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  1. 1. Artistic Photojournalism in Miami - Ezekiel E. Photography CAPTURING EVERY MOMENT Let not a wedding be just an ordinary one, the photographs of which just go into an ordinary album that keeps collecting dust after some years. Arrest every moment in the lens of life and it will remain as the most sort after coffee table album by friends and family. With the advent of the most advanced digital cameras the moment is brought out live and the emotion of the timeless moments are captured with the minutest detail that could missed out by the human eye. These exciting missing moments get all the squeals once the phonograph is on the table. The advanced digital tools of photography aids immensely to enable unlimited creativity. The cameras afford exceptional flexibility and a wide angle optical zoom with full HD pictures and videos that enable high speed shooting. The cameras nowadays handled by expert photographers offer a highly sensitive system and image stabilization. The eye of the photographer along with his sense of aesthetics and timing create a magic on paper and film. No one can deny the expertise of the photographer and his presentation for he knows best what looks good in a frame. THE BRIDES DAY By far the bride is always the focus of attention, since it is her special moment of love finally transformed into a complete saga of love. The bride beyond doubt looks the most heavenly on her wedding day. Her dress, her looks and everything that she does is keenly observed and this makes her blush even more. Well, then how can the photographer miss out on the special shoot? Artistic Photojournalism is the art of capturing these emotions so well in the lens that each frame begins to narrate a story in itself. The proud groom wearing his love on his arm beams through each frame along with all the merrymaking. Every member of the family and all the friends are fit into the frame of ever lasting memories. After the wedding, turning the pages of the album and going through the well edited video will make the family relive the moment. MIAMI WEDDINGS! Whenever wedding venues are planned, Miami always flashes in the mind. The sunshine, the sunsets, the palm trees, the sands the whispering of the waves and the crystal clear sky during the day and the sparking of the stars in the night provide the perfect backdrop to give the photographs a special natural touch which cannot be found anywhere else. In this perfect backdrop every emotion that is shared between friends and family gets captured in its truest form. The tears, the smiles, the laughter, the intimacy become part of the lens of the master who clicks away to give you the best gift of your life. It is for this reason that Miami wedding photography has become so popular.


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