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<ul><li> 1. About Us.................................................................................................... 3 Identifying Your Windows Needs............................................................ 4 Rejuvenating Your Windows..................................................................... 5 Frames and Ventilators.......................................................................... 6, 7 Preserving Your Windows......................................................................... 8 New To You Windows..............................................................................11 New Creations..........................................................................................12 Contact Us................................................................................................16 Associated Crafts is dedicated to the preservation of Americas stained-glass heritage. We have helped congregations identify the historic windows in their own churches, assessed their preservation, restoration and new window needs, and performed that work with an impeccable customer satisfaction record. 2 </li></ul><p> 2. We are a nationwide organization made up of craftsmen and artists with extensive experience who strive to lead the indus- try in innovation through experience, technology and new window design. Associated Crafts is an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau featuring a perfect A+ rating. Experienced craftsmen along with financial stability make Associated Crafts the nations premier stained glass studio. Our teams primary concern is taking care of our customers. John Phillips Jr. is the President and Chief Executive Officer. For more than 30 years, John has worked in the stained glass industry. He was first introduced to the craft by his father when he was a teen. Prior to starting Associated Crafts with his wife Mary in 1997, he consulted with other large studios regarding production, sales and technology. Mary Phillips, Co-founder and VP of Special Projects, has led customer service and operations for multiple com- panies prior to founding Associated Crafts with John. She has a natural aptitude and thoughtfulness that make her an ideal fit to service clients. Their favorite pastime is spending time with their two children. Now that the kids are off to college, John and Mary team-rope together and spend time with their favorite cow dogs-Dally and Cinch. John Phillips Sr., Advisory Chairman, has spent more than 40 years assisting churches with their stained glass needs. In addition to educating committees and individuals on their stained glass window projects, he has been innova- tive in assisting churches with repurposing windows and fundraising. Robert Bohannon, Vice President of Operations, has a passion for excellence, training techniques and attention to detail. For over 30 years he has worked in construction, wood- working, furniture making and stained glass. At Associated Crafts he brings all of these skills together in the best ways. Tim Hudson, VP of Consultation, has spent his entire career working with clients. He joined Associated Crafts five years ago and found his true calling. He is dedicated to serving each client spending countless hours educating them about their stained glass project. Mikel Castillo, General Manager, has a successful his- tory in business, customer service, accounting and leader- ship roles. She keeps the smile in coordinating the teams efforts. 3 3. Complimentary Appraisal &amp; Documentation Program Free Professional Onsite- Inspections Free Project Guide Associated Crafts understands the need to educate each customer on the art of stained glass. Understanding how to maintain and protect this valuable art can be confusing. With over 100 years of collective experience our consultants can help each client design the best possible scope of work for their stained glass project. Associated Crafts offers every church the use of its on- line appraisal tool where the church can enter and submit basic information and a photo of each stained glass window. You receive a replacement cost appraisal so your church can verify their insur- ance coverage as well keep the photos in safe keeping in case there is a catastrophic loss. Associated Crafts also offers an on-site inspection program where a professional stained glass consultant travels to your site inspects and documents your stained glass windows. The client will also have the opportunity to discuss the project and the con- sultant will answer any questions you have. We understand that when starting a stained glass project you are provided a variety of information and methods of operation by each company. This can be very confusing. With this in mind we have developed an easy to read and understand stained glass project guide. The guide is available for download or you can call our office and we can send you one. This project guide allows you to understand all the infor- mation at your own pace letting you make the best possible choices for your church. We look forward to helping you with your churchs windows needs. 4 4. 5 For many years your stained glass windows have been exposed to the elements and other deteriorat- ing items. You know your windows need rejuvenated but to what degree? You need a professional stained glass studio that is versed in all facets of repair and restoration to assure you receive the correct type of work to save your stained glass for years to come. Repair and Restoration Stained glass maintenance is broken down into two categories: repair and restoration. Often a combination of the two is required. Repair refers to onsite repair work such as broken glass replace- ment, bulge reduction, and secur- ing of loose braces, etc., while restoration refers to the process of re-leading. During restoration each window is transported to our studio where it is disassembled and then reassembled using new lead came and steel bracing. Deciding which scope of repair work to do on the stained glass windows can be a confusing deci- sion for any committee. We can help educate your committee on the pros and cons of each scope of work. Our team is trained to match the right solution to the churchs unique needs. Because of our teams experience in craftsmanship, we promote a complete look at repair and restoration. 5. Frames and Ventilators Being a full service stained glass studio does not stop with the art glass but must include the frames that house these beautiful works of art. Repair With a staff full of experienced wood and metal workers our clients benefit from a turn-key project that includes the restoration of both wood or steel frames. With older deteriorated wood frames our innovative craftsmen will consolidate and repair wood using the highest restoration grade epoxies as well as specifically replacing custom-milled pieces. Painting Completing a proper restoration includes profes- sional painting. Our craftsman specialize in the painting of stained glass window frames. Our cli- ents enjoy one stop shop- ping that all falls under the complete Associated Crafts guarantee. 6 6. 7 New Frames For those clients looking to install new windows or remodel their buildings and require new framing, Associated Crafts can help. We special- ize in custom wood frames made from the clients preferred species of wood. Associated Crafts also offers its own exclusive double glazed thermo barrier frame featuring either a 1 inch insulated unit or a 1/4" glazing material. This versatile frame can address many of our cli- ents glazing needs. New and Old Ventilators In restoration and preservation projects our team can provide replacement steel venti- lators for those historic steel vents that have deteriorated beyond repair. We can also install new aluminum ventilators to modify airflow and improve functionality. Proper framing is necessary to the presen- tation of valuable art glass. Allow Associated Crafts professionals to rejuvenate and pro- vide frames for your valuable stained glass. Aluminum thermo-barrier frame custom-made and designed by Associated Crafts . 7. 1 3/16 5/8 Foam Backer Rod Sealant Setting Block Non Corrosive Anchors Snap on Bead Tee Bar Perimeter Frame Glazing Material Screened Vent Plug If used SILL Panning if used PROTECTIVE COVERING FRAMING DETAIL PAGE 1 NOT TO SCALE Sealant Screened 3/8 Pella Breather Tubes in frame venting Protection can be beautiful with Associated Crafts Klear-Flo Protective Glazing System. If you would like to protect your windows from the elements of nature as well as vandals while reducing maintenance and energy costs, Associated Crafts can help. We offer products that can help pre- serve your churchs stained glass for years to come. Associated Crafts Klear-Flo Associated Crafts Klear-Flo protective covering system features a fully custom- izable venting system to optimize the venting needs of individual windows, not just vented but correctly vented. It is important to be able to know how to and be able to adjust the venting for each window so you can optimize its protection by preventing damaging heat build up. 8 Vented Contouring Before After 8. Contouring of the aluminum framing to closely match the existing architectural millwork pro- vides the best look. Our craftsman have mobile bending devices on-site so the setting of the new framing can be fully customized so our clients are left with the best. Klear-Flo is fully weatherproof due to superior design and the use of Silpruf , the industry gold standard sealant. There are plenty of less expensive sealants but none offer the benefits of Sil- pruf. Improper protective covering installation can create more damage than protection, so choose a professional, experienced team who include the best materials and product design. At Associated Crafts we understand the importance of quality protection and have perfected our system over the decades. No other system protects and looks as good as Klear-Flo ! Protective Covering Associated Crafts craftsmen are skilled in installing many types of protective covering. Customers often ask which one we sell. We sell the right product for the right job. Below is a high-level chart outlining the pros and cons of each product. An Associated Crafts representative can help you to choose the correct product for your windows and neighborhood. Type Pros Cons 1/4" Acrylic Very break resistant and non- yellowing. Plastic, scratchable, shows some deflection. 1/4" Lexan XL10 Virtually unbreakable; guaranteed not to yellow for 10 years by Manufacture Lightweight. Very scratchable, shows deflection, more expensive. Will eventually yellow. 1/4" Glass Washable, looks better than plastic (less deflection); durable for a glass product. Breakable, heavy, more expensive to work with. 1/4" Laminated Glass Washable; looks better than plastic (less deflection); safety feature When broken, it stays together. Very expensive, breakable. 1/4" Tempered Glass Washable; 4 times more break resistant then regular glass; less deflection than plastics; safety feature. Slightly more expensive, when broken falls into dice, harder to replace. 9 9. 10 Before After Before After 10. 11 Rescued or Pre-owned Windows Throughout the United States, declining memberships in congrega- tions have led to the closing of many religious institutions in some areas while at the same time, churches in other areas have been rapidly expanding and building to accommodate growing church memberships. Our staff has been helping religious institutions that are clos- ing to sell their stained glass windows to churches that are growing and in need of stained glass windows for their new sanctuaries and auditoriums. We will help the seller meet the buyer and handle all the removal, restoration, frames, and re-installation. 11. With the help of the unparalleled talent of our dedicated artists we help you create meaningful art to beautify and inspire your Church membership. Combined with the expertise of construction and restoration our new windows are made to last for generations to come. Whether you are constructing a new building or renovating an old one, let Associated Crafts team of skilled artists work with you to capture the perfect design to meet your needs and budget. Each client receives a rendering of the proposed stained glass windows and glass samples for their approval. No work is ever completed without the approved rendering. This process guarantees 100% satisfaction by the client. Associated Crafts artists work with thousands of varieties of color and types of stained glass as well as hand painting techniques to achieve the exact level of detail and effect required for the best possible piece of art. We offer a range of choices to fit all budgets and tastes. Mastering the art of working with glass is an accomplishment few have done better than the Associated Crafts art team. Our highly sought-after artists have designed windows nation-wide. Cris Soth, Head of the Art Department Cris Soth studied art at Missouri State University and has since been a student at the Temple Institute of Iowa Contemporary Art. For many years she has been known for her oil paintings of landscapes and still-lifes. She has been a stained-glass painter since 1991. Cris greatly enjoys working with churches to create windows that fulfill their visions, doing research into the history and symbolism of the subjects. As well as designing new windows, one of her favorite things is to recreate old pieces that have been damaged beyond saving. Although the paints and the kiln-firing are the same as those used for centuries, there have been thousands of artists and studios with their own specific (and often secret) techniques that she is charged with duplicating. Cris gains tremendous satisfaction in restoration using these methods. 12 Unequalled 12. Father Vincent Rev. Vincent Crosby is a Benedictine monk from Pennsylvania, specializing as an expert liturgical artist in the design and execution of quality pieces for the Liturgy. Father Vincent did undergradu- ate studies as a sculpture major at Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia. After a year of independent studies in Rome, he went on to earn an M.F.A. in Fibers and Fabrics from the Catholic University in America. Since then he has dedicated his life to serving the Church as an Artist. Father Vincent is a member of St. Vincent Arch Abbey in Latrobe, PA, the countrys first Bene- dictine monastery founded in 1846 on the principles of the sixth-century St. Benedict. He follows the rule of St. Benedict, which guides the life of most Catholic monasteries in the world. The goal is that each monk works at something that supports the whole community, not just financially but morally and spiritually as well. He brings a fresh new dimension to the craft of stained glass and to the out- standing team at Associated Crafts . Father Vincent has a unique ability to listen to what the client wants and then captur...</p>