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Artificial Sweetener. Katie Clark Reed Taylor. Introduction to Artificial Sweeteners. $606 million in annual revenue 31.42% item penetration Category dominated by a few strong national brands and there is little private label activity. Category Audit Findings. 10 stores audited - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Artificial Sweetener

Artificial SweetenerKatie ClarkReed Taylor

Introduction to Artificial Sweeteners$606 million in annual revenue31.42% item penetration

Category dominated by a few strong national brands and there is little private label activity.2Category Audit Findings10 stores audited66 SKUs found18 brands found44 unique SKUs found across the 5 main retailersCategory DepthRETAILERTOTAL SKUSUNIQUE SKUSWALMART4020HARPS4018WALGREENS92TARGET81MARVINS183TOTAL6644*SKUs may appear in more than one storeCategory Definition

5Category Definition

Category Role

Gross Margin %

Gross Margin %Share of Gross Margin Percentages, Artificial Sweetners ManufacturerWalmart NHM- 412 East GM %Walmart NHM-Wedington GM %Harps- 412 East GM %Harp- Garland GM %Marvins IGA GM %Cumberland Packing- Sweet & LowMean26.802%26.802%32.677%30.766%28.724%% of Total N14.3%14.3%21.2%17.9%22.2%N44774McNeil Nutritionals-SplendaMean38.175%34.140%45.634%43.686%49.533%% of Total N39.3%46.4%33.3%28.2%27.8%N111311115Merisant US-Equal Mean6.133%6.133%31.721%32.200%36.718%% of Total N3.6%3.6%15.2%15.4%16.7%N11563Private LabelMean26.608%34.864%13.236%13.722%8.971%% of Total N14.3%21.4%12.1%12.8%11.1%N46452Whole Earth Sweetener Co.-Skoopz=Unique SKU

Mean71.429%67.442%53.020%% of Total N3.0%2.6%5.6%N111TotalMean26.007%29.600%36.227%33.048%33.981%% of Total N100.0%100.0%100.0%100.0%100.0%N2828333918Share of Shelfspace

Share of ShelfspaceShare of Shelfspace, Artificial SweetnersManufacturerWalmart NHM-412 East FacingsWalmart NHM-Wedington FacingsHarps- 412 East FacingsHarps- Garland FacingsMarvins IGA FacingsCumberland Packing-Sweet & Low% of Total Sum9.4%6.7%19.6%18.6%23.3%% of Total N14.3%12.0%21.2%17.9%22.2%N43774McNeil Nutritionals-Splenda% of Total Sum41.5%46.7%41.1%27.1%30.2%% of Total N39.3%48.0%33.3%28.2%27.8%N111211115Merisant US-Equal % of Total Sum7.5%4.4%12.5%13.6%18.6%% of Total N3.6%4.0%15.2%15.4%16.7%N11563Private Label% of Total Sum13.2%31.1%8.9%11.9%9.3%% of Total N14.3%24.0%12.1%12.8%11.1%N46452Whole Earth Sweetener Co.Skoopz% of Total Sum1.8%1.7%2.3%% of Total N3.0%2.6%5.6%N111Total% of Total Sum100.0%100.0%100.0%100.0%100.0%% of Total N100.0%100.0%100.0%100.0%100.0%N2825333918Gross Margin Dollars

Gross Margin DollarsShare of Gross Margin Dollars, Artificial SweetnersManufacturerWalmart NHM- 412 East GM $Walmart NHM-Wedington GM $Harps- 412 East GM $Harps- Garland GM $Marvins IGA GM $Cumberland Packing-Sweet & Low% of Total Sum10.3%8.3%17.7%15.0%15.3%% of Total N14.3%14.3%21.2%17.9%22.2%N44774McNeil Nutritionals-Splenda% of Total Sum68.4%62.0%45.1%40.4%47.7%% of Total N39.3%46.4%33.3%28.2%27.8%N111311115Merisant US-Equal % of Total Sum1.1%0.8%11.9%12.5%16.5%% of Total N3.6%3.6%15.2%15.4%16.7%N11563Private Label% of Total Sum8.0%20.6%2.5%3.3%1.4%% of Total N14.3%21.4%12.1%12.8%11.1%N46452Whole Earth Sweetener Co.-Skoopz=Unique SKU% of Total Sum3.7%2.7%3.6%% of Total N3.0%2.6%5.6%N111Total% of Total Sum100.0%100.0%100.0%100.0%100.0%% of Total N100.0%100.0%100.0%100.0%100.0%N2828333918Future of Private LabelPrivate Label is not that important to this category. Walmart places the private label brands next to the strong national brands in hope that consumers buy products based on price.

Our recommendation to Walmart would be to decrease the role of private label. Give shelf space to either Splenda or Equal, and increase promotion on those brands.Questions?

TitleProduct SnapshotSpectraOctober 25, 2012 3:45:03 PM EDTProduct: TOTAL SUGAR SUBSTITUTES (SUGAR, SWEETENERS) CT. (Homescan Product Library)Category: TOTAL SUGAR SUBSTITUTES (SUGAR, SWEETENERS) CT. (Homescan Product Library)Measure: Total DollarsSpectra BehaviorScape Framework: Standard 60 MicrosegmentsDemographic Set: Expanded CAM Household DemographicsCAM Chart Attributes: Race of Head of HouseholdNumber of PersonsHousehold IncomeData Source: Homescan Product LibraryProduct(s): Sugar, Sweeteners (Homescan Product Library) [62]Title: Brands with Similar ConsumersInclude Percent Framework?: NoInclude Additional Product Measures?: NoSet Advanced Options?: NoData Version: 2012 Sep (Spectra)Base: 2011 CENSUS HOUSEHOLDS U.S.Copyright 2012 The Nielsen Company. All rights reserved.This report may contain data proprietary to TDLinx, a division of The Nielsen Company, and is for one-time use in support of your targeted sales and marketing efforts related to a single project or analysis. Any third party recipient is obligated to de

&L Copyright 2012 The Nielsen Company. All rights reserved.&R&L Copyright 2012 The Nielsen Company. All rights reserved.

SnapshotTOTAL SUGAR SUBSTITUTES (SUGAR, SWEETENERS) CT. Total Dollars BehaviorScape FrameworkProduct DiagnosticsMeasuresBrandCategoryTotal Consumption25422.7925422.79LifeStylePenetration31.42%31.42%BehaviorStageCosmopolitan CentersAffluent Suburban SpreadsComfortable CountryStruggling Urban CoresModest Working TownsPlain Rural LivingTotalBuying Rate809.07809.07DefinitionsTotal Consumption is the amount of product annually consumed by the HH or Adult (per 100 HHs or Adults).Penetration represents the number of HHs or Adults who have tried the product at least once.Buying Rate shows the number of items purchased during th696372536085679410795537710692579665491238081106971078589114100726061389666677886708075978192707682918182143115129101104125121130140137131153143140156140150158138167151Total1001021037799110100Very High: 150+High: 120-150Source: Spectra BehaviorScape: Total Dollars/Spectra 2012 Sep (Spectra)/Homescan Product LibraryProduct HighlightsChannel Summary% Total $Total $ per 100 HHsDemographic SkewsTotal DollarsIndexRace of Head of Household-Total Dollars IndexGrocery44%258.75Married Families without Children40%137Mass Merchandise25%145.29Age 65 - 7416%134Club22%126.802 Person Households42%129All Other7%38.40Age 75+13%126Drug3%16.29Age 55 - 6422%125Income $100,000 - $149,99914%119Midscale Suburban Mix4%118Struggling Rural Mix3%118Married58%115No Civilian Employment46%115Source: Homescan Product Library 2012 Sep (Spectra)Source: Homescan Product Library 2012 Sep (Spectra)Source: Homescan Product Library 2012 Sep (Spectra)Brands with Similar Consumers% PenDemand IndexNumber of Persons-Total Dollars IndexHousehold Income-Total Dollars IndexSweetN Low (Sugar, Sweeteners : Sugar Substitutes) Ct.5%118Equal (Sugar, Sweeteners : Sugar Substitutes) Ct.2%118Splenda (Sugar, Sweeteners : Sugar Substitutes) Ct.13%117Stevia Extract In The Raw (Sugar, Sweeteners : Sugar Substitutes) Ct.2%113Private Label (Sugar, Sweeteners : Sugar Substitutes) Ct.8%111Imperial (Sugar, Sweeteners : Sugar-Brown) Lbs. *1%111Truvia (Sugar, Sweeteners : Sugar Substitutes) Ct.5%110Crystal (Sugar, Sweeteners : Sugar-Granulated) Lbs.3%110C And H (Sugar, Sweeteners : Sugar-Powdered) Lbs.3%109Domino (Sugar, Sweeteners : Sugar-Brown) Lbs.10%108Source: Homescan Product Library 2012 Sep (Spectra)Source: Homescan Product Library 2012 Sep (Spectra)Source: Homescan Product Library 2012 Sep (Spectra)

&L Copyright 2012 The Nielsen Company. All rights reserved.&R&L Copyright 2012 The Nielsen Company. All rights reserved.




1 Person2 Persons3 Persons4 Persons5+ Persons

Brand Quadrant898988100101103106119100

Under $10,000$10,000 - $19,999$20,000 - $29,999$30,000 - $39,999$40,000 - $49,999$50,000 - $74,999$75,000 - $99,999$100,000 - $149,999$150,000 or More

Brand RankingDemographic Profile From:Homescan Product Library 2012 Sep (Spectra)Spectra System 2012 Sep (Spectra)Importance of Demographic AttributesVariables and MeasuresVariables and MeasuresVariables and MeasuresAttributesImportanceDemographic Variables% Total $IndexDemographic Variables% Total $IndexDemographic Variables% Total $IndexAge of Head of Household56.8Race of Head of HouseholdEducation of Head of HouseholdOccupation of Head of HouseholdHousehold Composition38.6White73.0%103Not a High School Graduate15.9%115Exec/Admin/Management7.8%88Number of Persons27.1Black10.1%88High School Graduate27.9%102Prof & Specialty11.7%89Marital Status of Head of Household17.5Hispanic12.6%110Some College28.5%101Sales Technicians5.4%85Race of Head of Household13.8Asian1.9%50College Graduate15.7%88Administrative Support5.3%77Age and Presence of Children12.4Other2.5%104Post College Degree12.0%94All Service8.4%99Age of Oldest Child12.2Number of PersonsSpectra LifeStyleCrafts & Precision11.4%97Occupation of Head of Household10.81 Person19.7%75Urban High Society3.0%94Transportation & Material Moving3.7%93Housing Tenure10.32 Persons41.8%129Suburban Aristocrats3.3%93Farm/Forest/Fishing0.3%87Household Income4.93 Persons16.2%96Prosperous Suburbs4.5%101No Civilian Employment46.0%115Number of Vehicles in Household4.64 Persons12.7%91Elite Country Manors4.0%107Marital Status of Head of HouseholdEducation of Head of Household3.45+ Persons9.7%90Affluent Suburbs4.6%104Single14.6%76Household IncomeAffluent Minipolitan Sprawl5.6%107Married58.5%115Under $10,0007.2%89Affluent Country Living3.3%103Divorced, Separated & Widowed26.9%90$10,000 - $19,9999.1%89Cosmopolitan Urban Mix5.0%100Household Composition$20,000 - $29,9999.7%88Cosmopolitan Suburbs5.5%105Married Family with kids18.6%86$30,000 - $39,99910.9%100Midscale Suburban Mix4.5%118Married Family without kids39.9%137$40,000 - $49,99910.2%101Midscale Minipolitan3.2%97Female Head Only with kids5.3%71$50,000 - $74,99920.0%103Midscale Fringe Towns4.3%102Male Head Only with kids1.8%79$75,000 - $99,99912.6%106Midscale Working Towns6.2%102Multi-Person Household without kids14.5%108$100,000 - $149,99913.5%119Striving Urban Melting Pot4.7%861 Person Household19.8%76$150,000 or More6.9%100Striving Suburban Mix3.1%87Number of Vehicles in HouseholdAge of Head of HouseholdStriving Small City Living2.9%90No Vehicles8.3%95A


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