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<ol><li> 1. </li><li> 2. </li><li> 3. I couldnt decide on a piece of music that ismy favourite at the moment because oflistening to so many different types anddifferent songs but done a small selection ofmusic that I listen to at the moment becauseof music being such a fast growing markettheir are always a new song to listen to andfavourites change so rapidly so personally Iwouldnt be able to pick a favourite.My song from my childhood I chose becauseme and mum sued to listen to it all the time sojust reminds me of my childhoodMy song from my teenage years I chosewasnt exactly from my teenage years butmore from like the age of 8 I chose this songjust purely because I used to love it so muchand listen to it with my sister all the time andwas my first CD I bought.I feel my music has changed a lot through theyears from when I was younger to nowbecause mostly the change in music itself butalso from influences of friends and tastes andfashions changing also as you get older I feelmusic is used a lot more as it helps me reviseand concentrate as well and with going outand partys you listen to more songs and songsremind you of different memories with yourfriends and family.</li></ol>