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Ask the Experts(aka: LinkedIn Recruiter features you want to know more about)

May 20151Todays agendaLinkedIn Recruiter to make that hireMore of your questionsKey takeawaysManaging and nurturing talent Optimizing job posting experienceLive demos!Crafting betterInMailsSankar: Here's your opportunity to ask any questions you may have about RecruiterKey Takeaways:Optimizing the job posting experienceCrafting betterInMailsManaging and nurturing talent

2From talent brand to hireThe candidate journeyConnections Groups

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HiredJob Applications

Jessica: LinkedIn products are designed to help nurture target talent through each of these stagesto build awareness, interest, and consideration with target talent to encourage them to apply and ultimately be hired

Fanny: If you recall from Isaacs story, there were a number of influences on his path to hire that brought him from unaware of the opportunity to hired into the new job. Remember that all content on LinkedIn, including jobs, is targeted to member profiles through personalized recommendations. STOP asking Are people finding my job? and START asking Are my jobs finding the right people? When you post a job on LinkedIn, the job-matching mechanism matches your job to members whose profiles align with what youve posted to build awareness of the jobs, so even if they arent actively seeing a new role, they are enticed with an interesting opportunity. LinkedIns matching technology leverages key fields to put your jobs in front of the right people. Lets look at some things you can do to optimize your job posts to make sure they get in front of the right people.

3Optimize your Job

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50% of job applications come from mobile!

Manage your Pipeline in Projects7

Centralize all relevant candidates into the project Organize candidates automatically by detecting activity Collaborate with recruiting peers and hiring managers 7Manage your candidate relationshipsProjects 2.0

Who uses projects?

As a recruiter, I used them pretty religiously because for me, staying organized was a big part in me being efficient. I also saw huge benefits to using projects when I was building long term relationships with candidates and staying on top of my candidate communication.

LinkedIn has realized this as well, and has made some recent enhancements to our Projects page to help you manage your candidates easily: there are now three statuses that candidates move through automatically. Candidates who apply or are added by your team will show up in NEW. Get in touch through LinkedIn, and theyll move over to CONTACTED. And once theyve responded, theyre updated to REPLIED.

Click for animationAnother enhancement is the ability to filter effortlessly.

Animation has it been 3 months since you last contacted someone? Reach out again, maybe they are ready this time.Animation you have a candidate coming onsite for an interview, send them an encouraging note.Animation- you know those people who say wow this is great but the timing isn't right, dont forget about me! Well how often do we forget about them? Mark them as a future prospect and create quarterly outreach campaigns. Actually follow-up when you say you will.

Transition: What about those all stars we are chasing after? That ideal candidate that we are longing to build a better relationship with? Make sure you are setting yourself up for updates.

8Stay up-to-date on candidatesProjects 2.0

Click for animation.

Anyone using Update me? By clicking on this star, you will receive smart notifications and updates on the candidates you care most about and these updates can give you key insights to help build better relationships.

Anytime your starred candidate makes a change to their public profile, you will be notified. This is going to keep you informed about that particular persons activity and potential career progress. This insight will give you an advantage over your competition when it comes to building and nurturing long term relationships.

(150 update me per license)

You can also Easily add contextAugment your pipeline by linking job posts and saved searches to the project. You can also attach files and check out project stats

Transition: But what about relationships internally? Relationships with your peers or hiring managers?

9Build your relationships internally Projects 2.0

Click for animation.

In addition to sharing profiles with your team and hiring managers, now you can share your entire projects with individual teammates and hiring managers

Click for animation

Sharing your work can help build relationships with your peers in several different ways:helping them get ramped if they are newhelping them to understand a new profileIf a candidate wasnt a good fit for your role, maybe they would be better for someone else

Sharing with your Hiring managers will build your relationship by giving them the insight they haven't had before.If you have already discussed the TAM with them, the next step is sharing your progress right? Based on the X number of potential candidate, this is how many are in the pipeline. I have screened X, etc.

This is a great way to help you prepare for your weekly recruiting meetings with your managers.

Transition: At linkedin, one of our core values is that Relationships matter. And coincidently, one of the key components in marketing is to spend the majority of your time and effort nurturing customer relationships.

10Inform and Empower your Hiring ManagersProjects 2.0

Another time saver of the new Projects View is the ability to gather feedback in one central location.

Quickly see who's reviewed a candidate, what they said, and whose feedback is pending.

See what your team's been up toEasily access your team's interaction with a candidate, including messages and notes.


How do I craft better InMails to get higher Response Rates?Cory: Is this how you feel when you send and InMail out to a prospect? Any recruiter who has ever tried to fill a tough to fill role has certainly had a moment where finding the right person seemed daunting

Average InMail RR is around 25% (Which is more than10x better than email RR and more than 100x better than other forms of response rates)..But that is just average .You obviously want to be better than here are some tips.12

Despite the fact that we are calling passive candidates passive, these type of candidates are more interested in new opportunities than you might think. They just arent going to be going out of their way to actively look for new jobs, but might consider an opportunity if it appeared in front of them.

This diagram shows that of those passive candidates out there, quite a large number of them are actually open ot exploring new opportunities. We have segmented them down into three types of passive talent.

Almost 60% of candidates out there are considered approachable candidates. These are made up of Tiptoers and Explorers.

15% are tiptoers these are people who think about possibly switching jobs and might start reaching out their close associates and friends but are not broadcasting that they are open.44% are Explorers Theser are people who arent looking but are willing ot discuss a new opportunity if the right opportunity is presented to them by a recruiter

Only 20% are Super passive who are happily employeed and not interested in new opportunities, not approachable13When sending an InMail Consider Passive TalentDo Start a conversationMake it feel personalStrong Subject LineBe brief and to the point Mention shared connections/groups

DontList all job specificsInclude the job title or req ID in the subject lineUse jargon & biz-speakAsk for a resume right away

Here are some DOs and DONTs14Avoid Jargon & Biz-speak

"You'll be in charge of a team of 50 salespeople and responsible for increasing revenue by 10% in your first year.""When you're not rolling up your sleeves and analyzing sales data with your team, you'll be coaching territory directors on how to perfect their negotiating skills.""You will get hands-on leadership training and learn how to motivate your team to exceed their sales goals."Empower your candidates by telling them how, in this position, theyll be set up to shape the trajectory of the business and leave a lasting mark. This is a unique advantage you get from InMail - so get your candidates excited by the possibilities and impact.

Showcase the impact the role will have --- Passive talent especially care mostly about IMPACT, not responsibilities. 15More questions, comments or ideas? Drop a note at our Help center

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Sankar: If we did not get to your questions today do check out these 3 channels

16Leverage the recent enhancements

TWO things you can take away from todayDownload Data Driven Recruiting e-book


17Thank youSankar Venkatraman

Global Product EvangelistLinkedInCory Welsh

Customer Education ConsultantLinkedIn


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