world?2. The game is Fast. Which makes it quite dynamic and exciting to watch and play.

Why do you think Football has become so popular around the world?3. The game is very straight forward, and easy to capture the concept. This allows people to easily start playing and you do not need a lot of expensive equipment.

Football is the King of Sports

Advantage and disadvantages:1. Advantages:

health benefits

25It is useful in keeping fitWith boyWith girl

Other benefits

Football makes countries be closer

You can add more friendDisadvantages

What do the letters FIFA mean?Fdration Internationale de Football Association orInternational Federation of Association FootballHow many player are there in a soccer team?11

Read names of all players in this picture:Thanks for listening :D!Hala Madrid!


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