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  • Failed Backups and unrecoverable data is unthinkable which is why you have to do all you can to stop them happening. So why not look for a great Backup solution thats also part of an exceptional managed service?

    bluesource Backup specialist James Harris has industry leading experience with Backup technologies working on a diverse range of projects for enterprise backup and recovery solutions. Heres Jamess advice on the most common questions IT leaders ask when discussing Backup services

    bluesource Enterprise BackupChallenges and Solutions

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    Enterprise Backup Ask the expert

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    bluesource Enterprise BackupChallenges and Solutions


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    Failed Backups

    With varying processes in different locations and in

    some cases, different technologies, it can be difficult to

    consistently manage backups across an organisation. I

    need to be able to still meet the media needs of physical,

    virtual, tape and cloud? Is consolidation into a single

    platform really achievable?

    James says:

    Consolidation is definitely achievable. You need to

    look at what sort of technology mix will work for your

    business. This will also help things like reporting and


    Because we manage the service we ensure the design

    and deployment are first class, to make management

    of the service ultra-efficient and certain to meet your


    Sure, there can be media, hardware or network failures.

    But there are other issues too: in a busy systems

    environment theres plenty of scope for distractions and

    for human errors. How can I ensure everything is robust

    and that people are always on the case?

    James says:

    If youre too busy to give Backup the focus it needs you

    need a partner who lives and breathes the technology

    and management day in, day out.

    If failures occur, we will know about them before you do

    and will probably be already working on a solution from

    our 24 x 7 x 365 global service desk.

    Our statistics show weve dramatically increased our

    customer Backup success rates and we provide a

    guarantee of 98%, which is commercially covered under

    our Service Level Agreement.

    The key challenges

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    bluesource Enterprise BackupChallenges and Solutions





    The data explosion

    Beating inefficiency

    Move to the cloud

    Organisational changes

    Were having a data explosion. But the thing about

    explosions is you cant be sure where everything ends

    up. How do I locate it? And how do we decide what needs

    backing up and to where?

    James says:

    You need to get a comprehensive view of which data

    sits where, who is accessing it and when it was last

    accessed. Weve done this for customers in the past

    normally within a few days.

    This can help give you real stats to understand your

    data growth and how to get back in control of it.

    It may be backed up but if its lost or hard to retrieve,

    the time it takes to restore critical information can be

    really damaging, even on a small scale. Do you deploy

    the latest technologies such as client based data de-

    duplication and synthetic Backups to bring maximum

    efficiency to your Backup processes?

    James says:

    Absolutely. But we know its about making the latest

    technology really work for you and making you more

    agile. We can design and deploy a comprehensive

    solution that includes data de-duplication, synthetic

    fulls and really smart integration with your hypervisor


    Depending on requirements we can also integrate

    other services like archive and DR to ensure your

    Backup is streamlined and converged.

    With great design, that truly meets your needs, we

    can ensure a high availability world-class service.

    I want all the features and functionality of an on-premises

    solution. I also want to keep costs down, with cheaper

    storage for non-critical information. Id like to investigate

    whether I can use the cloud, and take advantage of lower-

    cost infrastructure that has rapid scalability. How do I get


    James says:

    The new reality for Backup is you can get all the benefits

    of an on-premises solution but also makes use of

    cloud services, giving you a robust but scalable hybrid

    solution, or within your own private cloud.

    We can help with the whole process from scoping the

    data migration, working up the design, managing the

    migration and new deployment pieces as a project, to

    taking on the day-to-day management.

    When organisations are going through mergers and

    acquisitions Backup issues can be compounded. How

    can I ensure my data recovery plans keep pace with

    structural changes to our operations?

    James says:

    bluesource can tackle this in a number of ways. First

    we need to know what data is sitting where. We can

    work with your compliance teams to ensure the right

    data is kept in the right location and accessible by the

    right people.

    We can help with large-scale data migrations and

    have successfully migrated nearly 2 Petabytes worth

    of data in our time.

  • bluesource Enterprise BackupChallenges and Solutions

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    Resources Security

    Fit for purpose

    Our current Backup solution needs a lot of hands-on management and maintenance. All this puts extra pressure on my team and they have other priorities too. How can you make life easier?

    James says: If were managing the solution were taking the burden

    off your team. Your team can be more productive and focus on other critical projects.

    We run a global 24 x 7 x 365 service desk to ensure that if you need someone to talk to straight away, were available.

    Physical Backup can create security issues but moving to the cloud can give rise to more. How can you protect your servers and networks?

    James says: Even if your data is traversing a private network it is encrypted to ensure you are meeting your security requirements.

    Some technology these days seems to have been developed for its own sake. I want something practical something that will meet our requirements now and in to the future. Is that taken into consideration with your designs too?

    James says: This is key we can utilise a range of technologies to

    provide you with a solution that is comprehensive yet consolidated. Because we work with these technologies day in and day out we know how to get the most out of them to achieve your goals.

    Get in touch: wed be delighted to help you find the answers that suit you.

    bluesource services comprise: Backup strategy and planning Backup audits and troubleshooting Technical design and implementation Advanced 24 x 7 Support Services Onsite/Hybrid/Offsite Managed Backup Services Cloud Backup Services Backup Appliances

    James Harris is the Backup Services Director at

    bluesource with industry leading experience across a

    wide range of Information Management technologies.

    James has helped many businesses to streamline the

    way they protect information and introduce operational

    efficiencies. He has worked on a diverse range of

    projects from a DR as a Service initiatives for major

    retail clients, to the design and implementation of

    enterprise backup and recovery service for some of the

    UKs largest commercial law firms.

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