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Talk about Japanese Nail Arts


  • A!s for Fa"ionMomoko Nagai

  • Japanese Nail A!s

    Japanese women relatively tend to focus on beauty. For example, when people go to university, they are able to see a lot of girls wearing nicely and putting make-ups on their faces perfectly even though university is a place where students study. Of course, people in other counties do the same, but Japanese girls consider about beauty deeply. That is a nail art. Women in the world put a nail polish on their nai ls by themselves and enjoy changing the color every time. However, a lot of women in Japan enjoy changing nail arts at nail salons as a part of accessories every month.

    Seeking beauty is womens daily. Women become beautiful day by day. Of course, they have tons of efforts to become so. They put make-ups on their faces, comb their tousled hair beautifully, and they are clothed in perfect garments. Of course, not everyone does so. All women consider that they want to become beautiful, but it takes a lot of time and efforts that some of them do, and the rest of them does not, or they dont know what to do to become beautiful.

    Nail arts in Japan are very advanced. The special jell and decorations are used for them so that they are able to be kept beautiful decorations safely for about a month without any damage. The price of nail arts depends on nail salons, but at least it takes about 4000 yen (about 40 euro) for simple nail arts with a few decorations. The average price of women spending money for nail arts is about 10,000 yen (about 100 euro) in a month. It sounds a little expensive. However, fingertips are always kept beautiful and it looks very clean; there is quite a possibility that people consider the people caring about every tip (head, feet, fingers) are very neat. In addition, Japanese people are very clever with hands. Thats why nail artists can put quite beautiful, organized, and advanced nail arts on nails. In fact, it is very difficult to draw some pictures and put decorations on nails.

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  • As referred above, the average price of Japanese women spending money for nail arts is a little high. Whey they spend money so much for it. According to a girl doing nail arts, she referred that it was a part of her, and it seemed like she had a strongindividuality.

    Fundamentally, Japanese people tend to prefer unique and individual fashion styles so that it could affect on her thoughts about nail arts. Like people change clothes every day, she changes nail arts every month. Of course, she changes fashion styles a little to match her nail arts or she chooses nail arts to match her own fashion styles. She always has an effort to keep her beauty. Young women do not only do nail arts, but also elderly women and women having children and babies do. Especially, women having children and babies spend money for themselves. It costs a lot for their children and babies such as education. They always come the first, and then their mothers come next to spend money. However, sometimes mothers would like to care about their appearances. They are women before mothers. Some of them sometimes enjoy doing nail arts to bring back to their beauty. Nail Arts are processed strongly and safely so that mothers are able to cook and clean up without any worries. However, it is considered negatively sometimes. Some people criticize

    Women could keep asking and looking for what beauty is. They spare no effort to become beautiful or keep their beauty. As referred above, some people think that nail arts have a negative aspect. However, if women enjoy doing nail arts with moderation considering about their positions and occupations, no one can complain to them. Nail arts are the work of arts and keep advance. Moreover, it always makes women become beautiful. If people have an opportunity to visit Japan, they should do Japanese advanced nail arts. They would love it and are addicted to it.

    However, nail artists are able to do that exactly without any doubts. They pay attention to every little detail and finish off their works perfectly. It must be the same as painting on white canvases like painters. Nail arts could be a part of Japanese arts.

    that those mothers are neglectful of their housework and childcare. How can they cook with those nails? Are those nails dangerous for children? These questions are always asked even though the quality of nail arts is guaranteed. Probably, it is still considered as a Japanese custom that housework and childcare are for womens work.

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