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  • 8/3/2019 ASOKA COOKCOOK


  • 8/3/2019 ASOKA COOKCOOK



    INTRODUCTIONAPPETISERSCoriander Chutney 3 Indian Pea Sou p 37Cucumber and Onion Rada 4 Tomato and Coriander Soup 38Hot Lime Pickle 6 FISHImilee Chutney 10 Balti Fish Curry 43Mango Chutney 1 1 Fish Kebab 44Mint and Coconut Chutney 13 Goanese Fish 48Pakora Sauce 13 Grilled K ing Fish 49Salt Lassi 14 Prawn Balchao 50Spiced Onions 15 Punjabi lhinga Curry 53STARTERS Salmon Tikka 54Aloo Tikki 19 CHICKENChicken Tikka Keb ab 20 Chicken Achan 58Golden Fried Prawns 23 Chicken Biryani 60Masala Posa 24 Chicken Chasm 61Onion Bhaji 25 Chicken Korrna 62Spring Lamb Chops 26 Chicken MaSala 6 5Stuffed Capsicums Z7 Honey C hicken Tikka 67Vegetable Pakoras 29 Murgh ka SaIan 6 8Vegetable S amosas 31 Murgh Lababdar 71SOUPS Murgh Makhni 72Chicken Mulligatawny Soup 34 Sarsoon ka Murgh 73Dual Soup 36 Tandoori Chicken 75

  • 8/3/2019 ASOKA COOKCOOK


    MEATAlan Maas Zaffrani 78 Traditional Indian C oal 114Beef and Broccoli Balti 81 SUNDRIESBeet Madras Curry 83 Bhatura 118Chilli Pork with Curry Leaves 84 Chapatti 120Keema Mattar 87 Masala Needles 121Lamb Bhoona 28 Nan 123Lamb Chops 90 Paratha 12 6Lamb Jalf real 93 Pilau Rice 129Lamb Ragan Josh 94 Poor 131Mild Beef Curry 96 Vegetable Pilau 13 2Mughlai Leg of Lamb 97 DESSERTSPork Vinclalec 99 Almond Pudding 136VEGETARIAN Gaiar lea Halva 137Aloo Gobi 103 Gulab Jamb 139Baigan Bharta 105 Kheer 140Okra Bhaji 108 Mango Ice Cream 142Palak Paneer 109 Pinta Kulfi 145Punjabi Channa 11 1 INDEX 1475habanam Curry 113 WEIGHTS AND MEASURES 148

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    IntroductionMy earliest memory of restaurants was when I was eight years old andmy mother took me to the Shish Mahal in Gibson Street, Glasgow. Wehad to wait lot a table. In those days that meant waiting outside, suchwas the size of the queue. As we sat in one of the booths, I decidedright there and then that, one day, I would love to open my ownrestaurant.At the age of eleven, I worked my first shift in the Ashoka West End,lust off Argyle Street. Charan Gill had just taken over the restaurantwith his cousin Gurmail and my job was to make the coffees. Theplace was buzzing, especially at 11 p.m. when the pubs closed_ Iremember my first night when a rather drunken customer stumbled upto me and asked it we did home delivery. When I said yes, he replied,'Gonnae take me home, then?' To rrte, the patter was as important as the food.Charan was influential in attracting we into the business. He was a charismatic character who lovednothing better than to sit with his staff at the end of a long shift and sing traditional Punjabi songswith his dhoiak (Indian drum). On keyboards would be Balbir, who at that time was 'The Boss' at theElderslie Street offshoot of the Ashoka in Argyle St. These guys were the best in the business_ Overall,the loud looked and tasted fantastic. Gurrnail would prepare the karahis, fresh and piping hot, andthe aroma would drift across the restaurant like the Pinto gravy ad - AaaahlTo be honest, the best food I have tasted is my mum's. My mother would have the uncanny knack ofbeing able to turn something very uninteresting into something very tasty. Aubergines in the hands ofan amateur don't work. My mum would make a delicious aloe bathow (aubergine and potato) andsuddenly I was hooked. The chapattis would come oft the griddle fresh and Mum would throw aknob of fresh butter on them - the result would be a scrumptious soft rot which just melted in yourmouth.Food should be simple. I have always pushed our Ashoka chefs to use the freshest ingredients andkeep the flavour simple. M easy to get carried away with the spices but a good chef knows whencardamoms should he used or how much chilli powder to use.All the dishes in this book are easy, delicious recipes, offering a selection of my favourite dishes.

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    C I D

    C I S

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    Coriander Chutney

    INGREDIENTSfiltbsp lemon juiceIlftbsp water859 fresh Coriander leaves and

    sterns. coarsely Chopped2tbsp fresh coconut, chopped1 small shallot, finely chopped1 thumb-sled piece of fresh

    ioot ginger, choppedI fresh green chilli, cleseeded

    and choppedSugar

    lopsaltpinch of pepper


    Put the lemon juice and water m a small food processor, add halfthe coriander and whiz until it is blended and a slushy paste isformed. Gradually add the remaining coriander and whiz untilblended. If necessary. use a flexible spatula to scrape the mixturefrom the sides of the food processor. Add the remaining ingredientsand continue whizzing until they are all finely chopped and blended.Taste and adjust any of the seasonings before transferring thechutney to a non-metallic bowl. Cover the bowl and chill A fridge.genre with pakoras, samosas or any kind of kebab.

    Ashoka upgelsern 4 3

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    Cucumber and Onion Raita

    INGREDIENTSETHODtri cup natural yoghurtarbs ['auk's Garlic Pickle1 cup cucumber, diced in

    small cubescup onion, thinly sliced

    lathsp fresh runt finelychopped

    1 green chilli, finelychoppeda pinch of salta pinch of freshly ground

    black peppera pinch of wan] rnasala

    In a bowl, max the yoghurt and garlic pickle together until wellcombined_ Add the cucumber, onion, mint and chilli and again mixwell and beacon with salt and freshly ground black pepper.Transfer to a serving dish and sprinkle a pinch of garam masala overthe rail&Salve as an accompaniment with any curry dish.

    4 Ashaka appetisers

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    Not Lime Pickle

    INhiliEDLTNTSS HOO25 limes225g sail509 ground fenugreek509 mustard powder150g drill powder15q ground limner,600ru1 mustaid nil1 tsp asafoetida211,9 yellow mustard sued,


    Cut each lime into 8 pieces, remove the seeds and put them in alarge sterilised at with a Md. Add the salt and shake the jar so thatthe limes are well coated. Cover the jar and leave it in a warm placefor 1-2 weeks, until the limes become soft and dull brown in colour.Mix the ground fenugreek, mustard powder, chilli powder andground turmeric together and add the mixture to the oar of limes.Cover and leave to rest in a warm place for a further 2 or 3 days.Heat the mustard oil in a frying pan and fry the asafoetida andmustard seeds. When the ml reaches smoking point, pour themixture over the limes.Mix well, cover with a dean cloth and leave in a warm place forabout I week before serving or bottling.Serve as an accompaniment to daal dishes or with paratha.

    Cook's tipYou will need to plan well ahead d you are making this pickle becauseit requires at least 3 weeks to mature before it can be eaten. This longprocess is essential for the flavours to develop fully but it is worthwaiting for as it results in a strong-tasting, traditional pickle.

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    Imitee Chutney

    METHODPut the tamarind pulp and the water in a heavy-based saucepan andbring to the boil aver a high heat. Once the mixture is boiling,reduce the heat to the lowest setting and simmer for 25 minutes,stirring occasionally to break up the tamarind pulp_When the tamarind pulp is tender. use a sieve to drain off the waterand discard tt. Then, using a wooden spoon. push the tamarind pulpthrough the sieve into a clean pan.Stir in the chilli, sugar and salt and continue simmering for a further10 minutes.. Leave to cool slightly then add some extra sugar or saltto tasteLeave the chutney to cool completely before covering it tightly andstoring it in the fridge.Serve with samosas and pakmas. This chutney also goes well withfried fish_


    10Og tamarind pulp, cropped450m1 waterit green chill, chopped anddeseeded55g light blown sugarptsp salt

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    a n g o C u tne y

    METHODPour the vinegar into a pan and add the chillies, cloves,peppercorns, cumin and onion seeds, salt and sugar. Place over alow heat and simmer to infuse the spices in the vinegar for about15 minutes.Using a sharp knife, skin the mango and cut up the flesh. Add themango, ginger and garlic to the spiced vinegar and simmer until themango is mushy and most of the vinegar has evaporated. Whencool, pour the chutney into a jar, cover and leave it in the fridge fora few days before serving.Delicious with popadoms or serve with pakoras and samosas.


    60m1 malt vinegar/tsp crushed dried chillies6 cloves6 peppercorns1tsp roasted cumin seedsitsp onion seedspinch of salt175g granulated sugar450g green unripe mangoes5cm piece fresh root ginger,

    thinly sliced2 cloves of garlic, crushed

    rind of 1 orange orlemon, thinly removed

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    Mint and Coconut ChutneyINGREDIENTSETHOD50g fresh mint leaves, finelyshopped6thsp desiccated. dry.

    unsweetened shreddedcoconut

    uhsp sesame seedslop salt175m1 na tural yoghurt

    Put all the ingredients into a food processor and blend until smooth.Transfer the chutney to a jar, cover and chill until needed.Especially good served with lamb tikka or larch samosas.

    Pakora Sauce

    INGREDIENTSil HOD250rn1 natural yoghurtsalt to taste5g red chi l i pow der15g ready-made m elt sauce100g tomato ketchup Pour the yoghurt into a large bowl, add the salt and too. Add thechili powder, mint sauce and ketchup and mix everything togetherthoroughly.Refrigerate and Serve

  • 8/3/2019 ASOKA COOKCOOK


    Salt Lass

    INGREDIENTSF.TrIC)D76r0rul natural yoghurtotsp saltAsp sugar250m1 cold waterIce rubessome ground cumin andrlinl5png5 for garnishirro

    EM, 4-61

    Beat the yoghurt, salt and sugar together in a jug or bowl, then addthe water and vilisk