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  • 1. These slides have personal reflection of mine asan individual and as a team when I workedwith my class mates The data in these slides are covering some ofthe core measures and some relevant pointswith few examplesThis assignment is the last phase of the courseDigital Enterprise

2. Working with different People with different backgrounds, culture, personalities and some with AdaptiveEnglish as their second language. Corporate dealing, ethics and norms throughNZ working experience and the culture of the country.sphere With full dedication every week a case study, completed it with a solution trying to work to the On Time expectations of the lecturer. 3. Understanding from the eight Case Studies Defining an Interactive Space (Countdown) Real Virtuality in online food chain Diffrentiation in marketplace and marketspace Competative advantage and disadvantage of online shopping Customer Experience (Google) Optimal Online Experience Service branding Electronic commerce environment The Digital Network Society (Trade Me) Different theories The Internet empower Ideation and its relation with internet and role in trade me 4. Business Model (Xero Live)Analysis of Business ModelValue CreationEntrepreneurial ideationThe Community Context (Face book)Subculture of consumptionBrand relationship in social media consumptionUnderstanding Ubiquity and Interactivity (Apple)CAM ModelRole of fun in ubiquitous marketProperties of interactivity deployed in small business 5. Online Purchases by customers was a Customercomfortable experience Experience Difference between real and virtual NZ Bus Social Media effectivenessCompany Business Snapper card, Hop card real presence of Model Analysistechnology Online LawMega upload Awareness of what is right and wrong in digital world 6. Enterprise as Play (Small Worlds)Hedonic Motivation as a tool for HR developmentValue creation for virtual worldsBusiness ValueFreedom, Copyright and the Law (Mega upload)Enthusiastic DebateCurrent event 7. Technology improved me. It keep all the people aware about the present,and use of it in a proper way.For example : I Found a function multisearch at the Unitec Librarywebsite recently as guided by the Library staff.It can be used to improve the process of running a new or wellestablished business in a advanced way with the use ofComputer - - - >Internet (websites)Overcome your obstacles moving forward on the path to achieve goals,Vision can be responsible for finding information or to even help inaccessing the technology.Vision even help courage to achieve something. Commitment is the keyword for the vision to communicate with you.Help Others and then expect from others. 8. Giving Rightrole or Dont overrule responsibility to other employees right personDevelopment needs of anAcknowledgeindividual asleadership roles well as of a Leader of othersteamFor example (Countdown) 9. Target the step ahead where you are standingKeep on setting your goals till you achieve each timeSet a target and record it each timeDont be soft to yourself while setting own goalsBe energetic, enthusiastic, passionate towards your goalsExample:Try setting a goal for A+ till Dr. Robert Davis give A+ in at least theassignments which are not yet marked.Passion for being successful should always be there 10. My assignments are the bestFreedom of speechEasy with Personal challengesConfident speech whether you disagreeLet the employees work independently tillthey require your support it will makethem confidentTry and understand you inner self 11. Should learn from feedbacks and make changes ina positive way Work on personal challenges and risks Work on your strengths and weaknesses Change yourself according to the circumstances I have learnt these and many more abilities andskills from this course Work on managing time pressure Your performance should not be affected in anycircumstances 12. Solve things step by step: divide in smaller partsand then solve Always be ready to ask and ready to tell(consultation given or taken both are important) Carefully listen and then respond Be professionally presentable, sophisticatedmanner, well planned with organized ideas Understand the problem or the situation and thensolve 13. Praise othersskills andefforts Ready to Acknowledge learn Keepothers learningCooperate Let otherswith othersPlayer grow too 14. I Thank God the almighty for giving me strength andawareness to grasp knowledge.I Thank my parents and my family for making mecapable to grasp the maximum knowledge.Then I thank my lecturer Dr. Robert Davis forshowing the path of success through his torch of vastknowledge.Finally and not lastly, I thank my class mates for theimmense support they gave me in the entire courseperiod