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<ul><li> 1. Assignment 6: TV Channel Research Laura Cuk </li></ul> <p> 2. This is my presentation on different channels to understand why channel 4, ITV, and channel 5 air their documentaries, at what time, and who their target audience is. 3. Channel 4 Channel 4 is a British public-service TV broadcaster which was launched on November 2nd 1982. This station is owned and operated by Channel Four Television Corporation. Channel 4 also owns: 4seven, Film4, E4, More4, 4Music, Heat, Kerrang!, Kis s, Magic, Smash box, The Box. 4. TV Show Examples The Simpsons Countdown Deal Or No Deal Million Dollar Drop Shipwrecked 5. Target Audience T4 takes over channel 4 on Saturday mornings to cater for a young teenage audience. The presenters that are used are quirky to introduce fashion programmes and interview mainstream celebrities. 6. Target Audience Channel 4s audience would be an adult to elderly audience as they would present TV programmes that would be appealing to all of those ages. Later in the evening the documentaries they show which are mostly informative which leave them of with a lot of interest from any ages over 16. This gives them a wide audience. Deal Or No Deal SKINT 7. Types of Documentaries Channel 4 is known for their medical and appearance related documentaries. Though they are also widely known for their culture documentaries, which at the moment thee gypsy culture is popular. 8. How is channel 4 compared to other TV channels? In comparison to other channels. Channel 4 are quite mainstream channels that apply to many peoples tastes. Many people enjoy the programmes channel 4 shows, therefore in comparison to other channels, channel 4 is very liked and popular to most age groups. Channel 4 is a very educational channel where it shows documentaries which have repetitive topics , which is medical and appearance. Whereas other channels dont usually do this. 9. Channel 5 Channel 5 was the fifth and final national terrestrial network to launch in March 30th 1997. This station was branded as Five between the years 2002 and 2011. Channel 5 owns 5* and 5USA 10. TV Show Examples Little Princess Big Brother CSI: Miami Channel 5 News Animal Rescue Squad Peppa Pig 11. Target Audience In the morning on channel 5, Milkshake takes over and only shows childrens programme therefore during this time the target audience is little kids, toddlers and babies for when theyre getting ready for school or just having their breakfast. 12. Target Audience On channel 5 you dont usually find any mainstream programmes apart from Big Brother. So their target audience would be quite small and who have different tastes. Channel 5 would probably be for people who would enjoy American programmes and people in their 30s and 40s. 13. Types of Documentaries Channel 5 documentaries are usually ones that have not been done before. They do documentaries to inform the views of a certain story or situation which becomes popular because of its sense of originality. Channel 5 also do a lot of real life stories and explain the reality of things. For example: The Twin Towers , Extraordinary People. 14. How is channel 5 compared to other channels? In comparison to other channels, Channel 5 is very different. Channel 5 show programmes that wont necessarily target a wide audience. Furthermore, their documentaries are very simplistic but interesting by the way they present and give information. Channel 5 would take a real life story and use this documentary to inform without overly trying to impress a specific audience. 15. Channel ITV ITV is a commercial public service TV network in the United Kingdom which launched on the 22nd September 1955. ITVs sister channels are ITV2, ITV3 and ITV4 The term ITV was popularly used to refer to the first UK commercial television network. 16. TV Show Examples Celebrity Juice The Cube Take Me Out The Only Way Is Essex The X Factor UEFA Champions League 17. Target Audience ITV is known for its mainstream programmes (E.g. The X Factor and Im a Celebrity, get me out of here!). Therefore, because their programmes are gossipy and based on reality, their target audience will be young adults. 18. Types of Documentaries ITV dont do that many documentaries as they are known for their reality TV shows. But when ITV do documentaries they are usually about celebrities and what they are doing in their lives. These documentaries that are shown are neither academic or persuasive they just follow lives and whats happening. 19. How is ITV compared to other channels? In comparison to other channels, ITV base their programmes mostly on shows that have gossip and celebrities. ITV is purely for the mainstream young teenagers and adults generally. Furthermore, this channel doesnt do a lot of documentaries but they would document on celebrities or the rising of a celebrity. In comparison to other channels, these documentaries are not informative or academic but they are observational. </p>